Sunday, May 16, 2010

Rally in Albuquerque Open Thread

She's stumping early this morning in Albuquerque for New Mexico GOP gubernatorial candidate and Dona County District Attorney Susana Martinez at an event that was just announced yesterday morning.

Right now, the most recent polling from the Albuquerque Journal shows Martinez in a virtual tie for the lead in what has become a two-way race between Susana and another Republican. She is tied for the lead despite the fact that her chief opponent has outspent her by a three-to-one margin. The date of the primary is June 1st.

New Mexico is a state that had been moving to the Democrat Party in recent years but the failures of Barack Obama and Bill Richardson appear to be arresting that trend.

For more background on this story, check out the following article from the Las-Cruces Sun-News. This person may be tweeting from the event.

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