How To Increase The Sound Quality Of Your Record Player

vintage record playerA good pair of speakers is usually needed if you want good quality music to be played from your record player. By using a preamp, you can also magnify the sound quality of the record player. Entry level turntables can be purchased too but certainly not at Project. The Debut Carbon record player by Project is one of the world’s first when it comes to super sturdy turntables. With a resonance level that beats the usual metal base turntables, this carbon made tonearm helps produce some super sweet music. This is further optimized by the extremely elastic belt drive that is carefully installed within the chassis itself.

Most turntables vibrate quite significantly but the heavy base of the entire turntable minimizes such an effect. On the other hand, the Debut Carbon does not come with a preamp. This is unfortunate because it means you have to fork out another $200 or so to buy a preamp that has the ability to match such a high quality device. If you’re looking for a cheap and affordable record player, you might want to consider Crosley. Crosley record players have been around for a really long time. In fact, they are one of the oldest and very first producers of vintage record players.