Thursday, October 14, 2010

Palin Speaks in San Jose Open Thread; UPDATED

She's set to speak at an event for the Liberty and Freedom Foundation at 3 PM PST in San Jose. Let us know if you are in attendance in the comments. Here's the news:

-If you are going to be in Anaheim on Saturday for the RNC Victory Rally featuring Governor Palin, Andrew Breitbart will be there as well.

-Murkowski sort of responds to the allegations that she abused cocaine.

-Ben Smith says that Palin's "online fundraising has only accelerated." Keep in mind too that the state-based PACs that Romney and others have set have no federal contribution limits. State PACs can receive an unlimited amount of money from the same people. If you just compare the non-state based PACs, her PAC raised the most this quarter and she did so with little effort.

-Howard Fineman tells Chris Matthews that he disagrees with the White House's assesment that Palin won't run and believes Obama's aides were floating Huckabee's name because he's the person "they're least afraid of."

-Sarah Palin recently endorsed Raese and they are in talks to get her to West Virginia soon.

-The prevailing wisdom on that Bloomberg poll that included a Palin-Obama matchup: Outlier.

-Republicans are asking Haley Barbour not to run for President.

-Politico's co-founder believes Palin is "the most powerful, influential person in Republican politics" and that Romney has "failed to maintain a standard image in this period before declaring his candidacy the establishment candidate."

-Pam Bondi hits 50%.

-Sharron Angle debates Harry Reid tonight. You can watch it on C-Span. Mason-Dixon shows Angle with her first lead since winning the GOP primary.

I wouldn't be worried about the new Alaska polling showing a close race between Joe Miller and Murkowski. I'm still predicting a solid victory. It reminds me of all the predictions of a neck-and-neck race between Palin and Knowles in 2006. This post from Kos in late October 2006 will give you a good laugh. What else is going on today?

Update by Doug: (h/t CB) The Club For Growth is launching an initiative to force Lisa Murkowski to refund campaign donations to those who contributed under the false pretense that their dollars were going to be used to support the "Republican candidate's" campaign for Senate. A similar effort forced Arlen Specter to return over $800,000 in campaign contributions.

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