Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Governor Palin Goes on the O'Reilly Factor, Speaks in Tulsa/Kos Pollster Admits Ayotte Probably Would have Lost Without Palin Endorsement/Open Thread

She'll be on the O'Reilly Factor tonight. Here's the news:

-She's "giving the keynote address for the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs' Liberty Gala" later this evening in Tulsa. Let us know in the comments if you plan on attending or know what's going down in Tulsa.

-She tweets:

Independents/GOP: focus. The weakened Leftist party is the pt; it allows unified effort 2 reign in Fed govt's overreach&protect Constitution

-Christine O'Donnell told CNN that Governor Palin "challenged the establishment before it was cool to challenge the establishment...We have to thank her and all the women serving in politics regardless of the party, because it's a man's world." O'Donnell told Fox News that "we have a lot of Reagan Democrats here in Delaware who are thrilled about the Palin endorsement." She told Good Morning America that Palin's endorsement persuaded Delaware voters "to get past the politics of personal destruction, to look at the message and look at the fact that I wanted to make this race about the issue."

-The Governor has been in contact with O'Donnell.

-Even some at FrumForum concede that "Sarah Palin may not own conservative politics in America but she does hold the lease through November and probably beyond" and that "[a]fter the elections, Republican leaders in Congress may be placing a lot of calls to Wasilla to solicit Palin’s views on the specifics of legislation rather than just election endorsements."

-Chris Cillizza labels Governor Palin one of last night's "winners." CNN says the same thing. Shushannah Walshe from the Daily Beast agrees.

-Michael Grimm touted the interesting trio of Palin, McCain, and Rudy in his victory speech.

-The Daily Kos pollster admits that "Ayotte prob would have lost minus Palin endorsement." As for the general election, I'll predict Kelly Ayotte wins this race by a decent margin. Once again, Ayotte is at her low point in polling as she's been getting battered by her own party. Now that she's the nominee, her numbers will improve as she will no longer be receiving friendly fire. The fact that she was able to hold her lead despite taking all the hits shows she's an overwhelming favorite to become New Hampshire's next Senator.

-Rush Limbaugh had some fun today.

-Remember that completely discredited Vanity Fair hit piece? Well, Ann Coulter certainly does. (h/t Angela)

-Bristol talked to Greta Van Susteren yesterday.

-The NY Post has a preview of Sarah Palin's Alaska.

What's going on today? Be sure to check out the new "Organize 4 Palin" website.

Update by Doug: (h/t Hot Air) Congressional Republicans have thought of a creative and somewhat humorous way to highlight and mock the tens of millions of dollars Obama wasted in his first stimulus plan on roadside signs designed to promote the wonders... of his first stimulus plan. So well did that stimulus work that we already need another. Who knows, maybe we taxpayers will get to purchase even more signs...

Update II by Doug: (h/t Angela) "Sarah Palin is the woman!" according to Ed Rollins at CNN.

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