Monday, November 8, 2010

Spencer Bachus Is Too Much of an Idiot to Recognize that Governor Palin Did Not Endorse Sharron Angle or Ken Buck in their Primaries

Spencer Bachus shows how much of an idiot he is by making the following comment:

“The Senate would be Republican today except for states (in which Palin endorsed candidates) like Christine O’Donnell in Delaware,” Bachus said. “Sarah Palin cost us control of the Senate.”

First of all, even if we did win Delaware, we would still come up short in the Senate. Also, it's pretty clear that Mike Castle was on his way to a pretty big defeat to Chris Coons. The exit poll showed Castle in low 40s. Whenever a 15-term incumbent is polling in the low 40s, you can turn off the lights on that person's political career.

Second, Governor Palin did not endorse either Sharron Angle or Ken Buck in their respective primaries. So which Palin-endorsed candidates is Bachus talking about? Does he think Chuck DeVore would have performed better than Carly Fiorina in California? Besides Christine O'Donnell, who did Palin endorse in a primary that was less electable than the person she did not endorse?

Third, I can easily play the same game that Bachus played by arguing that the establishment cost us a Senate seat in Washington by going with a retread like Dino Rossi over Clint Didier. I can easily play this game by arguing that the establishment cost us the Maryland Governor's race by going with a retread like Bob Ehrlich over a young upstart like Brian Murphy.

The reality is that we simply do not have a shot at winning in deep blue states like California and Delaware. Christine O'Donnell performed about as well as the very moderate Meg Whitman without Whitman's $150 million. As for Angle and Buck, both of them were good conservatives who made too many mistakes. Since Palin doesn't appear to be particularly close with either of them and given the fact that she didn't endorse either of them in their primaries, I fail to see how anyone, even someone as stupid as Bachus, can plausibly claim Palin is in anyway responsible for their mistakes.

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