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C4P on Palin Promotions Blog Talk Radio Show (with Special Guest Appearance by Sapwolf!)

Today, I was on Palin Promotions as a C4P representative. Also on was frequent C4P commenter Sapwolf (real name: Thomas Chanteloup, which he says on air, so no worries about pronouncing it); Bill LaRussa Jr., of Electionology (also on Facebook); and Mark Ang, of Grand New Party (on MySpace and Facebook).

Host Martha Cano did a great job moderating the discussion, which covered the one-year anniversary of Governor Palin's resignation, along with other topics, and we also had it out with a call-in, which is always fun.

The audio for the show is here. Palin Promotions also has Facebook and Twitter pages, so be sure to tune in to, like and follow them, respectively!


'Sarah Palin for RNC Chair' Chatter

After news hit that Michael Steele had 'stepped in it,' in regards to comments he made about the war in Afghanistan, many are calling on him to resign his post as the Republican National Committee Chairman.

Personally, I take exception to what Mr. Steele said that has landed him in so much hot water. He tried to write off Afghanistan as another one of Obama's failure's. He said, "has he not understood that, you know, that's the one thing you don't do, is engage in a land war in Afghanistan? Everyone who has tried, over 1,000 years of history, has failed."

That war is far from over and it did not start on Obama's watch. I do not think it is productive to try to score political points off the backs of our men and women in the military, the same way the left did under Bush. The goal is to win in Afghanistan, and to win as a nation regardless of who is occupying the White House at the time.

Whether or not Mr. Steele steps down or is asked to do so, is still up in the air. Now the internet is buzzing with speculation and suggestions. One topic I have seen talked about much is the possibility of Governor Palin taking over as the head of the RNC.

Most notably, in this snobbish post over at NRO by Kevin D. Williamson titled, "An Idea for the RNC: Dump Steele, Hire Palin"

Re: Steele and the RNC: Allow me to chime in with my usual observation on this subject: This is a job for Sarah Palin. Palin would be a much better RNC chairman than presidential candidate or freelance kingmaker. She'd raise tons of money and help recruit good candidates, i.e., she'd excel at doing the things Steele should have been doing instead of appointing himself Republican pundit-at-large.

A Chairman Palin would help set the right tone for the Republican party without having to get herself entangled in the minutiae of policy-development, which has not been her forte. Sure, she'd be polarizing, but so is Barack Obama, and these are polarized times. And it's one thing to have a polarizing party chairman, another to have a polarizing candidate.

Anybody disagree?

I do! Not that I disagree that Palin would do a better job as the RNC Chair, but I happen to think she would make a great presidential candidate, and I happen to know for a fact that she is a fine "freelance kingmaker."

Mr. Williamson then goes on to say that while such a job for Governor Palin would be good due to her ability to raise money for them, it would keep her away from the "minutiae of policy-development" which he says "has not been her forte." Are you kidding me? What an utterly ignorant, yet typical response from a GOP establishment type. Perhaps Mr. Williamson is unfamiliar with Governor Palin's many public statements, both written and spoken in regards to all the issues facing this nation today, "minutiae" and all.

In fact, just last week she was praised by many, even within the GOP establishment for the recent speeches she has given. She posted the details of her fantastic appearance in Virginia to her Facebook page, if Mr. Williamson or anyone else from the establishment is interested in educating themselves on Governor Palin's actual positions. Feel free to check them out here, guys.

I have no idea what the future holds for the leadership of the RNC or Michael Steele. I also don't pretend to know what Sarah Palin would do if offered the position. That said, I do know that this has been another instance where GOP insiders have exposed themselves as willing to use Sarah Palin for fund-raising, yet downplaying who she is and what she stands for. The RNC is treading on thin ice right now. After years of selling out to positions supporting bigger government and more spending, the base has still not returned to the party in the numbers they should have. Treating Governor Palin with a lack of respect and an honest assessment of what she brings to the table will not help them any further. At this stage, I don't believe the RNC deserves Governor Palin's leadership, but that is just my opinion.

Update: Kathryn Jean Lopez also weighed in at NRO here


From Fairbanks to Wasilla, Reflecting on a Year Ago

A year ago today, as I traveled down the highway from Fairbanks to Wasilla, I realized that I was in Alaska at a true moment of history. It was July 3, 2009, and I had arrived in the state late on the 1st. That first night there was incredible enough--finally landing after 20 hours and four planes from New York to the Last Frontier, and then taking a walk close to midnight while children still played and rode their bikes in the bright summer sun that is so unique to Alaska.

But July 3rd was something else altogether. Almost a month earlier I had met Governor Palin in Auburn, NY, and I told her I would be in her state for a month. I was so excited then, but never did I guess that I would be there when the world would buzz with her announcement that she would soon step away from the governor's office. But when my cell phone began to do some buzzing of its own, I knew this was big.

After time to digest the news, I settled on the thought that Governor Palin had disarmed the anklebiters, that she would do exactly what she said she would do, that is get behind common sense people who had a heart to serve, and she would not subject her family and the state she loved to the antics of the political piranhas who so desperately had applied a non-ceasing full-court press. I wrote that those who were so filled with hatred for her would soon regret that they had not let well-enough alone, that they had consumed themselves with taking her on. I knew she was truly declaring her independence and it would rock the worlds of the Palin-deranged. It's safe to say I was right, isn't it? If they had succeeded in defeating her, there would be no need for this ongoing Palin mania we see from the Left--and from some on the Right. I knew she had symbolically chosen Independence Day weekend to make her announcement, and I thought, "brilliant!"

I spent the evening of the 3rd having dinner with some of the Governor's friends, associates, and supporters, the talk revolving around her resignation. I kept saying it was a good thing, and that we would soon see. Surely, we are seeing.

The next day, I marched in the 4th of July parade with the Valley Republican Women's Club. There I met Mr. and Mrs. Heath, Piper, and many other wonderful Palin patriots. That evening I attended the Wasilla Tea Party, another wonderful experience. Click here to read all about that day and click here to see pictures.

It's hard to believe how much has transpired in such a short time, but as I reflect on a year ago today--as Governor Palin has also done today, no doubt--I can't help but be grateful at having been there for that moment, that moment in history. I wrote then that she had stepped down to step up. She certainly has, and she has brought so many up with her. And still, the best is yet to come.


Patrick's World: Memories of the 4th of July

Earlier today, Kelsey took us on a little trip down memory lane to last year's 4th of July weekend when Governor Palin decided to reload. Patrick S. Adams, writing at his blog, Patrick's World, has his own recollection of last year's eventful 4th of July weekend. A short excerpt follows:

Last Fourth of July reminded me of being at a barbecue at my uncle's house in 1980. It was the final year of the Jimmy Carter years and my first real recollection of having a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach about the state of my country. I was 16 going on 17 at the time. Charlie Daniels had a song out, America. I had been headed toward conservatism in the years leading up to this time, but I mark this song as the first time I officially considered myself "a patriot no matter what."

I still get chills when I listen to the song, especially now that it captures the same feeling today during the Obama years as it did during the Carter years. My country is a strong and proud nation. It has done great things. It has survived the Civil War, Pearl Harbor and WW II, the Cold War and 9/11. It has also come through some rough political times as well such as the late 1960's, the late 1970's and now the late 2000's. We have this uncanny ability to fall asleep at the wheel yet wake up just in time to keep the car from crashing into the guard rail. I know we can do it again.

In 1980, I shot my fireworks off at make believe Soviet divisions in Afghanistan. And despite my disgust at the Carter administration, I believed in the American people. I believed we would get the bum out of office. And we did. Five years later, it was morning in America. I graduated college and went wide-eyed into a world with unlimited potential. The economy was cranking, the job market was great and we were militarily strong. The Soviet Union was on the brink of collapse. What happened to that? Where did that go?

Read his entire post here. It's excellent...and well worth your time.

(H/T Sinistar)


Gallup and Pew Show that Democrats Admit that They are Less Patriotic and Less Proud to Be Americans than Republicans/Open Thread

Pew finds that Democrats are far less "extremely proud" to be Americans than Republicans. Gallup finds that Democrats are less "extremely patriotic" than the national average and the percentage of Democrats who are "extremely patriotic" is lower than what it was in 2005. The percentage of Republicans who are "extremely patriotic" is twenty percent higher than the national average and has increased by 17% since 2005.

Keep in mind that these are Democrats refusing to tell pollsters that they are "extremely patriotic" or "extremely proud" of America. It appears that the community organizer is having the impact he intended on his party's attitude towards the country.

In other news:

-She'll allegedly be speaking October 13 at the Bon Mot Book Club in Vancouver, Canada.

-The Associated Press finds the Tea Party's next wave will take place in Alaska.

-Ironically, Newsweek is now advising the media to stop "[s]top ogling Republican women."

-How Palin came to endorse Nikki Haley.

-I think this rule change is good for Palin.

Is Michael Steele going to survive the weekend? What else is going on today?


Obamanomics: Double Dip Recession on the Way?

In a post on Wednesday, I discussed Obama's dismal record on unemployment and Arthur Laffer's prediction that the economy is headed for a rare double dip recession. The following day, Thursday, the markets were jolted by more bad economic news:

Reporting from Washington and Los Angeles — A fresh batch of weak economic news Thursday heightened concerns about the staying power of the fledgling recovery, with more uninspiring news expected Friday when the government reports on the [June] job market.

Sure enough, when the June jobs data was released Friday morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the news was "uninspiring". The worse than expected news in the labor market was followed later in the morning by more gloomy news from the manufacturing sector:

Factory orders fell 1.4 percent May, nearly triple of what economists had expected.

The report is another blow to the recovery as early signs had indicated that manufacturing was leading this recovery even as the consumer remained sluggish.

But the big news of the day was the continued sluggishness in the labor market, with the economy showing a net loss of 125,000 jobs in May. A large loss in public sector jobs was expected due to the termination of census workers, but the hope was that this would be more than offset by private sector hiring. The fact that it wasn't is illustrative of the fragility of the economic recovery, via Don Lee at the LA Times:

The decrease in Census Bureau staffing was expected, but most analysts were looking for stronger job growth in the private sector, which has yet to generate momentum and looms as a major threat to the overall economic recovery. In May, private employers added just 33,000 jobs. What's more, the average hours worked in manufacturing and other industries in June declined, as did average hourly earnings.

Despite this dismal news, Obama is still utterly clueless. While allowing that the economy is not growing fast enough, he still managed to make the following sage pronouncement yesterday, via Ed Morrissey:

“Make no mistake, we are headed in the right direction”

This rather naive statement, presumably, is based on the fact that the official BLS unemployment rate fell from 9.7% to an 11-month low of 9.5%. How, you ask, can the unemployment rate fall when the economy lost $125,000 jobs? The unemployment rate is calculated by dividing the number of unemployed by the number in the labor force. The number of unemployed rose by 125,000 but, and this is key, the number in the labor force fell by an alarming 652,000. This is not sufficient cause to break out the champagne as Obama seems to imply. The bulk of those leaving the labor force are what economists call discouraged workers...those who have essentially given up looking for work for the time being due to bleak prospects for employment.

The recent spate of depressing economic news should not come as a surprise to anyone with an elemental degree of economic literacy (which, of course, precludes Obama). President Obama and his economic team are doing practically everything wrong. Obama has made a habit of blaming all his problems on Bush, claiming he "inherited" the mess we find ourselves in. To be sure, Obama inherited a deep recession, but the statute of limitations on blaming Bush for the current mess expired when he enacted policies such as the stimulus and ObamaCare which are as harmful to the economy as they are unaffordable. Obama owns the economy now. The economy began its current recovery (call it the Obama Recovery) in the third quarter of 2009. Real GDP grew at 2.2% in that third quarter, followed by 5.8% in the 4th quarter, and 2.7% in the first quarter of 2010 (Preliminary 2nd quarter data will be released on July 30). The 5.8% rate in the third quarter may look impressive but that was mostly due to a pronounced inventory effect. More on that here.

As a comparison, I thought it might be useful to look at real GDP growth during the first three quarters of the Reagan Recovery. During the first three quarters of that recovery, the economy grew at 5.1%, 9.3%, and 8.1% respectively. The numbers speak for themselves. No doubt Obama would protest that he inherited a much worse economy than Reagan did. By any objective measure, that's not true. The following table, produced by Mark Perry during the bottom of last year's recession, is worth a thousand words:

I have no doubt Obama's teleprompter will continue to tell him that he inherited a worse economy than Reagan, but the facts indicate otherwise. What this data tell us is that a strong economic recovery is possible from even the deepest of recessions if we follow the correct economic policies. Reagan proved this in the early 1980s. This is the reason Governor Palin has consistently and repeatedly discussed the need to follow the blueprint Reagan left us. The commonsense, pro-growth policies Reagan followed work every time they're tried, as she has indicated in interviews, op-eds, speeches, and Facebook Notes, including this one:

…let’s learn from history and follow the example of the man who occupied the White House in 1983 and was able to transform an even worse recession than the one we’re currently experiencing into the largest peacetime economic expansion in American history.

When you realize the magnitude of President Reagan’s achievements, there is absolutely no reason why anyone would ignore his “demonstrably good” example. If you want real job growth, cut taxes – including capital gains taxes and small business payroll taxes – and slay the death tax once and for all. If you want to stimulate the economy and help poor and middle class families, cut payroll taxes so that more Americans can keep and invest more of what they earn.

If you want lasting economic expansion and prosperity, get the federal government’s budget under control. Instead of more pork-laden stimulus plans, let the free market correct itself. That’s what Reagan did, and history proves it worked.

Instead of utilizing these tried and true policies, Obama is doing quite the opposite. He claims to be interested in creating jobs yet does everything he can to discourage businesses from creating them. He and his fellow travelers in Washington claim to believe that a massive new energy tax will somehow create more jobs than it will destroy. As recently as yesterday John Kerry, whose sole claim to fame is an ability to marry wealthy heiresses, was still making this ridiculous claim (I also heard, incidentally, that Kerry spent some time in Vietnam).

Obama is planning on allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire at the end of this year for the most productive participants in the economy. The onerous increase in marginal tax rates awaiting these people, many of whom own businesses, are a powerful disincentive for business expansion and job growth. Obama has also raised the specter of reneging on his infamous campaign promise to not raise taxes on anyone making less than $250,000 by burdening the economy with an enormous European style value-added tax (VAT). Just yesterday the Wall Street Journal warned that some moderate Republicans may fall for the false promise of a VAT as a means to "deficit reduction". To put it succinctly, raising taxes to reduce the debt doesn't work and is nothing more than a ruse to grow government. In addition to all these tax increases is the uncertainty associated with ObamaCare. Nobody knows exactly how much it will cost businesses but one thing is certain: the higher taxes and mandates ObamaCare imposes on businesses make it less likely they will increase payroll.

Employers and potential employers are well aware of all these economy destroying initiatives emanating from the Obama Administration and the crushing debt which accompanies them. Businesses always look to the future and they don't like what they see. There is nothing in these programs that will lead to a better economy and thus, no reason for businesses to substantially add to payroll. Throughout the spring and early summer, economists have noted the tendency of businesses to hoard cash. In fact, they are doing so at record levels. Businesses which expect a strong economy don't generally hoard cash but rather invest it in business expansion to meet increasing demand resulting from the growing economy. The fact that businesses are hoarding cash at these unprecedented levels is a sure sign that they expect Obama's policies to negatively impact the economy, and they want to have the financial wherewithal to weather the storm.

To be sure, nobody can state with certainty whether or not we are heading for a double dip recession. As I indicated earlier, they are relatively rare. Arthur Laffer and other economists are predicting that Obama's policies, particularly the coming tax increases, make it practically inevitable. Other economists, like Larry Kudlow, are more optimistic and see the U.S. economy moving forward, albeit at a sluggish pace.

Personally, I think the odds have gone from about 1 in 4 six months ago to about 50-50 now. I have seen nothing from the Obama Administration to suggest they have any idea how an economy works. At this stage in a recovery, the economy should be roaring ahead as the pent up demand from the recession is unleashed as happened during the Reagan Recovery. Obama seems intent on preventing this. Perhaps I don't understand what, specifically, Obama is attempting to accomplish. If his goal is to push the economy back into recession, he's certainly going about it the right way.

Related: Claude Sandroff has written an excellent article at the American Thinker in which he argues, persusively, that Obama's economic policies have resulted in the U.S. no longer being the best place in the world to invest capital. If Sandroff is correct, this is an ominous sign for future U.S. living standards. I won't try to summarize his piece here, you really need to read the whole thing.

Update: Ed Morrissey has a piece at Hot Air in which he notes that Obama's latest plan to "stimulate" the economy is to spend $2 billion to create 5100 of his cherished green jobs. These jobs will likely disappear when the government funding runs out since they aren't economic. Heh, that's about $392,000 per job!

Update II: (H/T The Right Scoop) Nancy Pelosi claims unemployment checks are "one of the biggest stimuluses to the economy". With visionary economic thinking like this from one of the leaders of the party in power, why isn't the economy roaring ahead at a 10% rate?


A Year Ago Today

Let's take a little trip down memory lane...

A year ago today we were going about our business mocking anklebiters, writing letters to Jonah Goldberg, and doing our best to watch the Governor's back.

Then a new thread popped up, shattering the rhythm of our C4P day: Gov Palin to Make Announcement at 3:00.

Something's up. Something big.

Speculation in the ranks:

gardunne63: She's announcing that Piper will be filing an ethics complaint against Ramras? She was really born in Manitoba, Canada mainly surprising her critics that she can find Canada on a map let alone pronounce it correctly. Seriously, all plans I had this afternoon are now shot. Thanks 'Cuda.

lonestar: She will announce Andree McLeod is her new clothing czar and Linda Beagle is her new ethics czar.

R. A. Mansour: She just wants to announce to America that she can still beat Jonah Goldberg's wife at basketball.

As TV pundits began to speculate...

Anne: I think I may hurl. Veep debate nausea coming back...

KentonAK: Does anyone else catch the TREMENDOUS SYMBOLISM of this announcement on JULY 3RD???

(The day before INDEPENDENCE DAY!)

**********Sarah does!******

The first inklings started coming through:

Anne: Yep, CNN is all over the "breaking news: Palin won't run for re-election" segment. Where is the freakin' press conference!?

Rachael: CNN is also a flaming wad of crap. This decision has nothing to do with her thinking she might lose. [As a matter of fact, Dave Dittman had come out with a poll just the day before showing Governor Palin winning re-election hands down.]

The Monster: (The day before INDEPENDENCE DAY!) I was just thinking that. She's declaring independence from the anklebiters.

AmeriCuda: When Pawlenty announced he wasn't running again, one of the crickets in attendance had to report it.

And then, what almost nobody saw coming:

Bestbud: KTUU says Sarah will resign in July!! WOW

We still had not heard a word from the Governor herself. As a result, some were getting extremely perplexed, myself among them:

Doug (formerly DB): If she's resigning in three weeks, that makes no sense to me at all.

Rachael: Honest to God I don't know if I should laugh or cry or vomit.

Mountain Mama: Hiya, Gelston. I'll be first in line for those sedatives, thank you very much. WHAT IS THE DEAL!?

Uffda: I'm going to be sick....My intestines are in knots.Why? Why, why, why? This is so out of the blue, what on earth is happening?

Finally, the networks got the tape. This is a compilation of the key parts of her speech. You can view the unedited version at PalinTV:

Okay, now that we'd heard it from the Governor herself, we were feeling much better, if not actually a little excited:

techno: Romney, Huckabee and Obama just all had heart attacks.

Rachael: Phew. I need a tissue.

Anonymoose: The last time she quit a job -- at the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission -- it was for principled reasons; and the next job she landed was Governor of Alaska. She deserves the trust she asks for.

Huskers-For-Palin: Okay folks, I'm a 43 year old dude who up until 2008 never really got into politics (with the exception of Reagan). After what I heard, I blubbered like a baby. I haven't had this kind of passion in a long, long time. I've had a beer...feeling better now.

And the media? Well, let's just say it was comical watching them fail to comprehend plain English:

A year ago today, there was a tinge of sadness:

And a lot of expectations for the future:

Here were my thoughts after I actually saw her speech and realized that she was not giving up the fight, but rather taking it to a better battlefield:

I believe that Sarah Palin has a true servant's heart, and that servant's heart leads her to want to be wherever she can do the most good. It just so happens that she has done all she can for Alaska, and she can now do more good elsewhere.

Also, I have to say, I love the party that many liberals are throwing. They're sipping their champagne, wearing their little party hats and celebrating the idea that Sarah Palin is finished and done.

They were never more wrong.

They will look back and rue this day. The day they thought they had beaten her was the day that she beat them.

They just don't know it yet.

So, Happy 4th of July to a now very independent Sarah Palin. Enjoy your new-found freedom.

After the C4P editors had taken some time to process the news, Tim Lindell led us in Sarah's footsteps across the Rubicon:

In 49 BC, Julius Caesar led his army across the Rubicon River. As he did so, he reportedly muttered the phrase "Alea iacta est" - "the die is cast". It was the point of no return.

Sarah Palin has crossed the Rubicon today. It's a gamble of incredible proportions. None of us saw it coming, and we're the most dedicated political junkies you will find anywhere. It took our breath away.

My political faith in Governor Palin was shaken today - I'm ashamed to say it, but it happened. So I did what this worldly, secular, guy rarely does unless he wants something - I took a knee and said a prayer.

And guess what - I found my rock. For me, it was an overwhelming feeling that I should look to Exodus, always my favorite book of the Bible. (Maybe it's because The Shawshank Redemption is my favorite movie - yeah, I'm hopelessly corrupted by pop culture.) Wherever it came from, I got out my Old Testament and re-read Exodus.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think Sarah Palin is Moses. But, as with so many things, I found a useful analogy in God's word to clarify my thinking. I won't spin off a full-fledged sermon (will leave that to Pastor Rob, or to RAM, who is so much better than me at spiritual matters). But I did see an analogy. Moses was set loose on the waters, and found by Pharaoh's daughter. And he lived with them, as one of them, until he could no longer abide the evil that he saw. So he slew the overseer and fled into the desert, building a life for himself and his family until it was necessary for him to return to free his people.

Take from that what you will. Castigate me as some kind of holy roller, but I stand by what I say unashamed.

In any case, Palin has crossed the Rubicon and made her stand clear. She gave us a hint before when she said "Politically, if I die, I die." I think this was her equivalent of alea iacta est....

As for me, my feet are wet. Because I just waded across the Rubicon, too.

That was a year ago today.

The day after, Tammy Bruce spoke to a Tea Party in Tucson, Arizona:

I don't know about you, but I feel like I get to celebrate two Independence Days.


Saturday Open Thread

Frank J. Donatelli: We're Looking More Like France

Noemie Emery: Too Brilliant to Fail

Victor Davis Hanson: (Even a Few) Words Matter

Karl Rove: Obama and the Fiscal 'Road to Hell'

Andrew Ferguson: Obama’s Crusade Against Profits

New York Post: O's Tardy Response

John Hussman: Signs Pointing to a Double Dip Recession

Stuart Rothenberg: President Obama, Welcome to Bush's World


Mark Murray...Your Own Poll Shows that Palin and Obama Have Effectively the Same Negative Rating (Update)

MSNBC's Mark Murray and Democrat Party hack Joshua Green have argued that the most recent NBC/WSJ poll shows that Governor Palin (43%) has effectively the same negative rating as George W. Bush (50%). Under the logic that a 50% negative rating is effectively the same as a 43% negative rating, a 43% negative rating would be effectively the same as a 40% rating. According to the poll cited by Murray and Green, Barack Obama has a 40% negative rating. Therefore, under their logic, the Governor and the community organizer have effectively the same negative rating. Hilariously, Murray tweeted both of their negative ratings but missed this pretty obvious point.

(Of course, we're assuming for the sake of this argument that there are really 9% more Democrat/Democrat-leaning independents than Republican/Republican-leaning independents as the poll found. It goes without saying that such a sample is pretty favorable to the community organizer and the Democrat Party.)

Now, it is true that their positive ratings are separated by a greater margin than their negative ratings in the NBC/WSJ poll. One reason is that around 30% of adults have not formed either a positive or negative opinion about Palin while only 13% of adults have not formed either a positive or negative opinion about the man who asserted that "Europe is a country." How does Murray or Green know what conclusion the 30% will draw about Palin when they are eventually ready to form an opinion about her? Perhaps they'll break heavily for her. Perhaps they'll break heavily against her. Perhaps they'll just split evenly for and against her. The point is that nobody knows which way they'll break. That's why we have elections after all....

Update: For a point of comparison, this same poll found that Hillary Clinton's negative rating in March 2001 was 49%, nearly the same as George W. Bush's 50% negative rating in this last poll. In March 2007, Clinton's negative rating was 43%, the same as Palin's negative rating in this poll. As the 2008 exit poll showed, Clinton would have defeated McCain by a significantly larger margin than the margin by which the community organizer defeated McCain.

Update #2: One way to evaluate whether a person is a credible political analyst is by looking at what they thought about Palin's speech at the Republican National Convention. Democrat Party hack Joshua Green pretty much proved he has no credibility as a political analyst when he made this assessment of her speech:

Count me among those impressed by Sarah Palin’s speech, but skeptical of its ability to persuade anyone outside the Republican base.

Basically, the only people who agreed with Green's assessment were ACORN supporters and urban liberals. See here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Update #3: I don't think it's particularly surprising that the comical Alaska Dispatch considers Democrat Party hack Joshua Green (see update #2) as a credible political analyst.

As an aside, the Dispatch hurts itself by allowing Craig Medred to spin the ruling on the legal defense fund. "No wrongdoing on Palin's part was found [in the Legal Defense Fund case]." Those aren't my words...but the words of the Associated Press.


Friday, July 2, 2010

SarahPAC Supports Bill Johnson (OH-6)

Bill Johnson of Ohio's 6th district won his primary race and will be challenging incumbent Democrat Charlie Wilson in November. Wilson is a member of the Health Care Twenty. Bill Johnson has now received the support of SarahPAC.

Johnson's press release:

Candidate for Congress Bill Johnson today announced a donation from Sarah Palin’s political action committee (SarahPAC).

Last March 23, the day President Obama signed the health care bill, Sarah Palin announced 20 house races targeted by her SarahPAC, including Ohio’s 6th district.

In the announcement, Palin said she was targeting Representatives that voted for Obamacare and who represent districts won by Senator John McCain and herself in 2008. The McCain/Palin ticket won Ohio’s 6th district 50%-48%.

In receiving a financial commitment from SarahPAC, Bill Johnson said it would help him deliver his message of real leadership across the district.

“Everywhere I go across the district, people cite Wilson’s vote for Obamacare as a top concern,” Johnson said. “We’ve already delivered a down payment of over 400 pink slips, and now SarahPAC’s support will help me explain how I’m different – how I’ll represent the values of Eastern and Southern Ohio.”

Johnson thanked Palin for SarahPAC’s donation.

“Sarah Palin’s support is greatly appreciated,” Johnson said. “Besides the financial support, we appreciate her shining the national spotlight on Wilson’s failed leadership for Eastern and Southern Ohio.”

Here's Bill's address to a local Tea Party group on April 15th:

Bill's website is here. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.


Conservative New Media Further Exposes Palin Protesters

After last night's post contrasting the light of pro-Palin patriots with the anger of anti-Palin protesters in California when the Governor visited to help raise money for CSU Stanislaus, I was contacted by Paul Villarreal of Conservative New Media who did the video that you see in the post. He read the article on C4P and wanted to shed further light. Without the need to overtly call out the protesters' foolishness, the interviewer certainly captured it, and easily captured, also, the civility and patriotism of Governor Palin's supporters who were well-able to articulate the reasons they stand so vehemently in her corner.

I will let Paul speak for himself. He wrote:

Hi, this is Paul F. Villarreal of Conservative New Media (CNM) and I asked Adrienne Ross if I could add a few words to her excellent write-up here of what took place on the campus of CSU Stanislaus during Sarah's Palin's very successful visit. Adrienne graciously accepted and so I want to share with the C4P readers a bit more alleged information that came to our attention following the shooting of the video posted here as well as some thoughts on the tactics being used by the anti-Palin protesters at Stanislaus and where we have seen such methods previously and how to spot and counteract them.

On the Tuesday following Sarah's visit, John co-hosted the Dave Diamond radio program on KFIV 1360 in Modesto, California (very close to Turlock, where Sarah spoke). During this stint, John was told by both the third man in the booth as well as a caller who had attended the Palin speech and also interviewed the Palin protesters that at least one group among those who had gathered to spew their vitriol toward Sarah were members of a presumably local Teamsters union.

I cannot verify this information independently at this time. The caller who interviewed the protesters himself said that the supposed Teamsters told him this information directly, and that the alleged Teamster members were let out of work early on Friday with the explicit understanding that they were to head down straight from work and protest Palin.

For the purposes of the rest of my comments, I will assume that this information is true, and that a core chunk of those who seemingly mindlessly ranted against Sarah, "the rich" and other strawmen at Stanislaus on Friday were, indeed, union members.

The Teamsters are a notoriously corrupt outfit with deep historical ties to disgraced criminal Jimmy Hoffa as well as the ethically-compromised city of Chicago.

What stuck out most, though, in watching the footage were the tactics of what I will presume are the young men who are union members some time around the middle of the video. Their aggressiveness -- at first appearing illogical but then seeming to fit the profile of the strategic Saul Alinsky disciple -- reminded both John and I, and probably many C4P readers, of other Obama-friendly hatchet men from the 2008 campaign.

For several years now, CNM has come under sustained assault from Obama-friendly astroturfers and left-wing flaks. We are thoroughly familiar with their methods, including those of the "goon squad" groups which seemed to constitute a core of the anti-Palin protesters.

In my opinion, the methods being used by the presumed young Teamster union men in the video fit a very specific profile of agitators and bullies. These are the kinds of people and tactics, I feel, which were employed when Kenneth Gladney was beaten up in Missouri by apparent SEIU members. These are the kinds of methods which were used against average Americans who opposed ObamaCare and voiced their concerns at town hall meetings, and finally, these are the kinds of people and means which have marked the left's hysterical campaign attempting to marginalize Sarah Palin and make her permanently "off limits" to most Americans.

The hallmark of these agitators is their rabid, almost incoherent, chanting and demeanor. The goal is to elicit an emotional response both from fellow protesters and from the opponent, in this case the pro-Palin crowd outside the Stanislaus event.

To this end, initiating mindless chants such as "Eat the rich!" is not the work of unsophisticated protesters but is, instead, a very targeted tactic intended to draw out the anger and hatred of the anti-Palin side and also seek to provoke a kind-of fear response in the pro-Palin protesters. It is the supposed lack of coherence of the chant, that is, which is designed to make the pro-Palin crowd come to a kind of helpless psychological response along the lines of "Wow, these people are so angry and full of rage that even though they are rambling idiotic phrases, I guess they really feel passionately about hating Sarah Palin and I definitely don't want to mess with them. Maybe I should just kind of back off here and kind of accept this Palin hate. I don't want any kind of confrontation."

This technique is often referred to as the "Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt" method. CNM actually made a simple video about this some time ago which you can watch here and you can read more about the FUD approach towards engagement and interpersonal dynamics here.

In watching and re-watching the footage, I am convinced that the young men at the heart of the anti-Palin vitriol are, in fact, union members and I am also fairly certain that the tactics which they used fit into the Saul Alinsky/FUD playbook.

You will never see these kinds of hate purveyors of the left featured in traditional LSM outlets. Sad to say, many media personalities, I feel, secretly appreciate these goon squads because their tactics, as the young pro-Palin woman in the video mentions, work. The many members of the media who detest Palin and support Obama, I believe, appreciate the "clearing out" function which shady outfits like the Teamsters provide because that makes the enactment of the left's radical agenda that much easier to achieve.

For those who support Palin, however, and even just for non-ideological Americans who want to see politics rise above the sum total of advertising methods and partisan pop-psychology hackery such as the FUD method being used by Saul Alinsky types, it is essential to know who your adversary is and just what kind of tactics are being employed. The would-be bully standing across from you at a Palin rally might look and sound like a naive Neanderthal, but it is our experience that they are often anything but, and their methods have to be countered.

I believe that the men in the video which Adrienne posted are a good representation of what Sarah and her supporters will face from now until Sarah is potentially elected President, should she run, in 2012. The left knows they must not allow Sarah any room to breathe, so to speak, and so they will continue to mobilize their most-extreme elements in a desperate scorched-earth campaign to take down Sarah at any cost.

It is our responsibility, as Palin supporters and patriots, to meet such people out on the political battlefield--and to defeat them as often and as widely as we can, in peaceful and concerted ways.

Thank you again, Adrienne and C4P, for allowing me to share my thoughts on this footage and event, and I hope everyone here has a terrific Independence Day Weekend.

Paul F. Villarreal
Conservative New Media

We're in a battle against an enemy that wants to annihilate. The only way to win is to know what we're dealing with and expose those tactics time and time again. Governor Palin's supporters will not be ignorant of the despicable devices used against her. I thank Mr. Villarreal and CNM for being among the good guys who stand for truth.


Final Money Bomb Open Thread

Thanks to everyone for helping out with the money bomb this week. Your help was greatly appreciated. If you haven't yet contributed, please do so here. E-mail us what you have contributed at Here's the news for today:

-When she returns to the Lower 48 in late August, she'll start off at an event on behalf of the Pennsylvania Family Institute in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

-Governor Palin has received rave reviews for her speech at the bowling expo in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

-Newsweek on the "Power of the Palin Endorsement."

-In case you were wondering about the Associated Press-GFK poll cited by Becky Bohrer in her Associated Press article, all you have to know is that the sample finds that there are 11% more Democrats and Democrat-leaning independents than Republican and Republican-leaning independents in the country and 44% of the sample has a high school education or less. It's pretty obvious to anyone who isn't a far-left hack that such a sample is unrepresentative of America and far too favorable to the community organizer and the Democrat Party.

-Bill Kristol has called for Michael Steele's resignation as RNC chairman.

-Only 39% of registered voters in Washington State have a favorable opinion of the community organizer. He won 57% of the vote in the state in 2008.

I hope everyone has a happy Fourth of July.


Picking Her Battles - Palin's War Plan

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of Governor Palin’s surprising Independence Day-Eve resignation announcement. (It also marks the one-year anniversary of my love affair with Conservatives4Palin.) And if we’ve learned anything in the last year, it’s that Sarah Palin picks her battles wisely. (And falling in love with C4P is never wrong.)

Fighting her deranged enemies in Alaska while chained to the governor’s desk and continuing to waste time and money on nuisance battles wasn’t helping anyone. It was a losing strategy. In the end, Palin won just about every single battle with the Alaska ankle-biters. What she didn’t do was allow them to dictate the battlefield and to continue to inflict collateral damage on innocent Alaskans. Governor Palin outflanked her enemies. By stepping down, becoming a private citizen, and handing the reins of power to Sean Parnell, she was able to leverage her strengths and minimize the unnecessary hits to her state. Palin genuinely means it when she says, “You don’t need a title to make a difference.” That’s a key difference between her and other politicians, in my view. She became involved in politics to serve, not to rule. Rulers cling to titles. Public servants put the public interest first.

Moreover, by resigning her governorship, Gov. Palin has emerged as the de facto leader of the conservative opposition to Obama’s socialist agenda. That battle was far more important than fending off the Andrea McLeods of the world. I haven’t even bothered to follow the details of the Alaska squabbles but appreciate others on C4P (including Rich Crowther) who have painstakingly documented these inane bottom-dwellers and their obsession with stopping Sarah Palin in her home state. They haven’t stopped her. In fact, they have made her stronger than ever. Palin saw an opportunity to make an even bigger difference than just on Alaskan issues. As an inspirational figure on the national stage she has given voice to the pent-up frustration of millions of Americans who have seen their federal government over-reaching its Constitutional constraints for too long without adequate checks.

I took about seven months off from politics after the election of 2008. The aftermath of Obama’s victory was too painful, and the media injustice inflicted on Gov. Palin too raw. During that historic fall, I had spent two months intensely engaged on the old Hillary Clinton Forum, where I found camaraderie with lifelong Democrats who were supporting Sarah Palin and John McCain. I stopped visiting that site shortly after the election (and before it splintered into several factions). I just de-toxed for awhile. Then I stumbled on C4P right around July 3, 2009, and was immediately hooked.

I’ve now attended four Palin events and written a book and an e-comic book inspired by my experiences being “embedded” with PUMAs and Palinistas. I’ve watched as Gov. Palin has inspired Mama Grizzlies throughout the country to run for office, and as she’s supported Tea Party longshot candidates to unlikely Primary victories.

More conservative women than ever before are running for office. More conservative minorities than ever are running for office. Palin is making an impact on the national debate. And what’s interesting to me, and encouraging, is that she doesn’t let temporary defeat bog her down. She could have let the 27 bogus ethics complaints completely deter her from fighting back. She could have said, “Too heck with all of this – I’m gonna make my book money and retire.” But she keeps fighting. She keeps bearing the brunt of the media criticism. And she’s not afraid to take on the administration full bore. I honestly think her courage is inspiring an army of patriots. I certainly have never felt inspired in this same way.

Who knows what all this is leading up to … a presidential run? A presidential victory?

The point is, you can’t win the war, if you don’t win some battles. And you can’t win some battles if you shy from the fight. Palin didn’t retreat, she did reload, and she’s kicking some serious behind now, with a ragtag band of citizen politicians in tow, the most to run for office in decades. And unlike Obama who sees primary challenges as a nuisance to be avoided even if that leads to cronyism and bribery, Palin champions contested primaries so the "cream can rise to the top."

Palin’s war plan may prove to be Palin’s Revenge … but America is the ultimate beneficiary. "General Palin" is leading a charge to restore common sense and honor in our government … not unlike the battle she won in Juneau four years ago, shortly after stepping down from another position of power.

Maybe history will repeat itself. It’s hard not to imagine that kind of storybook ending. The plot lines are already falling into place.

Have a wonderful Independence Day weekend!


Amy Siskind Discusses Governor Palin in Radio Interview

Amy Siskind of the non-partisan New Agenda is interviewed by KFIV 1360 AM about Governor Palin. Her part begins at about the 5:00 mark.


The Media Still Isn't Listening

The following is a guest post from C4P reader and commenter "Neo".

In an article dated 1 July 2010 about Margaret Thatcher in The Statesman, the author writes the following (emphasis added):

Even Sarah Palin wants a share of that Thatcher glory. Alaska’s favourite hockey mom has arranged a visit to the UK, and announced on her Facebook page last week that she would love to meet “the Iron Lady”, who is “one of my political heroines”.

However, that's not what the Governor actually wrote (emphasis added):

I’ve received questions about a possible trip to the United Kingdom. I have received an invitation for a visit to London, and part of that invitation included the offer of arranging a meeting between myself and one of my political heroines, the “Iron Lady,” Margaret Thatcher. I would love to meet her and hope I’ll be able to arrange the trip in the future.

How does one get from 'possible trip', an 'invitation' and an 'offer', to ". . .has arranged a visit . . ."?

I was reminded of a clip wherein Sarah finally had to say to a dense Andrea Mitchell , "You're not listening to me!" [ 2:58 into clip] Mitchell had tracked Governor Palin down on the shore of Bristol Bay in an effort to get the REAL reason why the Governor has resigned. If you listen carefully to Mitchell it's clear she even tries to make it appear the interview was that of Sarah's doing.

Maybe myself and a few thousand other barbarians are as 'ignorant' and 'back-woods' as Governor Palin because I have no problem understanding her the first time she says or writes something.

The late, great, Sir Arthur C. Clarke wrote a description of an intellectual in 3001: Final Odyssey "Someone educated beyond his/her intelligence." I wonder where The Standard's writers, Andrea Mitchell, and most of the LSM fall when qualified with Clarke's description.


The Strategic Genius of Sarah Palin

An editorial with the above title appeared yesterday in The Cagle Post. I certainly don't agree with everything the author writes, but it's an interesting read nonetheless. Excerpts follow:

Like most great women of mystery, Sarah Palin is at once everywhere and nowhere. On any given evening, you might see the former Alaska governor-turned-conservative-icon on Fox News, chatting up like-minded travelers about the political buzz du jour. Her byline pops up now and again in the opinion pages (supporting McCain, bashing enviros). She periodically hits the campaign trail with favored candidates. She is a prolific and passionate tweeter. Her Facebook page overflows with thoughts on global events both past (D-Day, Reagan’s Brandenburg Gate speech) and present (Israel, border security, the need to drill, baby, drill); news of upcoming appearances (a rally at the Lincoln Memorial with Glenn Beck, a possible U.K. jaunt to meet Margaret Thatcher); the latest media atrocities committed against her; and her rolling endorsements of “commonsense conservative” candidates who tickle her fancy. And, any day now, filming is scheduled to start on the docu-travelogue series in which Palin will “bring the wonder and majesty of Alaska” to TLC viewers.


It’s an unconventional media strategy, to be sure, and not without its drawbacks — namely, bitter party operatives. (”This means that you can’t plan anything!” says the strategist.) Yet it’s hard to deny that Palin’s p.r. approach has not only succeeded but succeeded brilliantly. How? The most obvious element at work here is that Palin operates not as a politician but as a celebrity. “Most politicians can’t get on the cover of People,” sighs another GOP campaign veteran. “She’s on the cover almost every week.” The rules are different for celebrities: Palin’s megawattage enables her to command attention for every word and gesture, even as she largely stiff-arms The New York Times and “Meet the Press.” Similarly, candidates desperate for her endorsement are unlikely to (publicly) whine about whatever attention she dribbles their way, no matter how arbitrary or last-minute.


Palin, by contrast, appears to still harbor plenty of ambition, or at least scores to settle. She also enjoys a media landscape far more “democratized” than what Thompson faced just a few years ago — who knows what Team Fred could have done with the Twitter mania that’s swept politics recently? — not to mention a star quality many Hollywood A-listers would kill for. With her new-media savvy and old-fashioned charisma, Palin has managed to merge Norma Desmond (”Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up”) with Greta Garbo (”I want to be alone”) to become one of the most irresistible spectacles on the public stage. Any political strategist who orchestrated such brilliant success via such unconventional means would instantly be dubbed the p.r. genius of our time. But, as far as we know, there is no crack communications team charting Palin’s course. At some point, even Palin haters may have to face the possibility that the public relations genius is Sarah herself.
Read more here.

(H/T Kentucky Colonel)


Friday Open Thread

James Taranto: Partisanship and the Press

Tony Blankley: The Standard for Judging Kagan

Daniel Pipes: Lion's Den: Jihadi Undercuts President

Dick Morris: Obama's Big Oil Spill Bungle

David Harsanyi: Spend, Baby, Spend

Allan H. Meltzer: Why Obamanomics Has Failed

The Denver Post: Gun Ownership Ruling on Target

Richard Posner: Financial Overhaul Is Politics in Worst Sense


Becky Bohrer, that Iowa Poll You Cited Came From A Sample that Was Off By Almost 20 Points in the GOP Gubernatorial Primary

Becky Bohrer from the Associated Press penned the following article about Governor Palin's political prospects in 2012. She talks to a bunch of people, including Rebecca Mansour. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion so I only take one issue with the reporting:

Republican strategists and activists in those states, as well as battlegrounds such as Florida, say Palin has a realistic shot at becoming the GOP presidential nominee in 2012, given her fan base and knack for drawing media coverage everywhere she goes. Fifty-eight percent favored Palin in last month's Iowa poll of likely Republican voters, putting her behind party veteran Mitt Romney but slightly ahead of Newt Gingrich.

Becky, here's what you may have missed with respect to the Iowa poll that you cited. The sample for the Iowa poll that you cited was the same sample for the Iowa poll that found Terry Branstad defeating Bob Vander Plaats by a 57-29 margin in the Iowa GOP gubernatorial primary.

As we know from the actual results of the Iowa GOP gubernatorial primary back on June 8th, the pollster who conducted the Iowa poll misfired by an incredible margin:
Nate Silver: "A extremely rare screw-up by the Selzer poll in Iowa, which was calling for a big (26-point) Branstad win; in fact, he's leading Vander Plaats by just 10."

Public Policy Polling (D): "People focusing on R2K in Ark, but furthest off poll of the night may actually be DMR in Iowa. Had Branstad up 27, only up 10"

As you can clearly see, the sample that the pollster found was pretty unrepresentative of the Iowa GOP electorate considering that the final poll was 16-17 points off from the actual result. It's pretty clear that the sample was comprised of too many moderates given that the more conservative candidate in the race drastically outperformed his percentage in the final Iowa poll while the less conservative candidate drastically underperformed his percentage in the final Iowa poll.

It also goes against any reason for Palin to have effectively the same favorable rating among Republican primary voters as Willard Romney and Newt Gingrich in a state with as conservative an electorate as Iowa. Since she has a significantly higher favorable rating among Republicans nationwide than the two, it is extremely unlikely that she would have effectively the same favorable rating as the two in a state with an electorate that is more conservative than Republicans nationwide.


Bill Mattos: Like Her or Not, Palin a Hit in Her CSU Visit

Here's the perspective of a non-partisan from the Gustine Press-Standard about the Governor's speech at CSU-Stanislaus last Friday:

PALIN A HIT, LIKE IT OR NOT. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin drew at least five standing ovations, mostly for just being who she is, and her sense of humor last Friday night at California State University Stanislaus, was a welcome part of her speech. It was short and sweet, leaving the almost 400 ticket holders wanting more. But then, that’s the essence of a good speaker. She really didn’t talk politics, but she did give California Attorney General Jerry Brown one jab when she wondered why he would complain about her appearance when there was so much “real” work to be done in California. She not only used the “Ronald Reagan” word to evoke love, but she also praised former President John F. Kennedy. Most of all she talked about education, and how parents really want universities to teach more common sense, instead of bringing politics to the classroom. I can’t agree with her more, and her wit and charisma filled the university dining hall like few others last week.

You can ask Newman and Crows Landing residents Doug and Carol Stephens, Tom Dompe and Beth Lawwill, Vince and Toni Butero and Gary Mall. And you really didn’t have to “love” Palin to enjoy the reception, dinner and dancing. This was an “event” that we can talk about for a long time. Happy people surrounding themselves with others who love the university and wanted to be sure it made more money than ever for student scholarships and other activities. The record books were broken as the Palin event netted more than $200,000 for the school foundation, more than any other event ever! Sure there were a few protestors yelling obscenities, but that made the “event” memorable. Security was awesome and the valet parking group was superb. Attendees left cars with them and the autos were ready to go once we decided it was time to head home. And while the university finds ways to use this money (there are plenty of needs), the Palin controversy is probably history as politicians find some other activity to rant about in time for their next election. It’s no wonder we are so sick of some elected officials who use their offices to provide grief to places like our local university. Like it or not, Cal State Stanislaus was on the map and will forever be known as the institution with courage and heart as big as Palin’s.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pro-Palin Patriots Shed Light on Anti-Palin Anger

Anti-Palin protesters in California made themselves look like complete fools. Now, I do understand that here, in the greatest country in the world, people have a right to do so. We each have a right to assemble, rant and rave, and spew out nonsensical, unvalidated claims about someone, I suppose. But it sure looks ridiculous.

As you will see in the video below, the protesters were actually chanting, "Racist, sexist, anti-gay, Sarah Palin go away!" The gentleman from Conservative New Media asked several people to give evidence that the Governor was sexist, and of course, there was no logical response. Experience tells us we can distill the allegation to mean they disqualify her from being pro-woman because she is pro-life, because she doesn't believe we should murder our children in the womb, but instead believes in the sanctity and potential of every life. That makes her sexist in the warped mind of a flaming Liberal. One woman actually stated that Governor Palin does not espouse traditional family and Christian values. As defined by whom--the Gospel according to the Left? If I may speak frankly, the Left's version of right and wrong is so far from the teachings of the Gospel, it's scary.

After searching for a while, the interviewer discovered one tiny American flag in the midst of the haters. The sound of it waving in the wind certainly wasn't loud enough to drown out the man who declared he hated the Constitution. No wonder they don't like Governor Palin: she stands by our beloved Constitution. She's an American through and through.

Now, the Governor had a crowd of supporters gathered, as well. The difference between them and the anti-Palin people was glaring. Pro-Palin people were carrying flags, singing "God Bless America," and reciting the "Pledge of Allegiance." They were smiling, civil, and respectful. They demonstrated a clear love of America. When asked why Governor Palin had their support, they spoke intelligently of her support for our troops, her belief in our Constitution, and her position as a mom and role model. In spite of having Gatorade thrown at them, as one supporter claimed, they were happy and expectant of great things ahead--unlike their adversaries, who seemed quite miserable and dissatisfied with life. How sad that their worldview doesn't seem to offer them more hope and joy. When juxtaposed with the light emanating from Governor Palin and her supporters, the Left's darkness is that much more obvious.

The old saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words" certainly resounds with truth. A video, however, is worth even more. So see for yourself.


In Honor of Another Obama Gaffe...

The community organizer committed another hilarious gaffe, this time with the teleprompter delivering his remarks to him word for word. As far as I know, Fox News' Major Garrett was the only one to report this outrageous error. I'll concede that it's not as bad as Barack Obama's past assertion that "Europe is a country."

So in honor of another gaffe from the community organizer, why not contribute to the Conservatives 4 Palin/SarahPAC money bomb. Tomorrow will be the final day for the money bomb. If you'd like to, e-mail us what you have contributed at

If Obama making a gaffe with the teleprompter isn't enough motivation, how about a poll from James Carville's Democrat Party polling firm showing that what he terms "pro-life, anti-abortion" groups have a higher net favorable rating among likely voters than the community organizer? If a firm with a history of producing outrageously favorable results for Democrats is showing these numbers, pro-life groups are probably doing a lot better in reality.

The person who most people identify with the pro-life movement is one reason why perceptions of the movement have improved in the past year. Why not make a contribution to reward her efforts?


Governor Palin's Appearance at Today's Troopathon

Thank you to our friends at The Right Scoop:


Money Bomb Day 2 Open Thread

If you haven't contributed yet to her PAC, please do so if possible and keep on promoting the money bomb where you think a common-sense conservative message will be well received. Please e-mail us what you have donated at

Here's the news for today:

-In case you missed it, PalinTV has her full Freedom Fest speech available.

-She'll be doing a lot of fishing in Alaska until her return in late August.

-She'll be going to Jacksonville in late August.

-Courtesy of Neo, here is some video of her speech at the bowling expo yesterday in Las Vegas.

-The Republican Jewish Coalition approves of the "anti-Buchanan" characterization of Palin.

-Zondervan has a Palin book for kids out this Fall.

-Andrew Breitbart v. Andrew Sullivan.

-First Barack Obama and Vera Baker and now Al Gore and his masseuse? Who's the next Democrat Party hack to be caught committing an act of deviancy?

-Mike Huckabee effectively bows out of the 2012 presidential contest.

What's going on today? You can keep on watching the Troopathon over at PalinTV.

Update by Doug: (H/T Peter S.) Our friends at Hillbuzz offer some great advice on what we can be doing between now and 2012.

Update II by Doug: Prior to Governor Palin speech last Friday at CSU-Stanislaus, she had her hair done at a local salon. The stylist who did her hair was subsequently interviewed by local media. Go here to watch.


Governor Palin to Participate in "Troopathon" this Afternoon/Evening (Update: Palin's Interview is Done....Troopathon continues)

Peter S. passes along news that Governor Palin will be participating in a "Troopathon" event sponsored by Melanie Morgan's non-profit organization, "Move America Forward." The event starts at 1 PM PST and runs into 9 PM PST. Governor Palin was a late addition to the program and will reportedly be broadcasting from Wasilla.

"Troopathon" is a web fundraiser. Its purpose is to raise money to send care packages to the troops. You can get more information here.

Update: Commentator GAHanson got an e-mail from Move America Forward stating that Governor Palin will be on after Rush Limbaugh at 1:45 PST.

Update #2: PalinTV has the live-stream.

Update #3: Governor Palin's interview is done. You can continue watching the Troopathon live-stream at PalinTV.


Sarah Palin: The Tea Party Hawk

PalinTV has her full speech from the Freedom Fest, including the question and answer portion. As you can see from the speech, she's not just reading her prepared remarks as she regularly goes off the script. Therefore, she's effectively speaking off-the-cuff without a teleprompter delivering her remarks to her word-for-word.

Here is some reaction to what she said last Saturday in the "Foreign Policy" magazine article titled "The Tea Party’s hawk":

There's growing concern among Republicans -- and especially among the pro-defense neoconservative wing of the party -- that national-security spending, which is under a level of scrutiny and pressure not seen since the end of the Cold War, could fall victim to the anti-establishment, anti-spending agenda of the Tea Party movement. Palin, as the unofficial leader of that movement and its most prominent celebrity, is moving to carve out such funding from any drives to cut overall government expenditures.

There's a sense among GOP insiders that she is not only the perfect figure to make the case, but she's also the only one who can pull it off.

"In the conservative ranks and within the party, she's really quite a crucial piece in this puzzle," said Tom Donnelly, defense fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. "She's got both political and Tea Party/small government bona fides, but she also has a lot of credibility in advocating for military strength."

Although the Tea Party lacks strict organization or the traditional policy discipline found elsewhere on the American right, Palin's presence looms large over the movement. Her endorsements are prized by candidates, and even the most far-right lawmakers oppose her positions at their own risk.

"The Tea Party movement is not something that's set in stone. She can have a bridging effect but she can also have a profound influence on the direction that the Tea Party goes," said Donnelly.

Defense spending could also be a theme of Palin's much-mooted return to the campaign trial in 2012.

"Sarah Palin is uniquely positioned to have an effect and it could also redound in her favor," Donnelly said. "She can lay claim to this issue in ways that give her legitimacy and credibility for her next political move as well."

Politico calls Palin the anti-Pat Buchanan. The Weekly Standard and Hotair have more thoughts on her speech.


Day 2 of the Money Bomb

Thanks to everyone who donated to or spread the word about the money bomb yesterday. Please do the same today if you can. You can donate to her PAC here.

E-mail us whatever you donated at


Thursday Open Thread

Sarah Wallace: The End of Community Banking

Dennis Prager: Why Liberals Think U.S. Health Care is Inferior

Thomas Sowell: Judges, the Constitution & Gun Control Laws

Investor's Business Daily: Paul Krugman's Depression

Amity Shlaes: George Soros Talks Obama's Book in Threat to Euro

Orange County Register: Another Gun Control Law Bites the Dust

Nick Gillespie: Let's Not Forget Sen. Byrd's Negative Legacy

Ellen Bork: Beijing Continues to Meddle in Hong Kong


Governor Palin on the Al Gainey Show

Sounds like she was on a Cell Phone.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Last Call for Day 1 of the Conservatives4Palin/SarahPAC Money Bomb

Get your donations in if you can. Promote days 2 and 3 of the money bomb to your friends and in the blogosphere. Thanks a lot for your help. E-mail us what you have donated at

In case you haven't heard, we plan on moving to WordPress soon. We have to do some contributor training first. Until then, keep on sending any cool images that you have to us. So stay tuned...


“Slice Of Americana” – Sarah Palin Hails Growth And Resurgence Of Bowling Industry At 2010 International Bowl Expo

Thanks to Pat, here's the first report of her keynote address from this afternoon:

Standing before a crowd of several thousand bowling industry leaders from across the world, former Governor and Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin gave a rousing keynote address at the 2010 International Bowl Expo. Highlighting the impact of bowling as the nation’s number one participatory sport and a thriving industry, Palin brought the crowd to its feet during her 45 minute speech. Additionally, Palin spoke to the important role played by bowling proprietors as business owners and community leaders, as well as the vital presence of bowling centers as social hubs in communities across the nation.

“Bowling has an honored place in our culture and is interwoven with our sense of community in our country. Go to any town or city and you will find bowling – it is truly a slice of Americana,” said Palin. “Bowling has been able to evolve, innovate and capitalize on changes in culture to keep alive and flourish. Through the entrepreneurial spirit of its proprietors, bowling has seen a new resurgence and has never been more popular.”

During her keynote speech, Palin spoke of the societal influence of bowling that spans generations of American life. Professing a personal appreciation for the bowling industry, Palin also noted that, during his high school years, her father Chuck Heath Sr. worked as a pin boy and that she herself has fond childhood memories of watching him play in this Thursday night bowling league.

Additionally, as a mother and aunt to children born with disabilities, Palin took special note of the bowling industry’s support of the Special Olympics and thanked the proprietors in attendance for providing a healthy, positive environment to children with special needs.

Following her speech, Palin joined Steve Johnson, executive director of the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America (BPAA), and a number of pioneering female bowling executives and athletes in delivering a historic announcement of a new, revitalized Bowling’s U.S. Women’s Open in 2011.

“Sarah Palin’s comments about the impact of bowling ring true, no matter where you stand on the political spectrum. Bowling is a sport that knows no political or social boundaries – it is the embodiment of the American spirit and a healthy, fun and inclusive activity that brings together people from all walks of life,” said Johnson. “Today Sarah Palin said that bowling helps make our country a better place and we couldn’t agree with her more.”

The International Bowl Expo 2010 was held from June 27 to July 1 at the Las Vegas Hilton and Las Vegas Convention Center. Ms. Palin's keynote speech took place during the general session on the morning of June 30 at the Las Vegas Hilton.


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