Thursday, May 20, 2010

Open Thread (Update)

Drop us a tip if you are going to any of the events tomorrow in Boise. I don't have much today except for polls and 2010 election news:

-Major Elan Frank is working to bring Governor Palin to Israel.

-Maggie Gallagher writes about Palin's speech at the SBA breakfast.

-One of Nikki Haley's GOP primary opponents conceded that she "got a bounce from Sarah Palin's endorsement."

-Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the Susan B. Anthony List, explains why her organization's namesake was a pro-life feminist.

-Fox News/Opinion Dynamics and Democracy Corps (D) agree that a plurality of voters disapprove of Obama's performance.

-I don't think Mitt Romney will be bragging about Scott Brown anymore. Brown didn't stop Obamacare and Brown campainging on behalf of Tim Burns turned out to be a total disaster in PA-12. Phil Kerpen from Americans for Prosperity tweets "[w]hat happened to Scott Brown 41?? Looks more like Scott Brown 60" and Cubachi asks "[h]ow many times has Scott Brown voted with the republicans?"

-57% of Minnesota adults disapprove of Tim Pawlenty's performance as governor. Tom Emmer only trails Democrat Party hack Mark Dayton by a 4-point margin in the race to replace Pawlenty. 49% of Minnesota adults disapprove of Obama's performance.

I don't know if the other Washington voters on this blog would agree with me but I don't think there's any way that Dino Rossi is running for the Senate. The only way I see Dino running is if he's guaranteed a victory against Democrat Party hack Patty Murray. Since such a victory is not guaranteed, that means he's not running. In any event, Barack Obama's approval rating in Washington is 49/47. He won 57% of the vote in Washington in 2008.

Update: Carly Fiorina leads Tom Campbell in the California GOP Senate primary. Meg Whitman's 50-point lead has shrunk to 9 in the California GOP gubernatorial primary. The spin coming from the twitter account of Republican Party hack Mike Murphy is hilarious.

In the Nevada GOP Senate primary, one poll shows that Sharron Angle has taken the lead.

Update #2: Republican Party hack Bob Bennett has decided against running as a write-in candidate in the Utah GOP primary. Perhaps Bennett can apply for a job cleaning Barack Obama's teleprompter, the safety net Obama relies upon to deliver his remarks to him word for word.

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