Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Eleanor Clift Thinks Governor Palin is Pat Buchanan or Something

Newsweek's always obtuse Eleanor Clift recently wrote one of her typically incoherent articles, this one with a familiar theme: only women on the far left fringe can be feminists. She also tried, amazingly, to imply Governor Palin is anti-semitic by citing an anonymous Republican (are there any other kind?) who, Clift claims, said the Governor is "really Pat Buchanan in drag". Jenn Q. Public took on Clift's rant in a piece at David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog:

“That’s not Sarah Palin. It’s a man, baby!”

Is there a new Austin Powers film hitting the theaters? No, that’s just the catty sentiment in Eleanor Clift’s oh so magnanimous Newsweek column welcoming conservative women into the “feminist” fold. And Sarah Palin isn’t just any man: she’s anti-Semitic Holocaust revisionist Pat Buchanan. In drag.
Desperate to contribute something new to the earthshakingly important national conversation on whether Palin and her “mama grizzlies” are allowed to call themselves feminists, Clift offers conservative women a grudging olive branch slathered in sneering contempt:

Thirty years late to the battle for women’s rights, they’re claiming the mantle of feminism.

It’s nice they’re embracing feminism after demonizing the term for so long, and I welcome them to the arena. Let’s see if they can do for women what their sisters on the left have done since the ’70s, breaking down the barriers for women in all areas of American life including politics.

I think we know where Clift can stick that olive branch.

Clift’s phony magnanimity doesn’t begin to mask the true purpose of her column: to continue the Left’s mission to destroy Palin with hateful smears and weaponized misogyny. Using an unnamed Republican as her mouthpiece, Clift opts for a bizarre twist on the tired “Bush in a skirt” attack:

A Republican source says Palin is nothing new, she’s really Pat Buchanan in drag—the same issues except that her reality show is a lot more gripping. The media went overboard for Buchanan in 1996 when he won the New Hampshire primary, defeating establishment favorite Bob Dole. But the insurgent campaign of a former Nixon speechwriter can’t compare with the ongoing soap opera of the Palins. Bristol and Levi together again!

When I ran the Palin-as-Buchanan theory past another Republican, a woman this time, she said that was an insult to Buchanan, who is deeply serious and has thought about these issues. She doesn’t agree with his conclusions, but he rode the rocket at a moment in time, just as Palin is poised to do.

When Pat Buchanan is stuck for a column idea, he regurgitates al-Qaeda propaganda or spews Holocaust revisionism and calls it a day. Sarah Palin is a tireless supporter of Israel. Buchanan compared the “Free Gaza” flotilla passengers to civil rights protesters. Palin denounced the “vicious thugs” for their staged provocation of our ally.

Pat Buchanan’s name is nearly synonymous with Nazi apologia. He defends Nazi war criminals, lauds Hitler’s “genius,” and rants about Jewish conspiracies. His vile, anti-Semitic columns are an embarrassment to the Right. (Is it any wonder MSNBC keeps him around?)

Anyone else having trouble seeing the similarity between Palin and Buchanan?

There’s no comparison. Eleanor Clift is simply playing the Left’s Mad Libs-style smear game:

[conservative woman we hate] is [nasty conservative man] in [something that confers faux femininity]

The blanks were there; Clift just filled them in:

[Sarah Palin] is [Pat Buchanan] in [drag]

This is an insult used time and again to delegitimize women on the Right by turning them into mannish faux women. Nikki Haley is “little more than Mark Sanford in drag,” Carly Fiorina is “Dick Cheney in a skirt,” and Sarah Palin is all of the above and more: George Bush in a skirt, Dan Quayle with an up-do, and of course, Dick Cheney in lipstick.

See the pattern?

Read the rest of Jenn's piece here. This isn't the first time the Palin-obsessed Clift has tried to tie her to Buchanan. In 2008, Clift and her fellow Obama acolytes at Newsweek such as Jonathan Alter implied she was a far right anti-semite because she supported Buchanan in the Republican primaries in 2000. This was a lie, of course, as Governor Palin (then Mayor of Wasilla) endorsed Steve Forbes in 2000 and even served on his leadership committee. (Full disclosure...I was also a Forbes supporter in 2000). Last year Clift again attempted to tie Governor Palin to Buchanan in an article which started out as a piece on running but, in a classic example of Eleanor Clift's pretzel logic, quickly devolved into another one of her anti-Palin tirades. By keeping the obtuse Clift (whose jounalistic abilities are way past their useful shelf life) on the payroll, it's easy to see why Newsweek is in deep trouble.

How intellectually dim is Clift? In what has to be one of the top-ten dumbest things I've ever heard (h/t Mel), Clift claimed on Sunday's McGlaughlin Group that the U. S. need not fear a Greek-like fiscal disaster "because we can print money". Heh! I guess all our financial problems are over. Obama, on Clift's advice, can simply direct Geithner to crank up the printing presses. We can pay off the entire national debt overnight. And for good measure, why not print a few trillion dollars more and send all U.S. citizens $1 million to get us through this pesky recession. Hell, let's make it $10 million! Ahhh, the wisdom of our betters.

Gotta run...I've got my eye on a 63 foot Carver. Thanks Eleanor...

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