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Governor Palin on Fox Business With Tom Sullivan

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In Her Own Words: Evansville

Tonight's In Her Own Words presentation must fit somewhere into the top ten Palin speeches of all time. Governor Palin gave this pro-life speech to a crowd in Evansville, Indiana on April 16, 2009.


The crowd was so large that not all were able to be fit in the dining area where she gave the speech. After her address, she spoke to those in the overflow room:

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Governor Palin Signs Books in Anchorage

Here's a photo gallery of the Governor signing books in Anchorage courtesy of the Anchorage Daily News.


Saturday Open Thread

Adam Shaw: Britain's Left Are Panicking

Frank Burke: The Energy Equation: Practical Fact vs. Political Fiction

Jan LaRue: Guess Who Got Eric Holder's Briefs in a Bundle?

Lee DeCovnick
: A government Jobs Program, San Francisco Style

Tom Roberson: Obama: Pawn or Mastermind?

Thomas Sowell: Christmas Books

Charles W. Kadlec: The Tax The Rich Con Part II

Peter Wehner: Obama’s Cynical Maneuvering on the Health-Care Mandate


Governor Palin on Nightline

It's pretty much the same interview but produced differently:


Friday, December 17, 2010

Governor Palin: Quads, Bogs, and Bones

She just posted the following on Facebook:

Life is so unpredictable, and like my dad always says, it’s “too short to be stuck in a rut!” One way to get out of a rut is to find inspiration in the great outdoors. Activity and fresh air are energizing! Sunday at 9pm ET/8c on “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” we show you a few things that we find more fulfilling than staying indoors and sitting on the couch.

Plato said, “You learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” So join us as we learn more about each other and what God’s creation has to offer, as we pack up the RV to go dog mushing, white water rafting, four-wheeling, and fossil hunting where we find evidence of ancient sea life on the high hilltops of the Last Frontier! Come join us as we experience more of Alaska’s amazing sights and meet a few more of our friends, including a very special friend we visit in this episode who passed on recently. This episode is dedicated to our old friend “Bones.” You can watch a preview of it here.

My early New Year’s wish for all is that inspiration and fulfillment will be yours in 2011. Remember that one way to find that is to get outdoors.

- Sarah Palin


CNN’s New Brit Larry King Replacement Piers Morgan Says Sarah Palin Is "Mesmerising".....

What with the heavy snowfalls this winter in the UK (nice going, Al Gore) and rehearsals, new carpets etc recent blogging from the depths of the Sussex Weald has been a bit like the "Executive/Management/Team Leading" section on President Obama's CV - about as slim as a burglar's picklock. But a flurry of tweets about new CNN Larry King replacement Piers Morgan suddenly caught my eye, partly because they included two fellow conspirators from the Palin Underground, Cubachi and ginthegin, and also because Morgan (universally known as “Piers Moron” here in the UK) has always appeared to me to be, in my nuanced opinion, a self publicising, amoral, two faced weasel who is about as trustworthy as a Chicago Democrat operative helping to count the votes in a Nevada senatorial election.

If you want something less nuanced and more robust then read this – it sums up Piers Morgan to a T.

However Piers is like Bill Clinton-you know he's a weasel but you have to watch him and, despite his champagne socialist lifestyle, as with Bill, you cannot fail to admire the Houdini like skill with which he so often extricates himself from a vast pile of steaming manure and manages to come up smelling of roses.

The key to his survival is an unerring ability to sniff the wind and anticipate the change of direction that vital millisecond before any other player. He also has, as befits a former tabloid editor and a talent show judge in both the UK and US, a healthy suspicion of the academic and media elite which is why I see his remarks about Governor Palin on John King USA as of more significance than just casting his net to get her on his own CNN programme sometime next year.

She’s a mesmerising character on television…she tweets all the time. She is leading from the front…she is using those platforms in a highly effective way. She is driving a movement through the prism of social networking, and recognizing that if she can talk and communicate to people in a simple, effective manner, through these social networking sites, she’s going to get votes

A few months ago he would have parroted the HuffPo/AP/Frum line (we know it off by heart, don’t we?) but he, like a handful of others, has detected a sea change and he wants to get on board. Moreover, despite my previous remark about “trust” I think Morgan would see it as being in his own interest to treat The ‘Cuda with respect – and it might just be worth a gamble for her to offer an interview. His interviewing style is fascinating and always succeeds in making famous people more three dimensional without robbing them of their own self respect.

Morgan and Palin – might just be worth a punt....

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Preview of this Weekend's Sarah Palin's Alaska

You can watch it here.


Thank You to Everyone Who Has Contributed/Open Thread

Thank to you everyone who has helped us out with some of the costs that we incurred for our transition from Blogger to WordPress. We are close to hitting our goal, so any further help you can provide is greatly appreciated. This is the last day on which I'll putting up this request. You can make a contribution here. Thank you again to everyone who has contributed.

We'll be switching over during Christmas weekend and we should be prepared for hackers this time. We took some of your suggestions into account and we are confident that everyone will like the new blog. We keep the iconic banner that we have right now.

In any event, here's the news for the day.

-She spoke to Robin Roberts this morning on Good Morning America. More of the interview will be shown tonight on Nightline at 11:35 PM EST on ABC.

-In case you missed it, she penned an blog post in the National Review regarding the START Treaty and a blog post about the defeated Omnibus bill.

-She has a book signing tomorrow in Anchorage.

-Here's a preview of this Sunday's Sarah Palin's Alaska.

-Here was the image that TIME used for the "Tea Party," its runner-up for the person of the year. In case you were wondering about People Magazine, it used the image of her holding the caribou in its short profile of her. She was labeled the "big gun" on its "Most Intriguing of 2010" list. They quote her talking about bringing a family-oriented show to television. She was on the same page as LeBron James.

-Rush Limbaugh on "Palin vs. Pelosi and Jackson Lee."

-"Reflections on 'Sarah Palin’s Alaska'" from Jedediah Bila.

-"According to Nielsen, the show's ratings have been inconsistent, but they have remained relatively high."

-A retired fisheries biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game writes in the Mat-Su Frontiersman that "Palin shows poise in caribou hunt."

-Here are the debates that have been scheduled for next year:

Spring 2011 — NBC News/Politico — Reagan Library, California
May 5, 2011 – Fox News/South Carolina GOP — South Carolina
June 7, 2011 — CNN/NH Union Leader/WMUR-TV — New Hampshire
August 11, 2011 — Fox News/Iowa GOP — Iowa
September 5, 2011 — CNN/Tea Party Express — Florida

What else is going on today?


Governor Palin Talks to Robin Roberts on GMA

More of the interview will air on ABC Nightline tonight at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT.


Governor Palin: Senate Republicans: Vote No on New START;Update

Governor Palin writes the following piece at the National Review:

The proposed New START agreement should be evaluated by the only criteria that matters for a treaty: Is it in America’s interest? I am convinced this treaty is not. It should not be rammed through in the lame duck session using behind the scenes deal-making reminiscent of the tactics used in the health care debate.

New START actually requires the U.S. to reduce our nuclear weapons and allows the Russians to increase theirs. This is one-sided and makes no strategic sense. New START’s verification regime is weaker than the treaty it replaces, making it harder for us to detect Russian cheating. Since we now know Russia has not complied with many arms control agreements currently in force, this is a serious matter.

New START recognizes a link between offensive and defensive weapons – a position the Russians have sought for years. Russia claims the treaty constrains U.S. missile defenses and that they will withdraw from the treaty if we pursue missile defenses. This linkage virtually guarantees that either we limit our missile defenses or the Russians will withdraw from the treaty. The Obama administration claims that this is not the case; but if that is true, why agree to linking offensive and defensive weapons in the treaty? At the height of the Cold War, President Reagan pursued missile defense while also pursuing verifiable arms control with the then-Soviet Union. That position was right in the 1980’s, and it is still right today. We cannot and must not give up the right to missile defense to protect our population – whether the missiles that threaten us come from Russia, Iran, China, North Korea, or anywhere else. I fought the Obama administration’s plans to cut funds for missile defense in Alaska while I was Governor, and I will continue to speak out for missile defenses that will protect our people and our allies.

There are many other problems with the treaty, including the limitation on the U.S. ability to convert nuclear systems to conventional systems and the lack of restriction on Russian sea launched cruise missiles. In addition, the recent reports that Russia moved tactical nuclear weapons (which are not covered by New START) closer to our NATO allies, demonstrate that the Obama administration has failed to convince Russia to act in a manner that does not threaten our allies.

If I had a vote, I would oppose this deeply flawed treaty submitted to the Senate. Just because we were out-negotiated by the Russians that doesn’t mean we have to say yes to this. New START’s flaws have to be addressed in the form of changes to the treaty language that, at a minimum, completely de-link missile defense from offensive arms reductions. Other issues would have to be addressed in the ratification process. If this does not happen either now or next year, Senate Republicans, vote no!

– Governor Sarah Palin is a former Republican vice-presidential nominee and author of the bestselling Going Rogue and America by Heart

Update: Governor Palin also spoke against the START treaty in a joint interview with Congresswoman Bachmann in April, in her Southern Republican Leadership Conference speech also in April, and in a Facebook post in November to newly elected Congress members where she challenged them to hold to firm convictions and bold actions.


Governor Palin: Omnibus Defeat Is a Victory for Reality

She wrote the following blog post for National Review's Corner:

I’m glad the Senate came to its senses and killed the omnibus spending monstrosity. That outrageous trillion-dollar pork buffet was an outright slap in the face to the American public’s expressed wishes in the last election. It was as if Congress was earning its historically low 13 percent approval rating before our very eyes. I applaud senators like Jim DeMint, John McCain, and others who fought this and stopped it.

However, the very fact that some lawmakers on Capitol Hill thought such reckless spending was even remotely acceptable is disturbing. We’re facing trillion-dollar deficits and a record national debt, but some people still want to continue spending like there’s no tomorrow. If the European debt crisis teaches us anything, it’s that tomorrow always comes. Sooner or later, the markets will expect us to settle the bill for the enormous Obama-Pelosi-Reid spending binge. We’ve already been warned by the credit ratings agency Moody’s that unless we get serious about reducing our deficit, we may face a downgrade of our credit rating. Even the lamest of lame ducks can’t ignore this reality.


Sistah Talk TV Interviews Me About Being Black and Pro-Palin

The Youtube clip below is an edited version of a television show I took part in this past Saturday in New York City. Sistah Talk TV is an up-and-coming public access talk show, produced by Zakkee Starman, designed to cater to the issues and lifestyles of Black women. Shawn Seymour Gipson, a friend I went to school with and have not seen for over 20 years, is the show's co-host. When we reconnected via Facebook, she mentioned having seen my blog, MotivationTruth. She was quite intrigued as many people are when they find out that I, a Black woman, don't espouse the agenda of the Democratic Party.

After Shawn spoke to the show's producer, he began to take a look at my work and contacted me about coming on as a guest. He feels that the Black conservative voice is one that is not often heard, and of course he is right. Regardless of his personal view of where I stand politically, he felt it important that people realize that not only don't we all look alike, we don't all think alike either. I refused his first few invitations, but eventually--after much thought, prayer, and counsel from people I trust--I made the decision to do the show.

That takes us to Saturday. First of all, I was well-aware of what I was getting myself into. I've read some comments by my Black sisters recently that suggest that I should have known what was coming. Believe me, I knew what was coming, but I also know that there is substance behind where I stand, and I'm not usually one to be intimidated, although I certainly don't like to be ambushed.

The show was heated from the beginning. The guest panel consisted of two other guests: singer/actress/comedienne, Penwah Phynjuar, and Robin Michele Downes of The co-hosts are Dietra Kelsey and Shawn Seymour Gipson.

Most of the opposition came from Penwah, a strong supporter of President Obama, who made her--shall we say?--disapproval of Governor Palin and those who support her quite apparent. In her mind, which she expressed freely, I am simply an ignorant sell-out, a "Kizzie," not Black enough, the list goes on. She discussed her view that I've been played by what she deems to be flat-out racism on the part of Governor Palin, Republicans, and the Tea Party movement as a whole. There really wasn't any reasoning with her, nor was there any evidence given to support her claims. I'll let the video say the rest.

Ms. Downes spoke well of conservatives' focus of pulling oneself up by the bootstraps; however, she took issue with Governor Palin's hunting as shown on "Sarah Palin's Alaska," to which I quoted the Governor: "We eat; therefore, we hunt." I truly don't understand how people who enjoy a good steak, chicken, or pair of leather shoes are offended by those who make each of those things possible--and enjoy doing it.  People like the Palins hunt for food--not just for trophies. Although she and I disagreed on that issue, she conducted herself well. She was certainly professional and cordial.  That conversation is not on this clip, but it will be viewed when the entire episode becomes available.

The hosts, I felt, were clearly a representation of the Left, but they handled themselves well. Shawn came with the issues. Although she has bought into some of the lies out there about Governor Palin, she did not make it personal toward me. She was strong, yet respectful. Bottom line: as lively as our exchange became, we walked away agreeing to disagree, and we walked away with our friendship intact. Dietra had the difficult job of trying to be fair, giving each panelist an opportunity to speak, quelling the vitriol being thrown in my direction at times, and handling the calls coming into the studio.

Some of the calls had me scratching my head. One gentleman stated that Governor Palin's use of "soccer mom" (he meant hockey mom) during the campaign was a dog whistle for racism. Maybe it's me, but how is it her fault if not many Black people play hockey? Should she apologize for being proud of the sport or her children's involvement in it?

I will leave my remarks at that. The Youtube clip gives you an idea, but you really won't get the full effect until you see the full version. It truly was the lion's den, and I suppose I was intended to be dinner, but I can bite back--respectfully. It saddens me that there are people out there who hold such hate for Governor Palin without any good reason, who accuse her of racism without any evidence, and who accuse me of selling out my race because I don't need someone else to think for me but can reason on my own. I persevere nonetheless. My goals was to go and discuss the issues: why I support Governor Palin, what sets her apart from the others, what she's fighting for on behalf of this country. I believe I did just.

I thank Sistah Talk TV for allowing me a voice Saturday, even though it was indeed a battle, and the comments since then--some of them anyway--have been downright ridiculous. It is my prayer that I conducted myself in a way befitting a Christian, a professional, and an unabashed Governor Palin supporter--yes, even as a Black woman. Besides, the principles she espouses: respect for life, national security security, limited government, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, and job creation know no color. They serve each of us well, and both the sistahs and brothahs out there would do well to at least listen with an open heart. There's too much at stake to play the race game.

You can see more pictures of that day here at Sistah Talk on Facebook.


Christmas Joy: Teenage Boys Like Sarah Palin's Alaska

For all of you who have lost faith in the next generation, thinking they were all Obama Kool-Aid drinkers and Jersey Shore wannabees, this little tale will warm your heart and restore your hope for mankind.

It comes courtesy of Larry Johnson, a renegade Democrat, who founded the excellent PUMA website, No Quarter. Granted, it's anecdotal, but it shows Sarah Palin is a conservative political phenomenon the likes of which America has not seen in some time, and Sarah Palin's Alaska is a cultural touchpoint showcasing what American family life and real feminism can be.

Enjoy this Christmas story ... and have a pleasant holiday season:

Last night we hosted a Christmas Party at our house for the nurses who work for my wife. [...] Among the more than 50 people crowded into our house were a small group of teenagers, boys and girls. ... Three of the teenage boys were eager to play billiards and I obliged them.
When the billiards match concluded ... the boys decided to sit down and watch some tube. It is not your normal system and the remote is not easy to figure out so I offered to get them the channel they wanted. Imagine my shock when all three–the ten year old boy, the fourteen and the fifteen year old–requested SARAH PALIN’S ALASKA. I have HBO, Showtime, Encore and NFL Network. [...]

Yet, despite all of those options, the boys wanted to watch Sarah Palin’s show. Hell, I did not even realize it was on. These guys knew where and when the show was on. That tells me something about the Sarah phenomena. She is resonating with a segment of society I never imagined would have a clue about her.

One of the boys did confess that he found Sarah’s daughter, and I’m quoting here, “HOT.” I found that reassuring in that one would expect teenage boys to be thinking about girls.

Democrats beware. All of your attacks on Sarah Palin and your attempts to demonize her or demean her intellect are likely to backfire. You know Sarah is a genuine phenomena when you are confronted with the fact that three boys with a chance to watch anything on TV choose to watch Sarah.

How’s that for a Christmas story?

Oh, and did you hear Sarah Palin was Zogby's Person of the Year? Second place? President Obama. She beat him by five points (21-16).

Maybe it's because unlike Obama, Sarah Palin is informed. That's right, despite the tabloid-worthy interview given by Barbara Walters, Palin has been right on the issues all along, including recently when she told us that food prices were going up.

And guess what? They are. One hundred fifty percent faster than the overall inflation rate.

Better stock up on the figgy pudding. It's gonna get worse. Especially if you've got a house full of teenage boys.


Trying to Put Lipstick on a Death Panel

Governor Palin invoked the outrage of many on the Left with her now famous "death panel" assertion in August of 2009. They claimed that statement of government-controlled rationing was nothing but a hyperbolic lie. Since then, former White House budget adviser Peter Orszag has admitted that Obamacare would sacrifice quantity of care for quality and efficiency, in effect, rationing. New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman has twice admitted that death panels are present in Obamacare. Medicare Commissioner Donald Berwick is upfront with his support for rationing of healthcare. President Obama's deficit commission has suggested the Medicare rationing would be a means of reducing the national deficit.

Depending upon a decision to come today, the FDA may begin to implement a form of rationing by preventing a drug to treat late stage breast cancer, Avastin, from reaching the market based primarily upon cost. The drug was shown to prolong life by an average of 3.5 months, though some survived for years. It was set to be finally approved, but a panel struck down this approval with a 12-1 vote. The drug is rather expensive, but was shown to be effective. An editorial from the Washington Examiner states:

Doctors and patients were then stunned last summer when the ODAC ruled, by a vote of 12-1, that the drug did not produce clinically meaningful results. Why did the panel deny the obvious evidence of Avastin's effectiveness? One member of the FDA's panel, Jean Grem of the University of Nebraska, said, "We aren't supposed to talk about cost, but that's another issue." If the FDA follows through on the ODAC's finding and revokes Avastin's approval, both the government and private insurers will quickly cease paying for its use on breast cancer sufferers.


Government bean counters were never supposed to determine what your treatment options are, and patient advocacy groups are justifiably outraged. If Avastin and other expensive wonder drugs are denied approval because of costs, proponents of government-run health care will have to no choice but to admit "death panels" have gone from rhetoric to reality.
Sally Pipes writes in Forbes:
Despite all evidence to the contrary, the advisory committee claims its recommendation had nothing to do with Avastin's cost. The FDA's top brass will doubtlessly take the same line and claim that its decision to ratify that recommendation was based solely on the drug's medical efficiency.

The truth is that Avastin is expensive. A year-long supply for breast cancer treatment costs upwards of $80,000.

However, many American women are getting something priceless in return for those dollars: life and vitality. In one clinical trial, nearly 50% of patients receiving Avastin witnessed their tumors shrink. Another study found that patients receiving the drug in conjunction with chemotherapy lived "progression-free" twice as long as patients without it.


However, if the FDA revokes Avastin's approval, public insurance programs like Medicaid and Medicare could decide to refuse coverage of the treatment. Many private insurers would likely do the same. Indeed, several major insurance companies--including Regence and HSCS--have already reacted to the FDA Avastin debate by restricting coverage for the drug in the treatment of breast cancer.

Of course, doctors would still be able to prescribe the drug "off label." But because patients wouldn't have coverage, the only ones that could still use Avastin would be the small minority that can afford to pay its full price out-of-pocket.
This pending FDA decision is only further proof of a government panel making decisions that should be made by a doctor and his or her patient. People are beginning to admit the presence of "death panels" in Obama administration policy, but their presence has been seen for quite a while. Funding for "comparative effectiveness" health care research, determining what treatments are most effective for a given malady, was arguably the most under emphasized part of the stimulus bill. The general concept of "comparative effectiveness" appears benign. as most Americans want to make sure that the receive the best treatment for a disease and do not wish to receive unnecessary, ineffective treatment. Comparative effectiveness research is performed and presented in aggregate, but treatment is performed on individuals. When results are applied to decisions made by government panels, it is just another indication that further government intervention results in less freedom and volitional control to the individual. Last year, the U.S Preventative Services Task Force recommended reducing the frequency of mammograms and the age to begin the screening. The Task Force made this recommendation all while not soliciting the opinion of either a radiologist or an oncologist. While the recommendations were not further pushed by the Department of Health and Human Services, it provides an open door for government panels' recommendations to affect coverage and thus, potential early detection.

Once again, Governor Palin's prescient comment is vindicated. You can put lipstick on a death panel by calling it the FDA, comparative effectiveness research, or the U.S. Preventative Services Task Force, but it's still a death panel.


Friday Open Thread

Jim Manzi: Unbundle the Welfare State

Robert Bryce: Lame-Duck Bailouts for Ethanol and Wind?

Bill Wichterman: Blame Reid, Not Republicans, for ‘Obstructionism’

Duncan Carrie: Them's the Rules

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Jack Kelly: Will the mayor run?

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Roger Simon: Class Warfare is Not the Ticket


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Governor Palin On The O'Reilly Factor

O/T As much as I hate doing this, someone has to do it, I'm going to do some begging here. We are nearly done with restoring the new site. We have responded to readers suggestions and made some changes accordingly. As we've noted the costs of setting up the new sites are running much higher than expected and the editors can only handle so much, today alone we had some unforeseen expenses. Many of you have contributed already and we really appreciate and thank you for your assistance. We are however way behind our target (which is a fraction of our expenses). We would really appreciate if people who haven't yet answered our call would help us out today by contributing here.

Thank You!


Open Thread

Thank you to everyone who has helped us with the costs that we incurred because our site was hacked during the transition from Blogger to WordPress. We are pretty close to hitting our goal. If you are able to and want to make a contribution, we'd greatly appreciate it. Here is where you can make a contribution. In any event, here's the news:

-Her interview with Robin Roberts will air tomorrow on Good Morning America and tomorrow on Nightline.

-She has a book signing at the Anchorage Costco on Saturday.

-People Magazine named her the "Big Gun" of 2010 in a special edition that will be released tomorrow.

-Far-left liberal Taylor Marsh says that Governor Palin should have been TIME's person of the year.

-Political analyst: Advantage to Palin in 2012

-Sarah Palin vs. the Kennedy Legacy

-Even Yahoo news concedes that "Palin got the last laugh, having boosted multiple candidates to wins across the country, and she remains prominent on the short list of potential list of GOP presidential contenders 2012."

-Dan Riehl on Sarah Palin's Alaska.

-Cubachi on the latest from Meghan McCain.

What else is going on today?


Franklin Graham: Palin's Compassion Touched Haitians' Hearts

Franklin Graham told Newsmax the following:

Sarah Palin’s visit to the earthquake-ravaged Haiti showed she is not “afraid to get her hands dirty,” says the Rev. Franklin Graham. The former Alaska governor is a “woman of strong principle and no question she has a strong faith in God,” the son of renowned evangelist Billy Graham said during a Newsmax.TV interview in which he discussed his hosting her Haitian visit.

“I showed her what Samaritan’s Purse has done” to alleviate the suffering from the killer earthquake and a hurricane this year, said Graham, president of the international relief organization. “We have built over 10,000 shelters for people to live in. We have set up entire communities across the Port-au-Prince area, but more importantly there is a cholera epidemic now and this cholera epidemic was understated . . . This could be a huge, huge problem. We have already 2,000 people dead.”

Graham, who said he has worked with Palin on a number of projects in Alaska, invited her to Haiti to view the relief efforts. Accompanying her on the tour last weekend were her husband, Todd, and daughter Bristol.

The former GOP vice-presidential candidate “has tremendous compassion for people, she loves people, and she cares deeply about people,” Graham said.

“She was an encouragement not only to the staff and to the relief workers (but) even to the Haitian people who didn’t know her,” Graham said.

“She came in with her smile. She would sit on the cots. Now, you have to understand a cholera clinic, these cots have been soaked in urine, and fecal matter, and vomit. Cholera is a horrible thing, and she just sat right there in the middle of it, holding peoples’ hands, talking to people, holding babies, it was an amazing thing. She’s quite a lady and not afraid to get her hands dirty."

As for Graham’s appraisal of Palin, he said: “When you read her book ‘Going Rogue,’ she gives a testimony on how she gave her life to God. And the last page of her book ‘Going Rogue,’ she mentions or says to the reader if you haven’t done what I’ve done, I encourage you to do it. And she invites a person to invite God into their heart, their life. I’ve seen the governor on a number of occasions and no question her faith is a big part of her life — that’s who she is. She’s a believer in Jesus Christ, a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, that’s just her makeup. It’s her DNA.”

Samaritan's Purse also needs medical personnel in Haiti over Christmas. Please pass along word of this need to anyone in the medical profession that you know.


Palin Leads in Wisconsin

She also maintains her lead in Wisconsin according to the Daily Kos pollster:

Palin 21%
Huckabee 18%
Romney 17%
Gingrich 13%
Pawlenty 10%
Paul 4%
Thune 3%
Daniels 2%

She easily has the best net favorable rating of all the candidates among Wisconsin Republican primary voters. Paul Ryan is the favorite of Wisconsin Republican primary voters to face Herb Kohl in 2012. Once again, I think it's clear that she'll win Wisconsin by a decent margin with Huckabee out of the race given his strong second place finish in the state (and again, I think she'll win Wisconsin anyway in the unlikely event that he runs).


Palin Leads in Ohio

She maintained her lead in Ohio according to the Daily Kos pollster:

Palin 21%
Huckabee 19%
Gingrich 18%
Romney 15%
Paul 6%
Daniels 5%
Pawlenty 3%
Thune 2%

She has the best net favorable rating among Ohio Republican primary voters of all the candidates. It's pretty clear that Governor Palin will likely win this state by a good margin without Huckabee in the contest given his strong second place finish in this poll (she'll likely win Ohio anyway even in the unlikely event that Huckabee runs).


Victor Volsky: Why Do They Hate Sarah So Much?

Via Victor Volsky at the American Thinker:

What is the reason why the ruling class, including the GOP establishment, hates Sara Palin so passionately? The left and its propaganda machine have always looked down on conservatives, but the attacks on Sarah Palin are unprecedented for sheer malice, scope, and decibel level. Everything about her incenses the left -- her bubbly personality, her high-pitched voice, her lively manner of speech and facial expressions, her colorful biography and way of life, her large family, her unabashed loyalty to Christian and conservative values.

She is ridiculed mercilessly by hordes of comedians who, plumbing new depths of vulgarity, make a nice living exploiting the Palin Derangement Syndrome. The press watches her, eagle-eyed, and pounces at the drop of a hat, twisting the most innocuous slip of the tongue into a monstrous gaffe, almost a federal crime. For all intents and purposes, she is hounded as Public Enemy No. 1. The left views all Republicans as enemies, but Sarah Palin stands apart; she is treated like dirt, like an alien life form. Why?

And why do the feminists outdo even their male allies on the left, evincing astonishing ferocity in attacking Alaska's former governor? One would think Palin is the one person they should defend and extol as a poster child of feminism, an icon of women's liberation.

Indeed, Sarah Palin rose from humble origins eventually to win the office of governor of Alaska and take the number-two spot on the Republican presidential ticket. She overcame all obstacles without any connections, entirely by dint of talent, hard work, and perseverance. She fearlessly took on the GOP establishment and the oil interests that had dominated Alaska for decades, and she beat them all at their own game. She achieved great success and popularity in all public offices she ever held. And on top of all that, she efficiently juggled public service with homemaking duties, married an Eskimo (the left should be particularly ecstatic on this point -- a minority!), and gave her husband a hand in his business undertakings. She raised a large family and does everything a full-blooded Alaskan male is supposed to do, including killing her dinner.

More here.

(h/t R&SS)


Thursday Open Thread

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Michael F. Cannon: Federal Court Declares ObamaCare’s Individual Mandate Unconstitutional

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Nina Easton: What Happens When The Jobless Give Up?

Ed Morrissey: New poll indicates 40% of physicians will retire or find other work under ObamaCare

Michael Barone: Obama’s New Deal Blues

Victor Davis Hanson: The Tax ‘Cut’ for ‘Millionaires and Billionaires’


Governor Palin and the Press

The narrative that Governor Palin only talks to Fox News and conservative radio hosts has always been false. The media is once again late in recognizing that it pushed a false narrative. Her PAC treasurer tells Politico:

"This is just about getting the press to characterize the governor accurately,” said Tim Crawford, a top Palin aide. “And, if that can be accomplished through Gov. Palin and some of the people around her talking to the press, we’ll try that.”

But Crawford said the determining factor in deciding to engage with the press, albeit on a selective case-by-case basis (Palin declined to comment for this story, for instance), may have been a late October POLITICO article in which Republican insiders bemoaned Palin’s popularity among the base and described plans to undercut her potential presidential campaign.

The POLITICO story “may have helped trigger it because of the way that the people who wanted that story to come out – whether or not it was true – refused to identify themselves,” said Crawford.

“Everyone has just come to the conclusion that being silent while other people talk about you and try to define you hasn’t netted the results that we’d necessarily like,” Crawford added.

[Crawford] described the shift as “an ongoing experiment to ... see what happens when we do cooperate.”

Her interview with Good Morning America airs tomorrow and on Nightline. The Politico article compares the behavior of Alaska's media before and after she was selected as John McCain's running mate.


Another Strong Showing for America By Heart Among All Books, Obama's Book Bombs As It Dropped 20 Spots

Another strong showing for America By Heart on USA Today's best-seller list among all books. Obama's non-partisan book continues to bomb as it dropped twenty spots on USA Today's best-seller list among all books.

The Governor will be holding a book-signing in Anchorage on Saturday.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NBC Poll is an Outlier

In case you were wondering about this poll, just know that it's an outlier. Every other scientific poll that has been released since the election shows her closer. Quinnipiac and CNN show her down eight. The Daily Kos pollster shows her down nine. SurveyUSA shows her down four. Marist shows her down twelve. Even though there's a difference between polling adults and registered voters and perhaps there's a difference between robo-pollsters and live-caller pollsters, it's doubtful that these differences would account for the ten-fourteen point difference that we see between the NBC poll and other polls.


We're #19 on the List of Best Conservative Blogs/Open Thread (Update)

We're #19. Treat this thread as the open one for the evening.

Update: Thank you to all of the contributors and our readership for helping us achieve the visibility and reputation that we have obtained in the conservative and political blogosphere. Your feedback and suggestions have always been tremendously helpful. What has united people from different walks of life is a desire to return the country to its glory days and a belief that Governor Palin is the best person to lead this country through these difficult times.

Keep in mind too that just because a contributor isn't posting doesn't mean that the contributor isn't doing a lot behind the scenes. Essentially, every contributor specializes in a certain area. Some handle the policy posts, some handle the poll posts, and some handle the media posts. Others handle our technical and video issues. Even though you may not see their names on the front-page very much, the work that our technical and video team does is indispensable.

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Day 2 of Governor Palin in Haiti

Thanks to Andrea for finding the following video:


Governor Palin on the Issues: Entitlement Programs; Updated

“I think if you want to expand your base, you have to get into policy even though it sounds dull.”
-Charles Krauthammer in regards to Governor Palin's 2012 Presidential potential (see beginning at the 2:18 mark of the following video)

This is the second in a series of posts outlining Governor Palin's stance on policy issues, and this one is dedicated to Charles Krauthammer who apparently hasn't been paying very close attention. Prepare to be bored! You can see the first "On the Issues" post on monetary policy here. This second post will address Governor Palin's stance on entitlement programs.

Governor Palin has recently emphasized the need to reform entitlements. In a recent interview with Time Magazine, she emphasized the need to address entitlements as a means to get America's fiscal house in order:
I'd also look for entitlement reform, as well as a system-wide audit of government spending with a goal to move us toward zero-based budgeting practices and ultimately a balanced budget. We need to start really living within our means. As any mother or father will tell you, you don't spend what you don't have. And if the argument against this is that the government is too big and unruly to even consider such an audit, then I say that that alone is all the proof you need that our government has grown completely out of control and desperately needs to be reined in.
She also expressed strong support for Congressman Ryan's "Roadmap for America" juxtaposed against President Obama's Debt Commission findings in a Wall Street Journal op-ed last week. She discusses Ryan's solutions for Social Security and Medicare:
In my view, a better plan is the Roadmap for America's Future produced by Rep. Paul Ryan (R., Wisc.). The Roadmap offers a reliable path to long-term solvency for our entitlement programs, and it does so by encouraging personal responsibility and independence.


On Social Security, as with Medicare, the Roadmap honors our commitments to those who are already receiving benefits by guaranteeing all existing rights to people over the age of 55. Those below that age are offered a choice: They can remain in the traditional government-run system or direct a portion of their payroll taxes to personal accounts, owned by them, managed by the Social Security Administration and guaranteed by the federal government. Under the Roadmap's proposals, they can pass these savings onto their heirs. The current Medicaid system, the majority of which is paid for by the federal government but administered by the states, would be replaced by a block-grant system that would reward economizing states.

Together these reforms help to secure our entitlement programs for the 21st century. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the Roadmap would lead to lower deficits and a much lower federal debt. The CBO estimates that under current spending plans, our federal debt would rise to 87% of GDP by 2020, to 223% by 2040, and to 433% by 2060. Under Rep. Ryan's Roadmap, the CBO estimates that debt would rise much more slowly, peaking at 99% in 2040 and then dropping back to 77% by 2060.
In supporting Congressman Ryan's plan, Governor Palin advocates for reforms in Medicare and Social Security that give individuals greater control over their own money, as working Americans pay social security and medicare taxes, by giving them the option manage their own personal accounts. Governor Palin advocated another means of Medicare reform in the Fall of 2009 during health care reform discussions (emphasis mine):
Instead of poll-driven "solutions," let's talk about real health-care reform: market-oriented, patient-centered, and result-driven. As the Cato Institute's Michael Cannon and others have argued, such policies include giving all individuals the same tax benefits received by those who get coverage through their employers; providing Medicare recipients with vouchers that allow them to purchase their own coverage; reforming tort laws to potentially save billions each year in wasteful spending; and changing costly state regulations to allow people to buy insurance across state lines. Rather than another top-down government plan, let's give Americans control over their own health care.

This reform would give patients greater flexibility and would save American taxpayers money. Michael Cannon, whom Governor Palin referenced, said this regarding Medicare vouchers:
"Vouchers would not make seniors less secure, it would make them more secure," Cannon told ABC News. "Everyone agrees that Medicare cannot go on spending as much money as it does now. The voucher idea allows individual consumers to make their own decisions about what they need and what they don't need."

"Giving Medicare seniors a voucher is the most rational, the most humane way to contain Medicare spending," he added.
She also advocates a plan for Medicaid which incentivizes states to budget more frugally and efficiently as suggested in Ryan's plan . What effects would these reforms have? They would "lead to lower deficits and much lower federal debt". Governor Palin often refers to deficit, out -of-control spending and massive debt as generational theft. Borrowing from future in order to pay for today's entitlement is indeed stealing from our kids and grandkids. It's also the ultimate display of taxation without representation, as future Americans will be paying for past entitlements without having representation to approve this spending.

Governor Palin not only has opinions on entitlement policy; she also has a strong record on dealing efficiently with Medicaid on a state level. Medicaid is a program funded and managed on both a state and federal level. Due to federal restrictions, assessments to see if elderly patients qualified for Medicaid funded home health care assistance had to be taken over by the state as no other contractors could bid. The federal government stopped accepting new patients due to the backlog of individuals to be assessed for assistance. By FY2009, Governor Palin's administration had reduced the backlog of assessments from 30.5% in her predecessor's FY2005 and 4.5% in FY2008 during her administration.

The FY2011 budget is still being discussed in the Senate, but the FY2010 budget included $1.9 trillion dollars in non-discretionary (Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security) spending, which is equivalent to 55% of the federal budget. Through their taxes, people have paid into Medicare and Social Security over time. It is smart, as Congressman Ryan and Governor Palin have suggested, to allow for greater personal responsibility and flexibility for these programs. Additionally, these reforms would help decrease the national debt to help secure America's future and solvency.

I hope this was dull enough for you, Mr.Krauthammer.

Update: I neglected to previously include that Governor Palin strongly encouraged incoming members of Congress to address entitlement reform in a Facebook post last month:
In order to avert a fiscal disaster, we will also need to check the growth of spending on our entitlement programs. That will be a huge challenge, but it must be confronted head on. We must do it in a humane way that honors the government’s current commitments to our fellow Americans while also keeping faith with future generations. We cannot rob from our children and grandchildren’s tomorrow to pay for our unchecked spending today.


Wednesday Open Thread

Hugh MacKenzie: President Obama's Speech Impediment

Peter Raymond: Vote Fraud as a Democrat Strategy

T. L. Davis: The Target of the Terrorists Has Always Been Our Economy

Andrew Foy, MD: Thinking Beyond the Deficit

Stuart Schwartz: Sarah Palin and the Haters of American Normal

Monte Kuligowski: Another Reason for a Flat Tax: Freedom of Speech

Rick Moran: Obama and 2012: The first billion dollar campaign?

Matthew R.J. Brodsky: WikiLeaks and the Middle East Mirage


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Organize4Palin Now Restored, New C4P Site Will Be Restored Shortly

Both PalinTV and Organize4Palin have now been fully restored. Thanks again to Tammy Bruce for her assistance in dealing with this matter.

We will now proceed with restoring the New C4P site, which will go live over the Christmas weekend.

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Once again thank you all for participation and helping us lighten the load.


Why Governor Palin Resigned

It is not a stretch to say that Governor Palin receives a bitter reception from some of her fellow republicans. The reasons for that vary depending on exactly who is dishing out the denunciation. Many of them however, use the same line of attack against her. One after the other, they cite her resignation as the source of their disdain.

Some of the latest examples were posted Monday on "Taegan Goddard's Political Wire," in a piece called "More Republicans Come Out Against Palin." He notes that Senator Kit Bond (R-MO) and former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman (Super-RINO) have both recently voiced concern about Governor Palin. It says:

Several more prominent Republicans have questioned Sarah Palin's qualifications for president because she quit in the middle of her term as Alaska governor.

Sen. Kit Bond (R-MO) told the Kansas City Star, "I have reservations about anyone who quits as governor halfway through the term."

Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman (R) told CNN that, "I mean, she was a governor. But the fact that she left office before even completing her first term is -- that's just not an attitude that I think is necessarily in the best interest of you.
On Tuesday, Real Clear Politics posted a story titled, "GOP Hopefuls Speak No Ill of Palin - for Now" which stated the intention of republicans to use Governor Palin's resignation against her. They write:

But perhaps the most salient line of attack that her potential GOP rivals might use against her is criticism of her decision to resign with a year and a half left in her first term as governor.

Despite their almost universal praise for Palin's ability to energize the party, there have already been several instances in which Republican White House hopefuls have drawn attention to her early resignation.

Using the resignation as a means to attack Governor Palin, republican political opponents, just as many leftists and media types before them, have distorted her record by pushing a narrative they wish to pursue. As the governor stated in her book, Going Rogue:
The sin of omission glares in their reporting.”
The same goes for politicians dictating their message through reporters. What they are omitting from the discourse is why Governor Palin left office in the first place. This has polluted the perception many in the general public have towards Governor Palin.

To understand why Governor Palin resigned from office is to understand the environment she found herself in after returning to Alaska following the 2008 Presidential campaign. For a more complete understanding of this environment, I suggest reading all of chapter five in Going Rogue, called “The Thumpin.” For now, here is an overview of that chapter that I hope will give readers a better understanding of the conditions that lead to her decision.

Governor Palin writes that when she flew home from the campaign in 2008, the "political landscape" in Alaska "had permanently changed." She states:
The fallout was immediate: the governor's office was inundated with frivolous ethics complaints. Literally scores of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Public Records Act requests rolled in, generating thousands of pages that required hours of work to process. Reporters abandoned actual reporting in favor of tabloidizing my family, my record, and me.
Governor Palin writes about the fact that her administration had received a normal amount of FOIA requests prior to her selection on the 2008 GOP ticket. But after the campaign, her office was hit with a "tidal wave" of FOIA requests and "hundreds of demands" for various communication transactions, such as emails. She wrote:
Only the opposition really comprehends the work involved with FOIA requests-from the retrieval of all correspondence and emails, to copying them for lawyers and staff to review in order to remove confidential or privileged information, to assembling and packing them, and on and on. Just one of these requests for a certain batch of e-mails generated 24,000 individual sheets of paper. So instead of doing our jobs, my staff, including attorneys, spent thousands of hours and wasted more than $2 million of public monies to sort through it all one sheet at a time.
What these political operatives did was to twist the ethics reform measures that she had fought for, into a "weapon" to use against her. Governor Palin described the people who where behind these tactics as "relentless and shameless," which they were. She mentions the time when Linda Kellen Biegel (aka Celtic Diva), filed an ethics charge against her for wearing a jacket with the logo of her husband's Iron Dog sponsor on it. She adds:
I was charged with accepting "bribes" of chocolates and a kids' hockey stick when I gave a speech at a charity event in Indiana. I was charged with holding a fish in a photo for a state fishing pamphlet. I was served with a complaint filed under the name of a fake British soap opera character. I was charged with conducting an interview with a national media figure in my state office. I was charged with answering reporters' questions in the lobby of my state office the day I returned to work and found a herd of reporters congregated near the doorway to my office. As I tried to make my way through, I stopped to answer questions-and got slapped with an ethics accusation.
Governor Palin is a true reformer in every sense of the word. A key issue for her has always been restoring integrity back into the public sector. Her history of standing on the side of the people, against corrupt members of her own party, is a matter of record. The Alaskan people had their share of unethical politicians, and now democrat operatives were making a "mockery" of the new laws put in place to end their own culture of corruption. It was dirty politics at it's worse and was truly appalling to watch.

The attacks on the governor were not easy, but had they been personal attacks against her, she would have stayed in office. The fact that her state was suffering because of the actions of political attack dogs, was unbearable to her. She wrote (emphasis mine):
Loss of reputation I can take. But I could not and cannot tolerate watching Alaska suffer. One by one, each ethics complaint against me was tossed out. But a new one quickly sprouted to take its place. I knew it wouldn't stop and the ongoing cost to our system plagued me. My loyal staff who had accomplished so much with me in our years in office were besieged. No one could paralyze my administration before, and I wouldn't have been told to sit down and shut up, but these frivolous and expensive complaints were effectively doing what no one else could. [...] At some point, you have to say "Enough." You have to pick your battle. Pick your hilltop. And hold the position of your own choosing. My state was being shaken by one partisan earthquake after another. Every time we found steady ground, "another avalanche of FOIAs, ethics complaints, and lawsuits crashed down. My team had been targeted for destruction because of who the team leader was. I began to think it was time to pass the ball.
Proving Governor Palin's point about the political nature of this assault on her administration, she had this to say:
The reaction to my announcement was instructive. The same people who had wanted nothing more than to throw me out of office were suddenly outraged that I was obliging.
That is because the resignation caught her political opponents off-guard...

It’s pretty clear that the governor had gone through a lot of garbage and thought out her resignation thoroughly. She obviously did it for the State of Alaska above all else. I remember how absolutely frustrating it was to watch her try to push through her agenda, only to see these operatives create so much obstruction.

There was also the group of state legislators using their positions to not only get some media exposure, but also curry favor with the national democrats. These members of the legislature, who had been sworn to carry out their duties for the citizens of Alaska, were instead playing to the cameras and stalling the business of the state. The governor knew that she was the target of the assault, not the other members of her administration. She, as a good leader should, stepped aside so that the people’s business could be conducted in peace.

It makes you wonder what these republican critics would do if faced with a similar situation. Would they let the people's business be stifled due to political attacks? Would they care that their constituents resources were being wasted, all so that the establishment could be rest assured knowing that they had finished their terms? In other words, would they let the people who voted them into office pay the price for their own political advancement?

I also wonder if Governor Palin's resignation would have been necessary had the Republican party lifted one finger to help her, while it was happening. I was stunned to see the attacks happen, but I was more stunned to see Governor Palin go through it alone. Not one national republican stood up for her! She was their candidate for Vice President just a few short months before. I imagine the attacks would have continued had Governor Palin had some support from national republicans. However, it would not have been as easy for those involved to conduct such a hideous campaign if the national party had shined a spotlight on it and said "enough!" But they didn't say anything... Their silence was deafening.

It bears repeating that Governor Palin hasn't wasted her time since leaving the governor's office. She was instrumental in leading opposition to Obama's misguided health care legislation. Her endorsements during the 2010 midterms helped changed the face of Washington for the better. She continues to be one of, if not the first conservative leader to weigh in on important issues facing our country, helping to frame each debate. What have these critics done to advance the principles the Republican party? Governor Palin turned over her agenda to her lieutenant (who was just elected by the people), then became one of the most outspoken conservative activists in the nation. Her work has been invaluable.

When you politicians or members of the media criticize Governor Palin for resigning office, remember why she did so. Then ask yourselves, who are these people criticizing her for making that move? What would they have done if they were in her shoes, and why? This move on her part was what a good leader and a true public servant should do, given the circumstances. If only all of our elected leaders put the public good above their own ambition, perhaps this country would be better off.


Year End Awards/Open Thread

Every blog does one of these "best of 2010" series so we might as well do one as well considering that it's an incredibly slow news day. Here are the choices for the "best of 2010" Palin series:

Best Palin endorsee
Best Palin interview (TV / Radio)
Best Palin teleprompter-free speech
Best Palin "line"
Best of Sarah Palin's Alaska
Best "news article/media profile" about Palin
Best Palin Facebook post/tweet
Your favorite Palin/non-Palin "moment" from 2010

So what else is going on today? We talked a little bit yesterday about some of the costs we've incurred for the transition to WordPress. Through discussions with Tammy Bruce, we believe we've found a way to protect ourselves from future hacking when we eventually complete the transition. Any help that you can provide is greatly appreciated. You can make a contribution here.


GMA's Co-Anchor Robin Roberts To Interview Governor Palin

Via ABC News

ABC News “Good Morning America” Co-Anchor Robin Roberts travels to Alaska for an interview with Sarah Palin to air on Friday, December 17 on“Good Morning America.” Roberts will spend a day-in-the-life with the former governor and mother of five at her home in Wasilla.

In a wide-ranging interview, Roberts will talk to Palin about her new book “America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag,” plus all the major political news of the day, from taxes to health care to foreign policy.
The interview will air on ABC News "Good Morning America" Friday, December 17th. The program airs Monday-Friday 7:00-9:00 a.m., ET

This is further evidence contrary to the narrative that the media is trying to push that Governor Palin only does interviews with Foxnews. Recently The Governor had interviews with Time, CNN, The New York Times, Mary Hart Entertainment Tonight, London Guardian, Newsmax, Sunshine News, NRO to name just a few.

Hopefully Roberts will stick to the Journalism ethics and standards and not do what Barbara Walters did.


Tuesday Open Thread

Michael Barone: Dems and New Deal Complacency

Ross Douthat: A Serious Man

Wall Street Journal: The Hawkeye Handouts

New York Post:World Wide Wakeup Call

Katherine Q. Seelye:Cities Compete for 2012 Democratic Convention

Marc Siegel: ObamaCare: Flight of the MDs

Margaret Wente: The warped world of Julian Assange

Peter Suderman: Everyone Hates Ethanol Subsidies. Why Can't We Get Rid of Them?


Monday, December 13, 2010

Behind The Scenes With Governor Palin And Franklin Graham In Haiti

Gov Palin has seen the devastation. You can help Haitian cholera victims.
"We are so fortunate in America, and we are responsible for helping those less fortunate."(Governor Palin)


PalinTV Back Up: Thank You Tammy Bruce

PalinTV is back up. I'm still tweaking things to get it exactly right but mostly just the little detail. If you come across a missing link or anything that doesn't look right please let me know.

I personally want to thank Tammy Bruce for her assistance in resolving the issues with both the PalinTV and the soon be be launched new C4P websites. I honestly couldn't have done it without her.

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The Organize4Palin website will be back up tomorrow!

Coming up shortly, Governor Palin on Greta, we'll post the video as soon as it becomes available.


Craig Medred Really Likes Big Boats

It really is silly season at the Alaska Dispatch. Last week we documented the latest moronic meltdown by the left-wing blog's Palin-obsessed do*chebag, Craig "Scoop" Medred. Scoop is back with another of his, um, scoops. Today Medred has his drawers in a bunch over Governor Palin's suggestion that an airlift might help alleviate some of the problems in Haiti. The basis for Scoop's confusion, as near as I can tell, seems to be the fact that ships are larger than planes (brilliant observation, Scoop), and that therefore there's no reason for an airlift:

Aid workers have reported that cargo ships, which can haul far more than airplanes, have been delivering food and other supplies, much of which is reportedly piled up at ports.

On top of that, corruption allegations have surfaced with relation to aid disbursement in Haiti, a problem that has plagued past government administrations of the West's poorest nation.

Some Haitians have complained that the many U.S. companies in their country to help with aid are soaking up too many jobs that could go to the locals, according to the Washington Post.

How an airlift would remedy these problems is unclear.

Just a few quick points. First, Medred appears to be under the impression that ships and planes are mutually exclusive, and relief workers can't use both or something. He may not be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, but I'm guessing the international relief agencies engaged in Haiti are more than capable of such an, er, complex undertaking.

Second, Medred acknowledges that the cargo ships aren't working, that the supplies are "piled up at ports". Given Scoop's observation that cargo ships alone aren't getting it done, am I the only one who thinks it's more than passing strange that Medred wants to eschew other options, such as an airlift, simply because ships "can haul far more than airplanes"? This inconsistency, of course, utterly eludes Medred. I'm not a sailor (though I did go fishing on Lake Erie last summer), but I'm guessing that these big cargo ships that so mesmerize Medred are incapable of transporting the aforementioned supplies inland, no?

Third, Haiti has always been known for their notoriously poor infrastructure, even before the earthquake. When the quake struck, what little and inadequate infrastructure they had was dealt a crippling blow. It's not like the supplies sitting on the docks can be transported where they're needed on a modern highway system. Given this indisputable fact, is it not reasonable to assume that air transport is the best available option to get these critical supplies to where they're needed?

Not according to Medred who, evidently, would prefer the aforementioned supplies remain on the dock where they can either perish or be looted by Haiti's infamous political class. Governor Palin's suggestion of a military airlift is not only practical, but it may be the only workable solution to an historically intractable problem. People are literally dying. This is no time to sit around and hope Haiti's infrastructure repairs itself, or that their corrupt politicians suddenly see the light. What does Scoop find "unclear" about this? Would he prefer a mule-train? What am I missing?

(h/t multiple C4P Contributors)

Related: As Ian noted earlier, Governor Palin will be on Greta Van Susteren's show tonight discussing her weekend trip to Haiti.


Governor Palin Talks With Greta about Haiti/Open Thread

Sheya and I really hate doing this but we may need some help if you guys are able to provide it. We haven't done very many "fundraisers" for Conservatives4Palin and we hopefully will never have to do one again. But we incurred some costs stemming from our planned transition to WordPress. The editors can cover most of the costs but any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Some have already contributed and we appreciate it. If you can make a contribution, Sheya has set up an account to which you can make a donation.

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In any event, what's going on tonight? Her interview with Greta Van Susteren from Haiti is tonight at 10 PM EST. Michael Steele is apparently going to run for re-election as RNC Chairman and he'll be on Greta's show as well tonight.


Governor Palin's Full Haiti Press Conference


John Hayward: The Optics of Obama and Palin

The writing genius John Hayward (a.k.a Doctor Zero) has penned another outstanding piece in Human Events comparing the optics of President Obama and Goveronor Palin. He compares how the media and PDS suffers view Governor Palin's weekend trip to Haiti to President Obama's embarrassing news conference with former current President Bill Clinton last Friday. He even gives C4P a plug! He writes:

Samaritan’s Purse is a nondenominational Christian charity with a 40-year history of bringing aid to the suffering people of the world. It has been deeply involved in aid for Haiti, which recently imported a cholera outbreak on top of its other woes. SP President Franklin Graham invited Sarah Palin and Fox News host Greta van Susteren to join him on a weekend visit to the island, to “see our work first-hand, and to draw attention to the plight of the Haitian people,” as stated in a report on the organization’s website. Palin has worked with Samaritan’s Purse before, on a mission to “hand out food parcels to families in Alaskan villages facing hunger because of a harsh winter.”

The Associated Press decided to report the incident by posting a photograph of Palin getting her hair adjusted, with the following caption, as reproduced at the Conservatives4Palin website:
“Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, center, has her hair done during a visit to a cholera treatment center set up by the NGO Samaritan’s Purse in Cabaret, Haiti, Saturday Dec. 11, 2010. Palin arrived Saturday in Haiti as part of a brief humanitarian mission in an impoverished nation struggling to overcome post-election violence and a cholera epidemic. At right, Palin’s husband, Todd Palin.”

And just who stands to the left of this camera-loving dilettante, tending her hair during this “brief” and meaningless infomercial for Sarah Palin, Incorporated? Does Palin’s entourage include a high-priced hairstylist like Kristof, the guy who used to give Bill Clinton $200 haircuts while Air Force One sat on the tarmac, causing multi-million dollar traffic snarls at major airports? No, this mysterious figure is recognizable to a handful of trained observers… and any of the 24 million people who watched “Dancing With the Stars.”

It’s none other than Bristol Palin, Sarah’s daughter.

This photo set off a tidal wave of rabid attacks in the intellectually-challenged precincts of the liberal blogosphere. Some of the same people who made utter fools of themselves criticizing Palin for supposedly not knowing what happened in 1773, or understanding “fair use” laws, couldn’t resist one more ride on the Wile E. Coyote rocket-propelled roller skates of vicious ignorance.

For example, Michael Shaw of the Huffington Post called the photo evidence that Palin is “one of the shallowest and blatantly self-serving politicians, err, political celebrities I've ever seen,” and “it's revolting seeing Sarah getting her hair made up like this field hospital is her movie set.” He even criticized her for washing her hands in another photo, suggesting the staff of the Huffington Post has no idea how cholera is spread. Eventually Shaw was forced to make an embarrassing update admitting the identity of Palin’s movie-star hairdressing entourage of one, although he still gives no evidence of knowing anything about cholera.

Never mind the inherent absurdity of criticizing a politician for getting her hair done before a public appearance. So what if that had been a professional stylist, instead of her daughter? Are we supposed to believe Palin is the only media or political figure with a hairstylist? Do you think there might have been one in that massive entourage Michelle Obama dragged around on her fabulously expensive European vacation?

Meanwhile, Barack Obama abdicated the Presidency to Bill Clinton on Friday night, the most astonishing image in the modern era of politics.

The media clearly understands the power of imagery, given their silly attempt to smear Palin and denigrate her noble service to a tireless charity. They’re surprisingly slow to appreciate the level of damage Obama did to himself by walking off that stage. It was a fatal error for a presidency based entirely on image and style… an atomic detonation of perception whose shockwaves will be felt for months, perhaps years.

Barack Obama is, by far, the least qualified occupant of the Oval Office in history. All during his campaign, we were told his absurdly thin resume wasn’t important, because he had vast organization skills, a “first-class demeanor,” and the ability to remain cool under fire. His compelling presence would allow Washington to transcend the era of partisan infighting. His charisma would make the world love us again.

Now we’ve got that incredible video of Obama simply resigning his position under pressure, and letting Bill Clinton take over. He can’t even sell his agenda to the Left anymore, so he thought he’d let Slick Willy handle it. President Spock just strolled out of the pon farr ritual, leaving Captain Kirk to take care of business with his Vulcan mate. Do you know what Obama is doing today, with a crucial Senate vote coming on the tax deal he made with Republicans? Playing basketball. Talk about optics.

There’s a new McClatchy poll out that shows Obama’s job approval numbers still in free fall, hitting 42% on the way down. The new low owes much to the anger of liberals who feel betrayed by his deal-making with the hated Republicans. Obama’s personal approval has always been considerably higher than his job approval, even when factoring out the poll bias of people’s reluctance to criticize the character of the First Black President. The only thing he had going for him was the echo of past celebration for his personality, and potential. Those echoes died for good on Friday night.

Only one image from the past weekend will have a lasting effect on the public consciousness, and it sure isn’t the one of Sarah Palin’s daughter pulling her hair back, on a humanitarian mission to raise awareness about the continuing tragedy of Haiti.
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Federal Judge Rules Key Provision of Obamacare is Unconstitutional; UPDATED

Obamacare was dealt a serious blow today by a federal judge in Virginia, who ruled that the scheme's requirement that private citizens purchase a health insurance policy was not constitutional, and goes beyond any previous interpretation of the interstate commerce clause. Via Bloomberg:

The Obama administration’s requirement that most citizens maintain minimum health coverage as part of a broad overhaul of the industry is unconstitutional because it forces people to buy insurance, a federal judge ruled, striking down the linchpin of the president’s plan.

U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson in Richmond, Virginia, said today that the requirement in President Barack Obama’s health-care legislation goes beyond Congress’s powers to regulate interstate commerce. While severing the coverage mandate, Hudson didn’t address other provisions such as expanding Medicaid that are unrelated to it. He didn't order the government to stop work on putting the remainder of the law into effect.

Hudson found the minimum essential coverage provision of the act “exceeds the constitutional boundaries of congressional power.” Hudson was appointed by President George W. Bush in 2002.

This is a big step toward the eventual elimination of Obamacare. Although the judge left other provisions intact, the plan is a house of cards and this is the biggest card. Ultimately, of course, this will be decided by the Supreme Court, but this is big news and Obama can't be happy with the decision.

Update: Ed Morrissey has more here.

Update II: In deciding that government clearly lacks the constitutional authority to require citizens to purchase health insurance policies, Judge Hudson makes a great point:

"Of course, the same reasoning could apply to transportation, housing or nutritional decisions," Hudson wrote. "This broad definition of the economic activity subject to congressional regulation lacks logical limitation" and is unsupported by previous legal cases around the Commerce Clause of the Constitution.

The judge has it exactly right here. If the government can require the purchase of health insurance via the commerce clause, where does this authority end? Can they also require is to purchase Chevy Volts or ride on public transportation manned by public employee unions? Can they force us to buy light bulbs that don't provide adequate light? Can they tell us what we can and can't eat? Where does it end? Did the Founding Fathers intend for the commerce clause to be used for these purposes? I think not.


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