Thursday, September 16, 2010

Anne Kornblut: Primaries Push More Women into General Elections, But Most Fresh Faces Now Belong to Republican Party

Anne Kornblut had a piece in yesterday's Washington Post in which she notes the obvious: most of the momentum with regard to women entering politics is on the Republican side and much of the credit goes to Governor Palin. Such an article doesn't fit very well with the liberal paper's political leanings which explains why, as Newsbusters notes, the Post buried the story on page six. Excerpts from Kornblut's article follow:

Democrats used to own the field of women running for higher office. Not anymore.

Nearly two years after an anticipated gender bounce - with predictions that women in both parties would rush into politics inspired by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sarah Palin - it turns out that the momentum is on the Republican side. If there is a Palin effect, it is not being matched by any Clinton effect at the other end of the ideological spectrum.

Primaries this week accelerated the shift. Two high-profile Senate races, in Delaware and New Hampshire, yielded female Republican nominees. That makes a total of five Republican women nominated for Senate this cycle. Excluding incumbent senators, Democrats have nominated four, and one of them was Martha Coakley of Massachusetts, who already lost.

Democratic pollster Celinda Lake said it is "very fair" to argue that the energy for female candidates is trending Republican, a view several other Democratic strategists shared.

"I've been struck by it," said Dee Dee Myers, a former White House press secretary and author of "Why Women Should Rule the World."


Palin has unquestionably played an outsize role in upping the Republican numbers, endorsing several women, including Haley and O'Donnell, who might never have gained sufficient attention otherwise. She has brought to the Republican Party what some members had once complained did not exist: a concerted effort to tap female candidates for promotion and lift them out of obscurity.
Read the whole piece here.

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