Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Governor Palin Urges Governor Jindal to Ignore Obama Administration Red Tape

In last night's open thread, Ian linked to Governor Palin's tweet which advised Governor Jindal to ignore the inept Obama Administration and take the steps he deems necessary to protect the Louisiana coast. Today Michael O'Brien has more in an article at The Hill:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) pushed Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) on Sunday to ignore federal rules and proceed with his desire to build berms to protect his state's coastline.

Palin told Jindal to "ask forgiveness later" for a plan to build a chain of artificial protective islands off of the coast of Louisiana to help mitigate the ecological impact of the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill in Louisiana.

The federal government has yet to sign off on Jindal's plan, earning the enmity of the governor, a political favorite of conservatives and a potential future Republican candidate for president.

Palin tweeted Monday evening:

Gov.Jindal:to avoid ravished coast, build the berms.Ask forgiveness later;Feds are slow to act,local leadership&action can do more for coast

Palin's tweet underscores some Republicans' complaints about President Barack Obama and the federal government's response to the oil spill, which have centered around the administration's quickness to response and adeptness at allowing states to respond quickly.

Governor Palin, who knows a thing or two about dealing with oil companies and inept government officials, is exactly right. Whether or not Governor Jindal's actions will significantly mitigate the damage from the oil spill remains to be seen, but it's unconscionable that the Obama Administration is preventing him from even trying. This kind of bureaucratic inertia is emblematic of an organization with no effective leadership. As we noted in a post on Saturday, nobody should be surprised that an individual who's never even managed a Kool-Aid stand does not have the competence to manage the U.S. government and cut through meaningless red tape to get something done.

We also noted that many Obama's enablers are coming to this realization from James Carville to Chris Matthews to Peggy Noonan. The latest Obama apologist to have second thoughts is Maureen Dowd, as Ed Morrissey notes here. But all is not lost for our President. At least David Brooks is still mesmerized by the crease in his pants, indicating that particular bromance will endure at least a bit longer.

(H/T Pat)

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