Monday, February 8, 2010

Surely Marist will Poll Obama (D) v. H. Clinton (I) v. Palin (R) Next?

The Marist Poll decided to poll what it calls a "VERY hypothetical matchup" between Barack Obama (D), Michael Bloomberg (I), and Sarah Palin (R). Marist found that Bloomberg helps Obama dramatically as he fails to take any of Obama' vote from registered voters who identify with the Democrat Party but is able to take away a good chunk of Palin's vote.

I think it's a fair assumption that if you took away Bloomberg as an option, that his vote goes to Palin by a 4-to-1 margin (just look at the crosstabs to the poll). Of course we won't know for sure considering that Marist didn't do the logical thing and poll an individual matchup between Obama and Palin. In any event, even with a third-party candidate taking a good portion of her vote, Palin has cut down the 23-point lead that Obama held over her according to an August Marist poll.

Marist can probably come out looking pretty good if it did the fair and balanced thing by subsequently polling a "VERY hypothetical" contest that substituted another famous New York politician into the third-party role. Marist, how about a poll between Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, and Hillary Clinton as the third-party candidate?

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