Saturday, October 9, 2010

Even Democrat Kirsten Powers Concedes that Palin "Has Been the Target of Many Such Smears"/Palin Speaks in Bakersfield and San Diego/Open Thread

She's scheduled to speak in Bakersfield at 4:40 PM PST. She's also scheduled to speak later this evening in San Diego at a fundraiser for Combat Veterans for Congress PAC with Joe Miller. Here's the news:

-Even Democrat Kirsten Powers concedes that Governor Palin "has been the target of many such smears" from the Democrat Party.

-Romney screws up again.

-'Mama grizzlies' bring pressure to bear in US politics

-More on Bristol in North Dakota here and here.

-More on Palin's Hawaii endorsements:

Henderson and his wife, also an FBI agent, knew Sarah Palin when they were based in Alaska.

“Sarah and I had met in 1999. I interviewed her as the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, because we were sending one of her police officers to the FBI national academy. I had no idea then that she would become governor of a state, and I would run for office. It is an interesting twist of events.”

As to Palin’s reasons for the call tonight and the endorsement, Henderson says: “Sarah has a finger on the pulse of the political environment in Hawaii and throughout the country. She knows this is important election – the country on the precipice. … This is all unexpected and really exciting. It is pretty cool of her to take time out of her busy schedule to call us.”

What else is going on today? Who are your World Series picks? It's looking like it'll be a rematch of last year's World Series.

Update by Doug: C4P reader OnePurpleKrayon is in Bakersfield and will try her best to tweet from the event.

Update #2: The lunatics in the Democrat Party are out of control. The San Diego media is reporting "Security increased for talk by Sarah Palin."

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