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C4P Represents on Palin Promotions Blog Talk Radio Show

Today on Palin Promotions (formerly Join Team Sarah), I represented C4P as we talked about Governor Palin's political endorsements, analysed Tuesday's election results and discussed other topics.

It was an excellent and informative show, if I do say so myself. Randy Highsmith, Chairman of the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, was the other guest, with Mark and Martha co-hosting. We had some good call-ins, as well, including a dear friend of mine.

The audio for the show is here. Palin Promotions also has a Web site and Facebook and Twitter pages, so be sure to check them out!


Thanks For The Steel Spine, Gov. Palin

Many of you know I am a former weenie liberal, but what you may not know is that I am a former weenie conservative, too -- on one issue: immigration.

A little over a month ago someone asked me if there was any issue where I wouldn't agree with Sarah Palin. I said, "Well, I'm not sure where Gov. Palin stands precisely on immigration. I'm for it. We need immigrants."

Of course, what I meant was that I bought into the politically correct mental pretzel that criticizing illegal immigration is impolite. Indeed, it's "impolite" under PC dogma to suggest that people should be deported for not following our immigration laws. It's impolite to target indigent Latinos coming over from Mexico and other Latin American nations. In short, I was still suffering from a liberal hangover on the immigration issue.

Enter Sarah Palin in May of 2010. Unlike any conservative on the political map, Sarah Palin has defined this issue in terms of national security. She has stood firmly in the predictable PC maelstrom to defend Arizona governor Jan Brewer. She has demonstrated a steel spine on this issue. And, she has given me more courage in the process. I can only imagine that I'm not alone, judging from recent opinion polls.

Sometimes all it takes is for someone to make the case and stand firmly. I think that I was suffering from the fear that afflicts some Republicans -- the fear of offending. Certainly, I have many liberal friends, and this issue, more than most others, can bring out vivid emotions. I have had friends of 25 years compare the Arizona law to Nazi Germany. (One liberal friend defriended me on Facebook this week over it.) These are people I love dearly, people I respect, people I have strong ties to. But frankly, they're wrong on this issue. It's about law and order -- not racial discrimination. These people comparing Arizona's law to Germany seem to envision Arizona cops as the Gestapo, even so far as to imagine them sporting German accents. Well, here's a big difference: a significant percentage of Arizona's law enforcement officers are themselves Hispanic. So we're talking about race being irrelevant.

Furthermore, there's a big difference between Germany circa 1939 and American 2010. The Germans were rounding up Jews for the gas chambers. They prevented people from escaping Germany. In America, we're asking people to follow our immigration laws and come here legally. Can people not see the difference?

And finally, the law explicitly forbids racial profiling and requires that the officers only make the immigration status an issue after the person is suspected of another crime.

I'm grateful that Sarah Palin has taken a strong "politically incorrect" stand. It's strange that something supported by 70% of the American public is considered so distasteful. The governor is doing the right thing morally, and the right thing politically. She puts other Republican leaders to shame. Her willingness to be the poster girl for "Securing the Border" once again demonstrates her courage and steel spine.

Thank you, Governor Palin. Your leadership is inspirational. It even converted this weenie conservative.

Oh, and go Celtics!


Obama Receives "Tepid Applause" from Cadets at West Point

Obama spoke at the West Point graduation today. Unsurprisingly, it's been reported that Obama received "tepid applause" from the graduating cadets and their families.

Obama also needed to cut the line "[t]hat's a lot of cheering" from his prepared remarks because he was not getting much of a positive reaction from the very patriotic audience. I think it's fair to say that we probably won't ever have another President that is more despised by the military than Barack Obama.

Obama should probably try to avoid patriotic audiences in the future and stick to what he's good at: using a teleprompter to deliver sermons at Trinity United Church of Christ.


Guest Post From "Mountain Mama"

All of us who are "golden oldies" in the "Palin for VP" movement knew "Mountain Mama" on the comment boards - but she was also an integral part of the operation of the site as a comment moderator, joining the team after we hit critical mass and comments flooded in (you can thank her for the lack of obscenity in the comments section). She sent me a column yesterday detailing her experiences at Gov. Palin's rally in Boise this week, and I'm happy to share it with all of you.


I want to write about what happened to us at the Boise rally this morning. Sarah Palin came to support her friend and former campaign co-worker, Vaughn Ward, who is running for Congress here in Idaho. I was able to speak with Sarah briefly, and with Todd a little more----and truly, I found Sarah and Todd Palin to be among the kindest people I’ve ever met.

First, after having watched the candidates’ debates this past week, I wasn’t sure Vaughn Ward could defeat the Democrat incumbent in next fall’s election. Ward’s opponent is very articulate----and a conservative Hispanic. Possibly Sarah Palin would support that candidate, if he were not running against her friend, Vaughn Ward, who served as McCain’s campaign director for Nevada in the 2008 election.

Despite our concerns, our family OF COURSE decided to attend the Palin/Ward rally, to see Sarah! And she certainly didn’t disappoint.

The event didn’t seem well-attended; only 1500 people reportedly came. But the event was announced only a few days ago. Worse, it took place during the daytime----and many Idahoans just can’t afford to take time off from work in this tanking economy. Vaughn Ward was introduced first, and he spoke very well. Then he introduced Sarah----and as she walked into the arena, instantly the room exploded with energy. Our family started it, and quickly everyone joined our chant, “Sa-a-RAH! Sa-a-RAH!” Gov. Palin waved and grinned broadly, pleased.

In her introduction, she joked about being a redneck, commended the Broncos, and laughed about her missing luggage. The “Child-of-the-Sixties” tie-dyed blouse she borrowed to wear was just fine. Heck, she could wear a SACK and still radiate beauty, confidence, and joy!

What we found unique about Sarah’s speech was that she focused completely on praising Vaughn Ward’s character and credentials; she did NOT call attention to herself----unlike what OTHER politicians typically do. She kept repeating, “Vaughn Ward will protect our Constitution; he’s a true conservative who will work hard for Idaho.”

Of course, Gov. Palin also spoke about how our nation is exceptional, that we do NOT need to apologize about it. For that, she received an enthusiastic standing ovation!

After her speech, I went down to stand among the VIP’s at the front. Suddenly I realized that our youngest son, Josiah, had tagged along behind me. “I decided to join you, Mom,” he said. I prayed silently that Josiah, who experiences autism, would communicate well with Sarah.

She came down the line slowly, signing autographs and smiling for many photos with fans. Finally I was able to speak with her: “Governor Palin, I’m Mountain Mama, a moderator on Adam Brickley’s ‘Palin for VP’ blog.” Immediately her eyes lit up very widely, and she said quite excitedly, “Oh, I just LOVE Adam Brickley! And it’s good to put a face with your name!” Wow! That made. my. YEAR! And Julie (Adam’s Mom), you were correct: Sarah IS grateful for our blogging efforts on her behalf!

Then our youngest son stepped up: “Hello, Sarah. My name is Josiah!” She said, “Hi, Josiah,” as she shook his hand. Then Josiah chanted, “Oh, Sarah, you’re so fine! You’re so fine, you blow my mind! O Sarah! SS-SS-SS-Sarah!” ----and then he HUGGED her (just from the side). I quickly explained, “That’s an old football cheer from my high school.” Sarah smiled, Josiah stepped back, and she said sweetly and VERY gently, “Well, THANK you, Josiah!”

Next to her, Todd Palin stood quietly. He watched Josiah closely, but he realized that Josiah is just a big Teddy bear, innocent as can be. Todd shook Josiah’s hand----“Hello, Josiah!” and then mine. I handed Todd a small note, and said, “This is about the ONLY tax reform that truly WORKS. I’ve worked to promote it for nearly 6 years.” Todd stopped to listen, accepted my note, and said, “Oh, thank you!” I continued, “It’s a transaction tax, but it’s VERY low, so it will help, not hurt our economy. Someone with an income of $50,000/year would pay only $300/year in federal taxes.” He smiled and said, “Really!? Why thank you!”

I hope Todd Palin kept that paper and visits the reform’s website, . I’m sure he’ll LOVE that tax reform; MOST Americans do, once they learn that paying only a tiny tax CAN work!

I pray that this brief encounter with Sarah and Todd Palin will initiate a new chapter of economic solvency for the USA. But I’m CERTAIN that God will richly bless Todd and Sarah----proud parents of a challenged child themselves----for their gentle patience with our enthusiastic son, Josiah.

On the news later this afternoon, Vaughn Ward’s opponent dismissed Governor Palin, saying that the rally’s low turn-out possibly showed Palin wasn’t popular anymore. WHAT!? His negativity did it for us! Ward’s hopeful conservative message, and the certainty that Sarah Palin will get him the support he needs to organize his campaign, debate well, and defeat the Democrat candidate, has convinced us to vote for Vaughn Ward in this primary.

That’s Palin Power----you betcha!

Copyright 2010 by Mountain Mama


Saturday Open Thread

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Hot Air: Top White House advisor: Hey, how about a stiff new carbon or energy tax?

Richard Glenn: Shortchanging American Energy Security

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NYT: Clinton Condemns Attack on South Korean Ship


Friday, May 21, 2010

Open Thread

Is this the first time that she's tweeted somebody else? Here's the news for the day:

-As you've probably heard by now, Governor Palin's luggage did not arrive in Boise on time. Here's video of her talking to a reporter at the airport.

-Here is what Governor Palin will discuss with Chris Wallace this Sunday:

Sarah Palin weighs in on the upcoming midterm elections. This past Tuesday provided a glimpse of the electoral atmosphere facing both political parties. Kentucky Senate Candidate Rand Paul delivered a victory to the Tea Party movement in the Republican primary, but another conservative favorite lost a special Congressional election in Pennsylvania. The former Vice Presidential candidate gives us her take when she joins “Fox News Sunday” in an Exclusive interview.

-Chris Cillizza labels Palin the most influential Republican leader in the country.

-"Secure the Border" has a hilarious new video available.

-ABC News reports that "Sarah Palin Takes Stand on Immigration." I don't know where ABC News got the idea that she was "silent" on the issue.

-Governor Palin receives praise from a liberal politician.

-This story answers the question about where Governor Palin got the "Texas flag-themed rocking horse" that you saw in the USA Weekend Mother's Day cover-story.

Who's going to be in Denver tomorrow?


Come Here and Insult America? Not in a Palin Administration

I can't help but think if there were a President Palin rather than a President Obama, a certain Mexican President Calderon would not ever feel at ease stepping foot on our American soil, standing up on our White House South Lawn, and speaking out in a joint meeting of Congress to insult our laws.

Who is Calderon to come here and give his opinion on how we choose to protect our country? Why in the world would we listen to what he has to say? Perhaps he can work on the issues in his own country, which just might be helpful in our quest to stop illegal immigration in ours.

It is appalling to see members of Congress standing and applauding his rebuke of Arizona's immigration law. Has he even read it? And even if he has, what gives him the right to comment on it?

He felt quite comfortable insulting the American people, the majority of whom are in favor of this Arizona legislation. I chalk that up to the fact that he has seen our own president travel abroad and insult us. It would stand to reason, I suppose, that the next natural progression is for others to come here and do the same. This is the end result of the apology tour President Obama has been on. Hey, if the President of the United States has that type of attitude toward America, why should any other president be expected to behave any differently?

I don't purport to know what she will do, but I dare say a President Palin administration would not likely elicit such arrogant audacity on our land. And if it ever snuck its way in, it would be swiftly denounced. Her love for this nation and belief in protecting her and all her rights, freedoms, and greatness are well-known. Her conviction that the federal government has the responsibility to secure her borders and guard her interests are without question. She would engage in no laughing it up in a desire to make a funny about the danger posed by unsecured borders--or the lives lost. There would be no Spanish-speaking race baiting as was performed by Obama. Instead, with a President Palin there would be an urgency to get to the heart of the problem--and eliminate it.

In fact, it seems to me that a President Palin would do exactly what Concerned Citizen Palin is already doing: making her voice heard and fighting to protect America.

The president is making jokes and shouting "racial profiling," which this ten page legislation does not actually allow. I assume he realizes this, if he's done something Attorney General Eric Holder, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, and State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley admitted they had not done--read it. Where's Katie Couric when you need her?

And while these representatives of our country complain about something they haven't taken the time to read, Governor Palin gave some really simple advice to their boss. Via Facebook, without mincing words, as is her modus operandi, she demands, “Mr. President, do your job. Secure our border.” The majority of Americans are asking for the same responsible behavior from our Commander-in-Chief. What will be his response? Will he render up more winking at apologies to China? More applauding of foreign leaders who have been made to feel that insulting and lecturing us on our own turf is laudable? More mocking laughter at the seriousness of the situation?

Governor Palin, unlike President Obama, means business, as she should. National security is no laughing matter. Somebody ought to tell our current president.

Governor Palin leaves no room for a foreign president to come here and insult our right to protect ourselves and uphold our laws. Her respect for the gravity of the situation inspires the same response in others. And again, under a Palin administration, Calderon would know there is no apology for America forthcoming, and no such insults acceptable.

In spite of Calderon's "expertise" on America, isn't it interesting to look at Mexico's immigration laws? reported:

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has been ripping into Arizona's immigration law as he tours Washington -- while appearing to disregard the way his own country cracks down on immigrants along Mexico's southern border.

Mexico repeatedly has been cited by human rights groups for abusing or turning a blind eye to the abuse of migrants from Central America. Until recently, Mexican law made illegal immigration a criminal offense -- anyone arrested for the violation could be fined, imprisoned for up to two years and deported. Mexican lawmakers changed that in 2008 to make illegal immigration a civil violation like it is in the United States, but their law still reads an awful lot like Arizona's.


The Mexican law also states that law enforcement officials are "required to demand that foreigners prove their legal presence in the country before attending to any issues."

What was Calderon complaining about again? He apparently feels Mexico's laws are more important than America's.

America doesn't need another comedian making light of heavy situations. We don't need guests coming here and insulting our right to do what's best for us. And we certainly don't need people apologizing for our doing what we must to keep our citizens safe and our laws honored.

America needs leaders who love this country enough to take the task of protecting her seriously. America needs Governor Palin. Thank God we've got her.

See Calderon's comments below:


Cubachi: The Problem is not Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, and the Tea Parties (Update: Rural Democrat Blog Endorses Rand Paul)

Cubachi has an excellent post in her blog today about Rand Paul, Governor Palin, and the Tea Parties:

For the past two days, Democrats and even some Republicans have entered what I call a “bash Rand Paul fest.”

After Rand Paul made the unwise decision of going to the Rachel Maddow show on MSDNC, he was asked about the Civil Rights Act. Rightfully, Paul engaged in an academic answer on why there are elements of this Act that is worrisome in terms of the federal government overreach.

Barry Goldwater, who supported several civil rights acts before the famous Civil Rights Act of 1964, voted against this particular law because it was a states rights issue. He thought the act allowed for the federal government interfere with private businesses. It had nothing to do with racism. But the liberal media wants to rewrite history and unfortunately, some Republicans are willing or unwilling participants in that rewrite.


Another attack on Rand Paul is his criticism of the Obama administration placing all the blame on British Petroleum as if they meant to create such a huge oil spill. He called Obama’s reaction against BP “really un-American” on Good Morning America.

“What I don’t like from the president’s administration is this sort of, ‘I’ll put my boot heel on the throat of BP,’” Paul said in an interview with ABC’s “Good Morning America.” “I think that sounds really un-American in his criticism of business… And I think it’s part of this sort of blame-game society in the sense that it’s always got to be somebody’s fault instead of the fact that maybe sometimes accidents happen,” Paul said.

The senate candidate referred to a Kentucky coal mine accident that killed two men, saying he had met with the families and he admired the coal miners’ courage.

“We had a mining accident that was very tragic. … Then we come in and it’s always someone’s fault. Maybe sometimes accidents happen,” he said.

It’s about time someone said this. Obama has been on the attack against big businesses. Yet, people on “our side” are shaking their heads. Why?! What did Paul say that was untrue?

The liberal media is out on the attack. Rand Paul represents a guy who will be a check against the liberal and establishment agenda in the republican and democrat party. Just look at his Democrat opponent. He’s pathetic.


What is going on to Rand Paul is what is happening to Sarah Palin and the tea parties. All are stalwart conservatives, with libertarian leanings. You can say even more so, with Rand Paul. Because of their huge popularity and following, the media wants to tear them down. Lambaste them with falsehoods of racism, idiocy, inexperience, etc. Since they go against the grain, some in the GOP are afraid of them. So they go on a whisper campaign, to defeat them. We see Mitt Romney’s people, as anonymous sources, sneer at Palin as unqualified for the presidency, when she has more experience than the current president, and was not the idiot who brought us Romneycare, which in turn, brought us Obamacare.

Paul is an opthamologist, with no experience in running for office, yet he felt compelled to run for the senate because of his concern for the out of control spending and growth of the federal government. He and Sarah Palin are what the tea party movement is all about. Regular folks who want to make a difference in government. Sure Paul made a rookie mistake by going on Rachel Maddow’s show. Everybody makes mistakes. Remember Michele Bachmann for going on Chris Matthew’s Hardball? I didn’t hear republicans wanting to oust her from the party. Paul made the same mistake, and some Republicans are already on their eeyore groans.

I am sick of the wussification of the Republican party. The Democrats are getting desperate and will go to the gutter, lie and smear our guys to take the focus away from all their failures and their concerted efforts to transform our country. Are we going to allow the Democrat party and the liberal media tear down a good conservative libertarian, or are we going to go on offense? We are in a battle against a President and party who is systematically destroying this nation financially, bowing to dictators, and endangering our national security. And we’re busy worrying about what the liberal media would think about Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, and the tea parties. Get some stones.

You can read the entire piece here. I will add that in the past three days since Dr. Paul won the GOP KY Primary, much of the media and left's attack tactics that are being used on him are eerily similar to how Governor Palin has been attacked since she stepped onto the national stage in 2008. I am also sure it won't be long until they start trying to dig up dirt on Paul's family and personal life. Rush Limbaugh always says you can tell who the media and left fear the most by how much they attack them. What we have seen done to Dr. Paul in the last 3 days certainly proves that.

Update: The "Rural Democrat" blog in Kentucky has endorsed Rand Paul.


Michelle Easton: Palin Inspires Conservative Women

Via Dan Weil at Newsmax:

Conservative women represent a growing political force, thanks largely to the leadership of Sarah Palin, says policy guru Michelle Easton.

“More and more conservative women are stepping up into leadership roles, in part because of fabulous role models like Sarah Palin,” says Easton, founder and president of the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute organization, which works to promote conservative women.

Other women who inspire conservatives include Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann, author Ann Coulter, former U.S. Treasurer Bay Buchanan, and author Michelle Malkin, Easton tells Newsmax.TV.

Palin is a great role model because she is so normal, says Easton, who served for 12 years in the administrations of Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

“She has a life of her own, worked her way through college, married, and had children. She was called to serve in government because she was troubled by what she saw going on.”

Just like Palin, “A lot of conservative women are troubled by the state of political discussion and leadership in the nation today,” Easton says.

Palin proves that regular women can succeed as conservatives, she explains: “Any woman can step up and be a leader for conservative principles.”

Read the rest here.


Kathryn Jean Lopez: Palin, History and Life

Via Kathryn Jean Lopez at Townhall:

When Sarah Palin speaks, liberal feminists go wild. The woman is like a stilettoed catalyst for backlash from the professional political sisterhood.

Much of the bitterness that gushes forth from the lefty ladies has very little to do with Palin herself. It's about many of the things she represents: She's a happy mom, surrounded by a big family and husband; she's pro-life, religious and conservative; and, lest we forget, a political powerhouse the likes of which has not been seen for decades. Depending on who you are and the nature of your gripe, you can add and subtract to this list.

A most recent source of feminist madness over Palin stemmed from a speech she delivered at a Susan B. Anthony List fundraiser in Washington, D.C. The List is a group that supports candidates who are pro-life. It does so in the tradition of the early feminists who fought for life issues. The List, like other similar groups, including the group Feminists for Life, educates and promotes the largely forgotten or otherwise suppressed history of the women who fought for the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote. These suffragettes were smart, at home with their femininity and perplexed by those who would deny the very power of life within them.

In many ways, the women among the Tea Party activists of today -- whom Palin counts as part of a "mom awakening" going on -- would be quite at home with their foremothers. If polls I've seen and rallies I've attended are any indication, today's female fighters are pro-life and sensible. They've seen the pain the last few decades of social radicalism has wrought. They're a danger to the feminist establishment.

And so in her speech, Palin talked about "a new revival of that original feminism of Susan B. Anthony." She said, "Together, we're showing young women that being pro-life is in keeping with the best traditions of the women's movement."

Read the whole thing.


Governor Palin Campaigns for Vaughn Ward

PalinTV has most of her speech:


Palin Still Tied for Lead in North Carolina

Public Policy Polling (D) finds Governor Palin still tied for the lead with Mike Huckabee among 2012 Republican primary voters in North Carolina.

Our latest GOP 2012 numbers in NC- Palin and Huck at 22, Gingrich at 16, Romney at 15, Paul at 8


Palin/Ward Rally Open Thread (Update: Rally Over)

You can catch it here.

Update: The event is over.


All Hat, No Cattle

The following is a guest submission from C4P reader "Peter S", who has written for us before. For example, see here, here, and here. Today Peter writes about Mitt Romney's latest exercise in "political courage" (or lack thereof):

Governor Romney strutted his stuff in Texas yesterday. Rolled out them big endorsements. True to form, his endorsements bore the indicia of currying favor for his unannounced Presidential campaign for the nomination in 2012. Also true to form, he offered no succor to, nor even acknowledgement of, the hardfought battle everyday Americans are engaged in to take our country back in 2010.

Governor Romney's ten endorsees included seven, count 'em seven, Republican incumbent congressmen, none of whom is even remotely at risk of losing their re-election bid. In fact, Governor Romney's incumbent endorsees are, in aggregate, facing among the most marginal set of challengers ever sent into an electoral field. What possible purpose could these endorsements have had other than earning chits for Governor Romney's run for the Presidency?

Let's take a look. Governor Romney endorsed Sam Johnson in TX-03. Johnson's opponent in this deep red district in the heart of Texas? John Lingenfelder, the local director of Formidable opponent, tough race? Umm . . . I don't think so. And Mike Conaway in TX-11. Conaway's Democratic opponent? A fellow running as the "true conservative," against the "liberal" Republican Party--while asking the third most Republican district in the country to send him to DC so he can vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker. Another gutsy endorsement by Governor Romney.

And other races are not much more competitive than these. Oh, and Governor Romney endorsed John Carter in TX-31. Carter's opponent? Some guy named "Unopposed."

Where was Governor Romney's endorsement for John Faulk, a strong constitutional conservative and tea party leader running against uber leftist Sheila Jackson Lee in TX-18? What Dr. Donna Campbell, an absolute firecracker and great conservative woman running against Lloyd Doggett, one of the most liberal Dems in Congress, in TX-25? And Blake Farenthold, another solid candidate running against faux blue dog Dem Solomon Ortiz in TX-27? How about counterterrorism and national security expert, US Air Force ret. Colonel Roy Morales, running against Gene Green in TX-29? What about pastor Stephen Broden, one of the brightest lights among the dozens of great, conservative African American candidates running in Republican primaries this year, running against Eddie Bernice Johnson in TX-30?

All of these folks are quality candidates running good campaigns--underdogs all, but with help, candidates who can make these races competitive. They are fighting for us. For our children and grandchildren. For the soul of our country.

Rather than supporting these courageous men and women who are out on the front lines, Governor Romney has chosen, rather, to endorse incumbent candidates who, while solid congressmen and women, are parade ground soldiers whose races will have no impact on the great battle of our time--the 2010 and 2012 elections. Could it be the only battle Governor Romney cares about winning is the Republican nomination for President?

Is this the kind of leadership our party and nation needs in such a time as this?

Update: "Peter S" responds to a commenter:

mom2mykids offered a thoughtful comment in the comments section below and, though the commenters who have already responded have been very apt, I thought I'd add my two cents as well. I submit, with due respect for her opinion and point of view, that her concern that the site publishes too many articles critical of Governor Romney, and we should all pull together, is missing the point of the articles.

Governor Romney's team has been bashing Governor Palin, mercilessly, on background, and at times in the press. This began in October of 2008, during the latter weeks of the campaign, when former Romney operatives who were then working for the McCain campaign concluded that McCain would lose, and they turned their attention to destroying Governor Palin's electoral prospects in 2012, as they were concerned she would be Governor Romney's most formidable competition for the nomination.

This pattern has persisted, consistently, since then.

A recent post of mine argued that Governor Romney positions himself as the experienced, skilled executive running in the race for the 2012 nomination. According to him and his team, that's his key selling point. However, a skilled executive knows what his team is doing, and no major strategic initiative takes place without his or her oversight and approval.

There are only two conclusions we can draw from the relentless bashing of Governor Palin by Romney insiders and Romney operatives. Either Governor Romney does not know what they are doing, or he does.

The hypothesis that Governor Romney doesn't know what they are doing doesn't pass the credulity test--he's obviously a smart man, and it wouldn't require a smart man to see what his operatives have been doing. But if true, that undermines his central argument for the nomination--that he's the seasoned executive who will know what his team is doing, and will lead them to craft and execute sound strategies he's fully behind.

The hypothesis that Governor Romney does know what they are doing is even more troubling, because it would indicate that Governor Romney not only knows what they are doing, but he tacitly approves, or is even orchestrating those efforts.

As Rush says, the LSM and the GOP insiders (who are used by the left and the LSM as useful idiots to do their bidding) are pushing two memes with respect to the 2012 GOP nomination: (1) Romney is inevitable, and (2) Palin is unelectable. Rush asks the obvious questions: Why would we allow them to pick our candidate for us? And, why are they pushing these memes? Are we under any illusion that the left and the LSM are doing so because they really care about us and want to help us identify our strongest candidate (Romney) and avoid our weakest one (Palin)? To ask the question is to answer it. Of course they aren't.

And, if Romney succeeds in securing the nomination--and I don't think he will--do we honestly believe that the LSM, who have been gushing in their praises of Governor Romney during the primary season (when they hope to eliminate Governor Palin from the race), will continue to fawn over him in the general when he is running against their secular messiah?

I don't think so.

Don't get me wrong. I respect Governor Romney for his executive skill in private industry and in managing the 2002 Winter Olympics in SLC. I also admire his personal faith and his commitment to his family, which is typical of my friends who are LDS. And, if he is nominated by our party in 2012, I will support him.

However, I don't believe he will get the nomination, for a long list of reasons (among them, his complete absence from the fray in 2009 and 2010--when it really counted, and Romneycare). And, I don't think he can beat Governor Palin if she runs, and I believe she will. In addition, the points I've raised above are deeply relevant to whether Governor Romney is the appropriate standard bearer for the conservative movement and the Republican Party in 2012--and in that election, those two designations should be the same.

mom2mykids's comment also may miss the point that we are engaged in a great debate about the soul and future of the Republican Party, just as we are engaged in a great debate about the soul and the future of the country. The Big Government Republican’s value proposition that they will raise taxes, spending, and government control over our lives in a manner less recklessly than the Democrats is no longer tenable, if it ever was. We face structural deficits at all levels of government, and our freedoms are under relentless assault by the radical left which has taken over complete control of the Democratic Party. We must stand for something other than Democrat Lite in order to offer meaningful solutions, and in order to offer inspiration to and raise the American spirit in these challenging times. So evaluating leaders and putative leaders for which side of this divide in the party they stand on, is entirely relevant, and in fact, necessary.


Friday Open Thread

Gary Andres: The Party of Debt

Veronique de Rugy: More on U.S. Debt

Hot Air: Obama tax cuts a “bait and switch”

Big Government: ObamaCare: Promised Tax Credit for Small Business Almost Impossible to Get

John C. Goodman: Goodbye, Employer-Sponsored Insurance

Reuters: Who's packing ERs?

Bloomberg: U.S. Economy: Leading Indicators Drop in Sign Recovery to Cool

IBD: The Green Jobs Myth

CSM: Law chokes Chinese NGOs' foreign funding

The Economist: Evidence that North Korea torpedoed the Cheonan puts it—and China—on the spot

NYT: In Ambush, a Glimpse of a Long Afghan Summer

USF-I: Commander, Gold Star Mother design Fallen Soldiers Memorial


Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin: The Anti-Obama

Tipster "N K" sent us the following article from the Jewish Voice. It's a long article that discusses "Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin," a new grassroots group comprised of conservative independent Jewish activists and academics, and Governor Palin's views on Israel. The article provides some new information that I had never heard about before. It also includes comments from Norman Podhoretz and Joe Lieberman. This article is well worth your time. You can read the entire article here.

Update by Doug: We've written about JASP before. For example, see here and here.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Governor Palin Talks to Chris Wallace this Sunday on Fox News Sunday

She'll talk with Chris this Sunday. It will be her second Sunday show appearance this year.


Open Thread (Update)

Drop us a tip if you are going to any of the events tomorrow in Boise. I don't have much today except for polls and 2010 election news:

-Major Elan Frank is working to bring Governor Palin to Israel.

-Maggie Gallagher writes about Palin's speech at the SBA breakfast.

-One of Nikki Haley's GOP primary opponents conceded that she "got a bounce from Sarah Palin's endorsement."

-Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the Susan B. Anthony List, explains why her organization's namesake was a pro-life feminist.

-Fox News/Opinion Dynamics and Democracy Corps (D) agree that a plurality of voters disapprove of Obama's performance.

-I don't think Mitt Romney will be bragging about Scott Brown anymore. Brown didn't stop Obamacare and Brown campainging on behalf of Tim Burns turned out to be a total disaster in PA-12. Phil Kerpen from Americans for Prosperity tweets "[w]hat happened to Scott Brown 41?? Looks more like Scott Brown 60" and Cubachi asks "[h]ow many times has Scott Brown voted with the republicans?"

-57% of Minnesota adults disapprove of Tim Pawlenty's performance as governor. Tom Emmer only trails Democrat Party hack Mark Dayton by a 4-point margin in the race to replace Pawlenty. 49% of Minnesota adults disapprove of Obama's performance.

I don't know if the other Washington voters on this blog would agree with me but I don't think there's any way that Dino Rossi is running for the Senate. The only way I see Dino running is if he's guaranteed a victory against Democrat Party hack Patty Murray. Since such a victory is not guaranteed, that means he's not running. In any event, Barack Obama's approval rating in Washington is 49/47. He won 57% of the vote in Washington in 2008.

Update: Carly Fiorina leads Tom Campbell in the California GOP Senate primary. Meg Whitman's 50-point lead has shrunk to 9 in the California GOP gubernatorial primary. The spin coming from the twitter account of Republican Party hack Mike Murphy is hilarious.

In the Nevada GOP Senate primary, one poll shows that Sharron Angle has taken the lead.

Update #2: Republican Party hack Bob Bennett has decided against running as a write-in candidate in the Utah GOP primary. Perhaps Bennett can apply for a job cleaning Barack Obama's teleprompter, the safety net Obama relies upon to deliver his remarks to him word for word.


Seats for the Palin/Ward Rally Tomorrow Morning Are Nearly Sold Out and Ward's GOP Primary Opponent Urges Supporters to Stop Attacking Palin

Idaho Conservative Blogger reports:

Meridian, ID - Due to popular demand for floor-level tickets, Qwest Arena has opened up an additional level of seating at no charge for former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s rally on Friday, May 21 to honor 1st Congressional District candidate Vaughn Ward. $10 floor seats are still available through the Qwest box office, but nearly sold out. Free tickets will be available on a first-come, first-served basis at the door starting at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow.

The Palin Rally will begin at 11:00 a.m. in Qwest Arena in downtown Boise. Doors open at 9:00 a.m. Floor tickets can still be purchased for $10.00 at and children 18 and under are free.

For more information on the event, see here.

Also, Vaughn Ward's GOP primary opponent has urged his supporters to stop attacking Governor Palin.

Update by Doug: The event is now sold out:

Breaking News All Sarah Palin Seats available for sale at the Vaughn Ward event are sold out, Upper level seats will be given away to GOP supporters.


Sarah Palin: The Right Game Plan for Victory in America with #86

Gov. Palin's latest endorsement, via Facebook:

I’m proud to support Clint Didier as he willingly puts it all on the line to serve Washington state in the U.S. Senate for all the right reasons! This selfless, inspiring commonsense constitutional conservative will help put our country on the right track.

Please visit Clint’s website here, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s get behind #86!

- Sarah Palin

Update by Doug: (H/T Hefmier) Video: Clint Didier for Senate:


The Power of Palin: Nikki Haley Jumps Into the Lead in South Carolina; Update: Rand Paul Leads by 25 in Kentucky General Election

Some very interesting news out of South Carolina this morning from Scott Rasmussen:

With South Carolina’s Republican Primary for Governor less than three weeks away, State Representative Nikki Haley, coming off a fresh endorsement by Sarah Palin, now leads the GOP pack.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Republican Primary voters shows Haley earning 30% support. She’s followed by State Attorney General Henry McMaster who picks up 19% and Congressman Gresham Barrett with 17%. Lieutenant Governor Andre Bauer captures 12% of the vote.

Three percent (3%) prefer some other candidate in the race, but nearly one-in-five potential primary voters (18%) remain undecided.

The new findings mark a dramatic turn of events for Haley who ran fourth in March with just 12% support.r McMaster earned 21% of the vote at that time, with Bauer at 17% and Barrett at 14%.

McMaster has generally been viewed as the front-runner in the race for weeks.

This is huge. As Scott Rasmussen notes, South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster, the establishment candidate, has been considered the frontrunner from the beginning. As recently as March, Nikki Haley was way back in the pack in 4th place with only 12%. Now she's the clear frontrunner, ahead of McMaster by 11 points in the primary election which takes place in 19 short days. What could possibly explain the dramatic surge in support for Nikki Haley in such a short period of time? Oh yeah, there's this.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Mike Huckabee's endorsed candidate in the race, Andre Bauer, has seen his support continue to fall, from second place in March to fourth in the latest poll with 12%. Could it be that all that talk about the Huckster's strength and influence in the south is...overstated shall we say?

Turning to California, in the latest poll for the Republican Senate Primary, this one by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC), Carly Fiorina moved ahead of Tom Campbell, albeit the two candidates are within the margin of error. Still, the poll is significant in that Campbell has consistently been narrowly ahead of Fiorina for several weeks and this is the first poll to reverse that trend. Chuck DeVore, as has been the case all along, is further back in third place.

Last week we noted that prominent DeVore supporter Erick Erickson suggested he would withdraw his support from DeVore and back Fiorina if DeVore's candidacy doesn't catch fire "within two weeks". One would think these latest numbers would be the trigger for such a move, especially with the California Primary only 19 days away. Wrong. In a tortured bit of pretzel logic, Erickson is today calling for Fiorina to withdraw and support DeVore, and he actually cites the above poll showing Fiorina in the lead as "even more damning" evidence that Fiorina should withdraw! Huh? I have a great deal of respect for Erick Erickson but this simply makes no sense.

The Republicans have a legitimate chance to beat Barbara Boxer in November, but not with Arlen Specter Tom Campbell. I agree with CK MacLeod's point that the longer DeVore stays in the race, the more likely Campbell will be the nominee. Chuck DeVore needs to put his personal ego aside and focus on the big picture: beating Barbara Boxer.

(H/T Techno, Lurker, and jimr3)

Update: Palin-endorsed Rand Paul, fresh off his 24 point blow-out victory against establishment candidate Trey Greyson in the Kentucky Primary, is out to a similar lead in his general election race against Democrat Jack Conway. From Scott Rasmussen:

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Voters in Kentucky, taken Wednesday night, shows Paul earning 59% of the vote, while Conway picks up 34% support. Four percent (4%) percent prefer some other candidate, and three percent (3%) are undecided.

Ed Morrissey analyzes the data:

The knock on Rand Paul from both Republicans and Democrats during the primary was his electability in a general election. His conservo-libertarian views would push the Republican ticket out of the mainstream, allowing the eventual Democratic nominee to grab the center and win a takeaway in the midterms. Rasmussen’s latest poll of likely voters in Kentucky show that the problem may be reversed, and that Jack Conway is in serious danger of being marginalized.


Paul’s challenge to Barack Obama to campaign in Kentucky was a smart move, according to the poll’s internals. Obama has a deeply underwater job approval, 36/63, with a majority of likely voters strongly disapproving of his performance. Except for the youngest voters, every age demographic has a strong majority disapproving; among independents, it’s 31/65. And the youngest voters are overwhelmingly supporting Paul, 58/32. Nineteen percent of black voters strongly disapprove of Obama, and 88% of “other” ethnicities also strongly disapprove.

It’s still early in Kentucky, but the internals show that one of the nominees is a fringe, marginal candidate. It’s just not the Republican.

More here.

Update II: Josh Painter's take here.

Update III: Via CNN:

Haley, a state representative with little money and a meager statewide profile, entered the race last year as a dark horse candidate after supporters of Gov. Mark Sanford urged her to run under the reform mantle. Her small government views won over national conservative activists, but she struggled to make headway in her own four-way GOP primary.

That changed in recent weeks after Haley netted a surprise endorsement from Sarah Palin, who traveled to Columbia to appear with Haley at a rally. ReformSC, an advocacy group funded by allies of Sanford, ran TV ads backing her candidacy. Haley's campaign also went on the air with a tough ad attacking her rivals - Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer, Attorney General Henry McMaster and Rep. Gresham Barrett.


Haley campaign manager Tim Pearson said in an e-mail to supporters Thursday that "our campaign is in the strongest position we've ever been" - a claim Haley's rivals aren't disputing.


Sarah Palin, Feminist

There are a lot of folks on the Left (Amanda Marcotte being only the most egregious example) who are irate about Gov. Palin claiming the word feminism for her own; they aren't all quite as open as Marcotte in coming out and arguing that feminism must of necessity equal hard liberalism, but that's essentially what they say. By their playbook, you can't call yourself a feminist if you don't vote Democrat.

Now, their reason for arguing this appears to be a desperate effort to keep women unreflectively voting the Democratic party line—and perhaps equally importantly, to keep male politicians who want to appeal to female voters toeing the Democratic party line as well. After all, if you can keep it the cultural dogma that "women's issues" are liberal policy positions, then you can pre-emptively define any conservative politician as "anti-woman," and pre-emptively dismiss any conservative female politician with whatever epithet suits your fancy.

There's a problem with this strategy, however, as the Law of Unintended Consequences comes into play: increasingly, the word "feminism" is becoming negative and unappealing, even to women, and even to liberal women, as Megan Daum points out in the Los Angeles Times this morning. This is why she writes,

I feel a duty (a feminist duty, in fact) to say this about Palin's declaration: If she has the guts to call herself a feminist, then she's entitled to be accepted as one.

I say this as someone who's unabashedly called herself a feminist (in public and in print) ever since, years ago, I established my own definition of it. In a nutshell, it goes like this: View men and women as equals; see your gender as neither an obstacle to success nor an excuse for failure; laugh at yourself occasionally; get out of bed in the morning; don't forget to vote.

As you can see, this mission statement applies to men and women, liberals and conservatives, evangelicals and atheists, the freshly shaved and the hairy armpitted. I may have opinions about abortion and other social issues closely associated with women's rights, but I see them as a separate matter from the question of whether I call myself a feminist. Plenty of others will disagree on that.

But from the looks of things, Palin shares this interpretation with me (likely the only thing we share). . . .

Is there a place in politics for "conservative feminists"? According to my definition of feminism, it would be hypocritical to say no.

Daum's agenda is to drive women to reclaim the word "feminism" by opening it up and refocusing its meaning on the core idea: View men and women as equals; see your gender as neither an obstacle to success nor an excuse for failure.

This is, I think, a profoundly important attempt. C. S. Lewis observed many years ago that when Christianity comes to be valued primarily for the arguments it offers for one's political agenda, it will eventually be swallowed by that agenda, and that's no less true for feminism. People like Marcotte need to realize what Daum is beginning to realize, that using the concept of gender equality as a lever to enact a political agenda will cause—and is causing—people to value gender equality itself less. In particular, it's causing liberals to value gender equality less; anyone who doubts this need only look at the treatment of Sen. Clinton and Gov. Palin during the 2008 presidential campaigns. I appreciate Daum's article for Gov. Palin's sake and the sake of conservative women, no question; but I appreciate it for the sake of liberal women, too. Whether they realize it or not, they need it just as badly.


Thursday Open Thread

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Veronique de Rugy: What a Surprise: During The Recession Public Sector Wages Grew Faster Than Private Sector Ones

LAT: Lower inflation welcome news today but may mean big problems ahead

Fred Barnes: Anti-Incumbent? Try Anti-Obama

VDH: "Obama has populated his administration with more presentable versions of the Bill Ayers/Rev. Wright culture of Chicago, in which casual deprecation of the U.S. is almost de rigueur and second nature — hence the surprise of these wounded fawns when others are taken aback at their casual musings."

WSJ: An Upbeat Afghan Story

Steven Groves: The State Department Can’t Seem to Get Its “Fact Sheets” Straight on Missile Defense

AP: US weighs response to South Korean ship sinking

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Governor Palin's Debut on the Fox Business Network


Alex Spillius of the Daily Telegraph on Palin - He's Pretending to be a Journalist Yet Again...

Sarah Palin's political bandwagon is wobbling under the weight of contradictions

That, my friends, was the banner headline that greeted me as I perused my Daily Telegraph the other morning while spreading the marmalade upon my third slice of toast.

The knife slipped from my hand in terror. The toast lay recumbent and uneaten on the plate. My tea began to cool in the mug as no hand reached out to drink it.

Frightening thoughts raced through my head. Had Sullivan finally persuaded the Surgeon General to order a full scale investigation into Trig’s birth, all costs to be drawn from President Obama’s overdraft at the Bank of China? Were there rumours that Sarah Palin was about to endorse Harry Reid in return for a bulk order for her new book from Searchlight Library? Had R A Mansour been spotted having lunch with David Frum and Geoffrey Dunn in the Washington Post restaurant?

But then I saw the byline and the tension drained out of my shoulders. No need to worry – the piece had been written by resident Telegraph hack Alex Spillius as Part XXVI of the long running saga authored jointly with Toby Harnden “The Political Extinction and Increasing Irrelevancy of Sarah Palin 2008 2009 2010....” otherwise known as “What we manage to pick up at Beltway Dinner Parties to fill a few empty lines in The Daily Telegraph”

In other words to describe it as fish wrap would be an insult to cod – it was more something handy to parcel up your used cat litter.

The basic premise – “imminent Palin car crash” – was standard recycled NYT/WaPo drivel and it’s the only picture of Sarah Palin that we in the UK ever get because, of course, most of the Brit correspondents rarely leave the NY/DC Corridor to find out for themselves what is going on. It’s loosely written, poorly researched and relies more in wishful thinking than solid facts.

As R S McCain would undoubtedly tell you – the sound that you hear is Hunter S. Thompson turning in his grave.
Sarah Palin's political bandwagon is wobbling under the weight of contradictions

The Sarah Palin phenomenon is finally beginning to fade as contradictions mount up, says Alex Spillius in Washington

Now, as Sgt Joe Friday would say in Dragnet – “All we want are the facts....”

Well, says Spillius, it’s the Carly Fiorina endorsement that’s finally loosened the wheels
The suspicion is that Palin either didn't do her homework on Fiorina - who favours a "cap and trade" energy reform bill and is considered insufficiently robust against abortion - or is indulging in old fashioned, Washington-style back-scratching.

(Actually, Alex, the suspicion is that it’s you who didn’t do your homework on Fiorina re cap and trade...all you had to do was to access her website to discover her position – and if she is considered insufficiently robust against abortion why has she been endorsed by the National Right To Life Committee, The California Pro Life Council and Susan B. Anthony’s List? All you had to do was a little homework there, Alex – after all that’s why the Daily Telegraph sends you those regular cheques….)

Apparently the Fiorina endorsement has caused uproar amongst her Facebook followers
Dissent is most evident among Palin's 1.5 million Facebook friends, who have revolted against her decision to endorse Carly Fiorina, the controversial former Hewlett Packard executive, in a California Republican senate primary over the Tea Party favourite, Chuck DeVore.

Hey Alex – you are so right on the button with that one. She now has only 1,555,482 Facebook friends. Now that’s what I call a mass desertion. Or perhaps arithmetic isn’t a Spillius strong point otherwise he might have come to the same conclusion as CK MacLeod
Chuck DeVore is a solid conservative, very well-qualified to be senator or to hold other important offices or positions, but he doesn’t seem to have a prayer of both overtaking Carly Fiorina and defeating Tom Campbell in the June 8 Republican senate primary. He should drop out and, following Sarah Palin’s lead, endorse Fiorina for the good of the conservative movement, the state, and the nation.

For hacks like Spillius Governor Palin is damned whatever she does. If she had endorsed DeVore he would have characterised her as a dim-witted small town hick playing to her right wing redneck base, while, endorsing Fiorina, she is clearly “indulging in old fashioned, Washington-style back-scratching.”

As an honest and unbiased journalist, of course, Spillius must have written about her other wide ranging endorsements but, unfortunately, the DT sub editors cut them out.....whoops..that flying pig just missed my chimney....

From where is Spillius getting his information? He doesn’t say, of course, but there are one or two clues that can be picked up from this particular dumpster. Take this
It is not just that they have doubts about a would-be president who wants all her questions pre-screened, who needs to scribble her talking points on her palm and whose favourite modes of communication are those of a 15-year-old, namely Twitter and Facebook.

Or this
She attacked "big government" healthcare reform but accepts free care for her grandson, an entitlement received only because her husband Todd is one quarter native Alaskan.

Smell Huffington? Smell Shannyn Moore? (Yes, that Shannyn Moore, who is being pressed by Alaskans to stand for US Senate according to the ultra reliable and even handed Philip Munger) The Tripp healthcare story, which came out of Bristol’s court deposition for the custody hearing was only bigged up through Moore via HuffPo – it didn’t have much traction in the MSM. It would appear, therefore, that Spillius saved a lot of shoe leather by bottom feeding with Huffington – hardly the mark of the quality journalism with which the Telegraph claims it fills its pages.

All in all this shoddy palisade of piffle constructed by Spillius is a feeble attempt to reconcile the two recurring memes of contemporary anti Palin reportage. The original “Palin is an ignorant airhead” message (scribbles on palm, uses Twitter etc) and the more recent “Hypocrite Palin is only in it for the money” approach (sells lots of books, endorses big business candidate etc)

What Spillius and his informants seem unable to grasp is that the sharp operator meme just fails to lock up with the concept of the ignorant airhead.

But then when was Alex Spillius ever concerned with the truth as far as Sarah Palin is concerned. He could, with a little leg work, have written an interesting analysis of all her endorsements including the controversies following her decisions in Kentucky and California. He could have interviewed some of those candidates. He could even have requested an interview with Governor Palin herself.

But maybe such an approach was beyond his paygrade – that would have been a proper piece of journalism................

Cross posted at The Aged P


More on the Palin/Ward Rally this Friday Morning in Boise

The Associated Press reports:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will stump for Republican congressional hopeful Vaughn Ward during a rally at the Qwest Arena in downtown Boise.

Ward campaign spokesman Mike Tracy told The Associated Press Palin will also hold two fundraising events before Friday's 11 a.m. rally at the 5,000-seat facility.

Ward is running against state Rep. Raul Labrador to compete in November against Democrat Walt Minnick in Idaho's 1st Congressional District.

Palin's visit comes five days before Tuesday's primary and could help Ward raise much needed general election cash.

Tracy said supporters can pay $1,000 to have their picture taken with Palin, the 2008 Republican vice presidential nominee. Supporters can also pay $250 to attend an hour-long reception before the rally.

Tracy said she is not charging the campaign for her efforts.

There is a website called "Sarah Palin for Vaughn Ward" that provides more information about the three events that she has scheduled for Friday in Boise. The GOP primary for Idaho's First Congressional District is next Tuesday.


Conway and Nance: I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

Kellyanne Conway and Penny Nance have written an interesting piece today for the Fox Forum:

Sarah Palin said last week that the “mama grizzlies,” -- those women who are rising up and becoming advocates for their country -- would take back this nation. There is indeed a new breed of women activists in America today. Indeed, roughly 45% of Tea Party activists are women. However, they aren't like the women who came of age in the 60s and 70s who were shrugging off the "bondage" of children and families and rallying around a newfound independence. No, today's women activists have taken to the streets and the voting booths for just the opposite reason. These women are rising up in defense of their children, their grandchildren and their way of life.

The majority of women believe the stimulus has failed to create jobs and have rejected both bailouts and so-called health care reform. For the first time since Gallup has tracked the issue, the federal budget deficit – now over a trillion dollars – has replaced the economy, the environment and Social Security as the issue that worries Americans the most when they think about how America will look 25 years from now.

Why doesn't Washington get it? The nation's economic and fiscal health directly impacts women. They comprise a majority of the workforce partly because the recession has disproportionately affected men and has left women shouldering the burden of employment and kitchen table economics. They are the ones making the majority of financial decisions for their families, including health care decisions, yet it is women who will be paying the high price. Only one-quarter of women say their economic situation will “definitely improve” over the next few years, a shockingly dour number for Americans who generally project optimism on financial outlook.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that all kinds of women, from young mothers pushing strollers all the way up to grandmas in their wheelchairs, have been making their voices heard in political rallies all across the country. Women, and their kids, were also out in full force outside the U.S. Capitol on the day of the vote on the health care law loudly shouting, “kill the bill." That energy will continue. Women make up a majority of voters in this year’s elections. The Tea Party, and politically engaged women generally, have flexed their electoral muscles in just a few states so far, including Virginia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and in Rand Paul's win last night in Kentucky. A majority of the electorate in each state was female and fiscal conservatives won all three elections.

Read their entire piece here.


PA-12: Why Tim Burns Lost; Updated

The old media has been furiously spinning last night's loss by Tim Burns in PA-12 as proof that the Democrat Party is really in great shape going into the fall mid-terms and that ObamaCare is actually going to help the Democrats. However, a sober analysis of Tim Burn's loss should give the Democrat Party no such solace. Burns' loss can be chalked up primarily to Ed Rendell's shrewd move to schedule the special election on the same day as the primary.

I had been worrying about this since Rendell made that announcement and as I watched the election returns online last night, my concerns were confirmed. It became clear very early that there was no way Tim Burns could win a special election run concurrently with a primary election for the same race. This was evident to me despite the point made by Rick Santorum and others early in the evening that the initial numbers were coming from Democrat strongholds and Burns could come back to win when the more conservative precincts were counted. This wishful thinking was unrealistic. There was never going to be sufficient Republican votes to overcome the 2-1 Democrat to Republican advantage in the district given that voters had to declare their party affiliation to vote in the primary on the same night.

The data I paid particular attention to in the PA-12 race were the results coming in from the primary election. From the very beginning, the number of votes being cast in the Democrat Primary for the 2012 general election in PA-12 was nearly twice the amount being cast in the Republican Primary. You would expect this since, as Santorum noted, mainly Democrat precincts were being counted. But as numbers began coming in from more conservative areas, the trend continued. Indeed when all the votes were tallied, 80, 736 were cast in the Democrat primary and only 45, 852 in the GOP Primary. The results from the primary and general election for PA-12 appear below via Fox News:

U.S. House - District 12 - Democrat Primary:
Critz, Mark: 57,704
Bucchianeri, Ryan: 16,618
Mackell, Ronald: 6,414
Total Votes Cast: 80,736

U.S. House - District 12 - Republican Primary

Burns , Tim GOP: 26,120
Russell , William GOP: 19,732
Total Votes Cast: 45,852

U.S. House - District 12 - Special General
Critz, Mark: 70,662
Burns, Tim: 60,500
Agoris, Demo: 3142
Total Votes Cast: 134,304

In primary elections, voters go to the polls and are asked their party affiliation. They are then given a ballot which corresponds to that affiliation. Independents are given a separate ballot. Nearly 35,000 more voters filled out Democrat ballots than Republican ballots. For Burns to have won, he would have had to overcome those 35,000 votes by a combination of Independents and ticket splitters. Independents, of course, are not known for their high levels of participation in primary elections...quite the opposite in fact.

Ticket splitting is fairly common in general elections but not in primaries as Rendell, a product of the Philadelphia Democrat machine, undoubtedly knows. It's difficult to imagine significant numbers of Democrat voters asking for a Democrat ballot upon arrival at the polls, then voting simultaneously for Critz in the primary and Burns in the special. Partisans, by definition, show up on primary day, not squishy ticket-splitters. Undoubtedly there were a few ticket-splitters, but to expect an amount sufficient to swing the election to Burns was nothing more than a pipe dream. That Burns was able to close that huge gap from 35,000 to 10,000 with Independents and ticket splitters on a primary election day is actually quite impressive. (About 7700 more votes were cast in the special election than in the two primaries combined.)

To be sure, there were other factors in Burns' loss. The fact that the Pennsylvania Democrat Primary for Senate between Sestak and Specter was hotly contested only added to Burns' problems. This undoubtedly further increased the number of voters who turned out in the Democrat Primary. Add to that a somewhat lackluster campaign by Burns and a machine Democrat candidate who ran as far away from Obama as possible while claiming (falsely) he was really a conservative and last night's result should have surprised nobody.

The fact that McCain carried the district in 2008 is irrelevant. That was a general election, not a primary. Any attempt by the Democrats to suggest Burns' loss is an endorsement of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda going into the fall mid-terms is pure fantasy on their part. Credit Critz's victory to some good old-fashioned politicking by consummate Democrat insider Ed Rendell, someone our side could learn from. Rendell, naturally, claimed the move was to save money:

“At a time when all governments are trying to meet their challenges with reduced revenues,” Rendell said in a statement, “it would be unconscionable to force counties to spend money to hold an additional election which, by law, could be held little more than 30 days earlier.”

Unconscionable for a Democrat to spend money? Right.

Update: (H/T Rob Harrison) Michael Barone notes that a further complication for Tim Burns was the fact that his opponent in the primary election, William Russell, pointedly did not endorse Burns' candidacy in the special election.

Update II: (H/T Hal) Jim Geraghty's take on the PA-12 special election here.

Update III: Jay Cost makes many of the same points we did here.

Update IV: Stacy McCain, after arriving back home from his stay at the posh George Washington Hotel, provides his "Final Wisdom" on the PA-12 special election.


Shannyn Moore Hits a New Low

The following is a guest submission from C4P reader and commenter Uffda.

You know you've discovered a layer beneath "low" when you use a funeral as an excuse to trash Sarah Palin.

Shannyn Moore apparently thinks it's appropriate to dig up the corpse of Wally Hickel and bash Sarah Palin over the head with it. This somehow honors Hickel in her twisted little mind.

It's too bad Shannyn feels the need to use a funeral of all things to feed her Palin-hating addiction. I love how she's all like, "Palin's so divisive, blah, blah, blah, so unlike Wally...." Earth to Shannyn! You're using a man's funeral as fodder for a divisive political column. Hello! Pot to kettle much?

What sparked this outrage?

Sarah, Todd, and Piper Palin went and paid their respects, along with many other Alaskans, at a mass for Wally Hickel yesterday. Predictably, Shannyn sees Piper as a "human shield." Oh, and she gets Piper's age wrong. Piper is nine years old, not eight.

I pity the Palin-haters. I really do. I don't know what kind of twisted mind can seriously see anything negative in a nine-year-old girl accompanying her mother and father to a funeral. Didn't your parents ever take you to a funeral?

Their parents must have never taken them anywhere. They must have been horribly neglected children.

As for Hickel's falling out with Palin, I don't blame either one of them, really. They each went the way they thought they had to go. I think that Hickel was wrong about some things, but I have nothing against the man. I had nothing against him. Let him rest in peace. For Shannyn to even write an article making his remarkable life all about his split with Palin is such a disservice.

So, how exactly did Governor Palin "crash the funeral"? Someone who attended the event tells us what happened:

Todd, Sarah and Piper attended Wally Hickel's funeral last night here in Anchorage. I noticed that Frank and Lisa M, Sen Begich. Mayor Sullivan and other dignitaries sat up front but the Palins unobtrusively sat at the back of the room - many of the guests probably didn't know they were there.

I have heard that Sarah and Wally were in contact last fall and had a reconciliation of sorts. I know Wally still thought that she had not done as he wished to some extent - but that's life.

Oh, wow. Yeah, she really crashed that funeral. (chuckle) She probably couldn't have been more inconspicuous if she had tried. I'm not sure if she and Wally Hickel actually reconciled or not, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Here's what Governor Palin had to say via the Anchorage Daily News:

Our state has lost a great leader," Palin said. "What he has left behind will have changed all of our lives, and he spoke so often about energy and security, and energy and prosperity and the nation, and we must not forget that.

Wow. How hateful. I can totally see why Shannyn felt the need to use Hickel's funeral to further her own political agenda.

Remember when Palin sent out a tweet for Hickel and Moore's partner-in-obsession Geoffrey Dunn was like, "What, that's it? Just a tweet?"

Trust me, if Palin had not attended or had said nothing at all about Hickel yesterday, Shannyn would be screaming, "See how horrible she is! An icon, a founding father of Alaska died and she doesn't care! She's a horrible witch!"

The Sarah Palin she hates doesn't even exist. She fears a Palin of her own mental making. And she trashes that mental image because without it she'd be nothing.

Without Sarah Palin the haters are irrelevant. Nobody cares otherwise about anything they have to say.

* Cross-posted at Barbaricthoughts. You can also read Uffda's work at Conservatives4Congress.


Wednesday Open Thread

Doctor Zero: The Custodians of Memory

NYT: American Deaths in Afghanistan Pass 1,000

AP: "Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was meeting with the Obama administration's envoys to North Korea amid reports that an investigation will blame Pyongyang for the sinking of South Korean navy ship that killed 46 sailors."

FT: Pakistan seeks Iran pipeline deal

Hot Air: Forget about keeping your doctor and your plan under ObamaCare

IBD: ObamaCare: Read The Fine Print

WSJ: The Clearinghouse Rescue Plan

Mona Charen: The Left's Hollow Pleas for "Centrism"


Governor Palin Will Reportedly Campaign for Vaughn Ward in Boise This Friday (Update)

The Associated Press reports:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has agreed to come to Idaho to help generate support for Republican congressional candidate Vaughn Ward. Ward campaign spokesman Mike Tracy told The Associated Press Tuesday that Palin will attend a public campaign rally Friday in Boise. The 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee was an early supporter of Ward’s bid to win the nomination to compete against Democrat Walt Minnick to represent Idaho’s 1st Congressional District. In March, Palin endorsed Ward on her Facebook page. During the 2008 presidential race, Ward served as state director in Nevada in Sen. John McCain’s bid for the White House. Palin was his running mate. Her visit comes five days before primary voters decide whether Ward or state Rep. Raul Labrador is best suited to take on Minnick in November.

Here was Governor Palin's original endorsement of Ward back in March. Polling shows Ward leading his Republican opponent by a good margin. We'll update with more information if it becomes available.

Update: KTVB has more information on the Palin campaign visit for Vaughn Ward, including video.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Palin Reacts to Kentucky 'Randslide' (Update: Palin Tells AP that Paul Victory is a "Wake-Up" Call and "A Real Time of Awakening for America")

Update: "In an interview with The Associated Press, Palin called Paul's victory a 'wake-up call for the country.'"

Update #2: She just tweeted the following:

No more business as usual as early primaries unfold.Good for our Republic!Americans count on Constitutionalists to put govt back on our side

Update #3: Governor Palin added:
This is a real time of awakening for America...We have an opportunity to not embrace the status quo but to shake things up.


Governor Palin Talks to Hannity Tonight/Super Tuesday Open Thread (Update: Race Called for Rand Paul) (Update #2: Burns Concedes)

She will be on Sean Hannity's show tonight on Fox News discussing today's election results.

In other news:

-Rush says that "Jan Brewer and Sarah Palin Put Male Republican Officials to Shame."

-Governor Palin attended the funeral of Governor Wally Hickel. She said that "[o]ur state has lost a great leader...What he has left behind will have changed all of our lives, and he spoke so often about energy and security, and energy and prosperity and the nation, and we must not forget that."

-Ben Smith notes that Nikki Haley's new ad "casts herself in the reform GOP tradition that first brought Sarah Palin to power in Alaska."

-Michael J. Fahy from the American Thinker agrees with Hillbuzz.

-Cubachi is disappointed with Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

-CNN looked at one part of the Palin coalition, the Patriot-Ledger looks at another.

-Bristol is on the speaker's circuit. Here's her bio for Single Source Speakers.

-What an absolutely shameful press conference from Democrat Party hack Richard Blumenthal.

Final predictions for tonight.

KY-Sen: Paul 59, Grayson 34
PA-12: Burns 52, Critz 47
PA-Sen: Specter 50, Sestak 49
AR-Sen: Lincoln 50, Halter 41

Update by Doug: The NRA prefers Carly Fiorina in the California primary:

The National Rifle Association sent this postcard to its California Republican members, making it the latest conservative force, along with Sarah Palin and much of the organized pro-life movement, to swing behind Carly Fiorina.

The card describes Fiorina and Chuck Devote as strong pro-gun candidates, but makes its preference clear, writing effusively of Fiorina, "a gun owner, proud NRA Member, and strong Second Amendment Supporter."

The mailer attacks the third candidate, Tom Campbell, at length as having cast "anti-gun votes."

Update: The media has called the race for Rand Paul. Congratulations, Rand!

Update II by Doug: Robert Stacy McCain is blogging live from Tim Burns' campaign headquarters in Johnstown here.

Update: I will take a bow for absolutely nailing the Paul-Grayson race but that may be my only bow for the night as Arlen Specter's political career is over. The media has called the race for Joe Sestak.

Update: Tim Burns has conceded.

Update: Blanche Lincoln is headed to a runoff against Halter.


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