Monday, May 31, 2010

What's on Tap/Open Thread (Update: Palin Offers Some Advice to Jindal)

What's on tap for this week: Governor Palin will be speaking in Charlotte this Friday and Saturday. On Saturday, she'll be hosting an event with former First Lady Laura Bush.

-PalinTV now has a discussion forum.

-Carrie Lukas has a blog post up on the National Review Online responding to a Washington Post rant from a radical feminist titled "The fake feminism of Sarah Palin." Lukas' blog post is titled "Feminism: No Longer about Equality."

-Dan Riehl: "CA Palin Investigation Comes Up Empty, But Brown Still Wasting Time And Money On It."

-Governor Palin recently had breakfast with this recognizable Florida Attorney General candidate in DC.

-Here's a preview of the New Mexico Republican gubernatorial primary set to take place this Tuesday.

-Not as scummy as Blumenthal but Mark Kirk is truly a Republican Party hack.

-Dumb radical liberal comment of the day.

Happy Memorial Day everybody. God bless our troops.

Update: She provides some advice to Governor Jindal.

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