Friday, February 12, 2010

Ruben Navarrette Jr.: Why Dissing Palin Won't Work For Dems

Ruben Navarrette Jr. at CNN has written an article in which he examines some of Governor Palin's critics :

This much is certain: Palin should be really grateful -- for her critics, especially those in academia and the media.

Look what happened when Palin blasted President Obama during a speech at the recent Tea Party Convention by saying that -- in the war on terror -- Americans "need a commander-in-chief and not a professor of law."

Harvard Law Professor Charles Ogletree quickly fired back at Palin by playing the race card and complaining that the reference to Obama being likened to a professor came close to calling him "uppity."

Unbelievable. I bet you never thought of the word "professor" as a racial slur. You learn something every day. Someone should tell Ogletree: "That's not a good look."

Palin's critics can be oversensitive, dismissive and condescending, but they're also a blessing.

Every time they attack her, mock her or belittle her, she only gets more popular. Her fans get defensive and want to fight. And folks who weren't fans before get intrigued and want to find out what these powerful people in the media and the Democratic Party (if you'll forgive the redundancy) are so afraid of?


Sarah Palin has it. She connects.

So here's a warning to the Democratic Party and other supporters of Barack Obama who love to criticize Palin. They can have their fun. But they do so at their peril. Whether they realize it or not, every time they attack her, they attack the kind of voter to whom she appeals.

These people aren't part of the elite establishment. They may have not have gone to Ivy League schools. They're just everyday folks who go to work and support families. They go to church. They love their country. They're the kind of people the Democratic Party used to represent. And, at the moment, they're enjoying a breath of fresh air blowing in from Alaska.

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(H/T Josh Painter)

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