Friday, August 27, 2010

Open Thread; UPDATED

She's speaking in Hershey, Pennsylvania right now. Sheya is at the event. She'll join Glenn Beck tomorrow for the 8/28 rally in Washington, DC. Governor Palin is "[l]ooking forwrd to seeing Alveda King again tomorrw at Glenn Beck rally in DC! MLK's niece spoke at an Alaska event 2 yrs ago - so inspiring!" Here's the news for the day:

-The Governor wants you to read this article and check out this video.

-The Miami Herald reports that Palin "is adding kingmaker to her résumé." Pam Bondi is quoted in the article.

-In his hilarious attempt to build up Mike Huckabee, Peter Hamby concedes "Palin's influence on Miller's campaign is not [subject to debate]" as "Palin's closest advisers in Alaska and in Washington were advising Miller going back to March of this year, according to campaign sources."

-Here's what she said last night in Jacksonville. Here's a picture.

-Albert Pujols and Tony La Russa also plan to attend the 8/28 rally.

-Chris Good from the Atlantic concedes that "[t]here is power in Palin's argument. A lot of working-class people, union members included, are socially conservative and probably oppose part, or a lot, of Obama's agenda" and that Palin is seeking "to peel off union members from labor's political movement by telling them that labor's agenda doesn't fit with their conservative gut leanings."

-Marc Ambinder provides his thoughts on Palin, Alaska, and her political future. My only qualm with his analysis is that he suggests that Palin only succeeds in low-turnout environments. The turnout last Tuesday in Alaska was comparable to elections in non-presidential years.

-Refudiate has entered the lexicon.

-I'm not surprised that the Boston Herald is pushing this storyline.

-Cubachi on Bristol's rumored appearance on Dancing with the Stars: Let her have fun.

What else is going on?

Update by Doug: (h/t CB) The Club for Growth has decided to commit resources to Joe Miller's campaign in order to help him in his quest to counter efforts by the Republican establishment, in both Washington and Alaska, to keep the Alaska senate seat in the Murkowski family. You can also help Joe by contributing to his campaign.

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