Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ziegler Really Pawns Silver/More on Daytona Beach Book Signing/Late-Night Open Thread

-John Ziegler writes an incredibly hilarious column in response to Nate Silver. This one is even better than the Calebrese one that Doug linked to earlier and is a must read.

-The Daytona Beach News-Journal has more details on the Going Rogue Daytona Beach book signing this Saturday here.

-The far-left should realize that sometimes we have videotape to disprove their fictional accounts of events. Contrast the claim made in the link I just provided with the way the audience is reacting to Governor Palin in this two-part video (the audio is poor but you can detect the audience reaction to the anecdote at issue). I'll take the video evidence over the claims made by someone from the radical left. By the way, you'll notice that once again, she's not using a teleprompter, a device that feeds you your speech word for word. (h/t Beehive)

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