Thursday, April 8, 2010

Newshounds Fails Miserably in Attempt to Downplay the Attendance From Yesterday's Palin/Bachmann Rally

Ellen from Newshounds tries to cast doubt on the idea that around 10,000-11,000 attended yesterday's rally with Governor Palin and Congresswoman Bachmann.

As has become the norm at Hannity’s live-audience events, the crowd was a sea of white faces. The noted that the Republican Party gave out more than 10,000 free tickets but that the “cavernous” Minneapolis Convention Center hall was not full. I checked the floor plans. None of the halls there, even if they combined spaces, hold 10,000 people.

Notice that this Democrat Party hack doesn't even make the assertion that there wasn't around 10,000-11,000 people in attendance; she just implies as much. All she's reduced to is playing the race card and citing an article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune that doesn't give an official crowd estimate (by the way Ellen, 90% of the voters in 2008 in Minnesota were white).

This radical is probably well aware that five other publications did provide official crowd estimates:

: "[b]efore a predominantly female crowd of more than 11,000 fans."
St. Paul Pioneer Press: "a raucous campaign rally of more than 10,000 fans that exceeded the size of many presidential whistle-stops."
St. Cloud Times: "crowd estimated at more than 10,000."
Minnesota Daily: "before a roaring crowd of nearly 10,000 enthusiastic supporters Wednesday afternoon."
Minneapolis City Pages: "packed the Minneapolis Convention Center with 11,000 people Wednesday in a rally."

So Ellen is effectively counting on her readers to believe her "analysis" of the floor plan for the Minneapolis Convention Center over five non-conservative publications that all estimated independently around 10,000-11,000 in attendance at the Palin/Bachmann rally yesterday. Her readers are probably dumb enough to believe her.

In any event, the attendance at yesterday's event certainly made the hundreds that attended the event that Barack Obama held in liberal Iowa City several weeks ago look tiny in comparison. Unlike this Newshounds hack, I actually can cite to local Iowa media to support my assertion regarding the attendance at Obama's event.

Update: I'll concede though that not all liberals are as out to lunch as Ellen from Newshounds is regarding yesterday's event featuring Palin and Bachmann.

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