Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Shock! Horror!..... A Palin-Friendly Article in the UK....

Good stuff from Melanie Phillips at the UK Spectator and one of the few pundits over here who does not regurgitate the CNN/MSNBC “lines for the week” or regard Frum/Brooks/Sullivan as the Oracles of the American Conservative Delphi.

First she oh so brilliantly satirises the officially endorsed anti-Palin incantation inscribed on each broomstick inserted as a replacement backbone up the rectum of almost every media pundit and/or political hack on either side of the pond.

As all sentient people on the planet are now aware, Sarah Palin is a figure of extreme derision. She has been mocked for her ignorance of the world beyond Wasilla, Alaska, her total absence of education let alone sophistication, her wince-worthy wordplay, her homespun hicksville homiletics, her God-bothering gabbiness, her chavvy dysfunctional family (is she the grandmother of her son?? is she the mother of her grandson???), her hair, her glasses, her hockeyness, her beyond caricaturableness...has there ever been such a total idiot and embarrassment in political life?

Think you’re reading 80% of the comments on any Palin article posted at The Guardian/WaPo/ToL/Time/Newsweek? Don’t bother to put yourself at the top of the class for getting that right – far from possessing the forensic skills of Sherlock Holmes you need only be one notch above Inspector Clouseau to work that out....in fact I would suggest that Phillips could lease that paragraph out to the International Union of Palinophobic Trolls and live like a billionaire on the incoming rents for the rest of her life.

Then, having got everyone at the North London dinner party sagely nodding heads and about to launch forth their own well polished nugget of Palin Airheadedness to screeches of laughter from the assembled hoi oligoi, Phillips then confronts them with her version of the First Law of Palin Metaphysics.....
How is it then that such an all-time airhead who, we were reliably informed, was ‘toast’ when she bowed out of Alaskan politics, has now put herself at the head of the most significant grassroots movement in America, the ‘Tea-Party’ populist revolt?

Read the rest here. I tell you, reading a Palin friendly article in the London prints is a secret vice almost as pleasurable as dunking a digestive biscuit in your mid morning cup of tea (but please, not a word to the Lovely Mrs P about the latter.....)

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