Sunday, September 26, 2010

"27% of Self-identified Gay and Lesbian Voters Chose John McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008"/Open Thread (Update)

What's going on today? In case you missed it, make sure you read this important message from SarahPAC. Here's the news on this sleepy Sunday:

-"27% of self-identified gay and lesbian voters chose John McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008. That’s a figure that translates to roughly 1.7 million gay votes for McCain/Palin." I suspect the number will be even higher with Palin at the top of the ticket in 2012.

-Consider the 20 Republicans on the "Take Back the 20" website to be Palin endorsements. I'll predict that 16 of them win. The website has a cool feature that shows you who their Democrat Party opponents are as well.

-One of her "Take Back the 20" candidates, Tom Marino, leads phony "conservative Democrat" Chris Carney despite the fact that Carney has 70 times the amount of cash on hand as Marino. Palin and McCain won 54% of the vote in this district.

-Here's a long American Thinker piece titled "Going (More Than) Rogue: Sarah Palin and the Pink Elephant in the Room."

-ET has more with Governor Palin on Monday. Here's more with Bristol.

-The Lubbock newspaper prints an editorial titled "We'd be better off with tea-party types in charge." Governor Palin is scheduled to visit Lubbock.

-Regardless of what the delusional Mike Murphy has to say, this is bad news for Meg Whitman. It's still too early to draw a conclusion about the Boxer-Fiorina race. Carly hasn't spent anywhere near the amount of money that Whitman has spent and she has a much weaker opponent than Jerry Brown.

-Nate Silver says that a Castle write-in bid "could actually improve Ms. O’Donnell’s chances of winning by taking more of Mr. Coons’s vote than hers." I think Silver's calculation is flawed. I think he's understating how popular Castle is with Delaware Democrats and how popular O'Donnell has become with Delaware Republicans. I see O'Donnell winning 75% of Republicans while Castle winning a third of Delaware Democrats.

-Wasn't Mitch Daniels the talk of DC just about a month ago? Now it's John Thune? In any event, both guys are welcome in the race as they will just help Governor Palin by splitting the very small moderate/center-right vote. Here is what he had to say about Palin in that Weekly Standard cover story. Peter Hamby thinks it's just a trial balloon. Hopefully it isn't.

-How delusional is Lisa Murkowski? She claims that the Alaska Rasmussen poll was good for her. "Murkowski said she’s buoyed by a Rasmussen poll that showed her trailing Miller by 15 points and roughly even with Democrat Scott McAdams."

Make sure you check out Conservatives4Congress for updates on the "Take Back the 20" races. Nicole and Kelsey do a terrific job with that site. Also, bookmark Organize4Palin to find out how you can best help all Palin-endorsed candidates. Governor Palin tweeted her support of Organize4Palin on Friday.

Update: Allen West's pollster has the following message: "Republican primary voters are, by and large, conservatives. But more importantly they are Republicans because they are conservatives and they want to nominate candidates who share this hierarchy of values. They are rejecting candidates who are conservative, if at all, only because they are Republicans. Our advice to those hungrily eying New Hampshire and Iowa and to those incumbents facing re-election in 2011 or 2012, get right with conservatism."

Update II by Doug: Obama's net job approval in the Real Clear Politics average has reached a new low of 6.7%.

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