Thursday, May 6, 2010

Governor Palin is Right that Carly Fiorina is the Best Choice for California Republicans/Conservatives

There are three people running in the GOP Senate primary in California: Carly Fiorina, Chuck DeVore, and Tom Campbell. As Governor Palin noted today, Fiorina is clearly the best choice for California Republicans and conservatives.

Both she and DeVore are conservatives. They both hold the same exact positions. Fiorina supports the Second Amendment, the responsible development of our energy resources, and traditional marriage. She opposes Obamacare and cap-and-trade. She recently came out in support of the Arizona illegal immigration bill. Her pro-life credentials are solid as evidenced by the fact that the National Right to Life and the Susan B. Anthony List endorsed her candidacy.

Right now, Fiorina and DeVore are splitting the conservative vote in California, allowing Campbell to take the lead. It's pretty clear that Campbell is the worst possible choice for conservatives in California. The Weekly Standard notes that Campbell has a "long troubling record as an anti-Israel public official." Jennifer Rubin reports that Cambpell took money in 2000 from a terrorist. Campbell even testified in support of prohibiting "federal authorities from using classified information as a basis on which to hold foreign terrorist suspects and to deny that information to the suspects’ defense attorneys."

Campbell is also pro-abortion, an opponent of our Second Amendment rights, and a supporter of taxing carbon emissions. He will be unable to create the contrast that our candidate needs to create with longtime Democrat Party hack Barbara Boxer.

Carly Fiorina can create the contrast with Boxer. She is also clearly in a better position to win the primary and then prevail in the general election than DeVore. She has raised a lot more money in her campaign than DeVore in a state where it is very expensive to advertise. Fiorina has also shown throughout her career that she's willing to fight for what she thinks is right regardless of the political consequences. That spirit should remind you of another prominent conservative Republican woman. There's a reason why liberals attack Fiorina much more than they attack her two primary opponents. The left recognizes that the strongest possible opponent for Barbara Boxer is someone unafraid to take the fight right to her.

Besides, if you vote for Carly, we'll see more of these ads.

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