Monday, February 8, 2010

Redding Open Thread

If you are attending either of her speeches in Redding, California (with the first scheduled to begin any minute), shoot us a tip. Also shoot us a tip if you attended her speech for the Get Motivated Seminar this morning. In any event, here's what I've got for the day:

-Matthew Continetti from the Weekly Standard has more thoughts on Palin's weekend.

-Daniel Pipes from the National Review writes about Palin's interview with Chris Wallace.

-Henry Blodget from the Business Insider writes that "[f]ront-Runner Sarah Palin Has VASTLY Improved."

-Here are some views from the left regarding Palin on Saturday night. David Zurawik from the Baltimore Sun thought Palin "deliver[ed] the goods" and Trig-truther Andrew Sullivan considered Palin's speech "the most electrifying speech...from a leader of the GOP since Reagan."

-Which one of you is betting on Intrade?

I think the Colts were doomed the moment I picked them.

Update by Doug: (H/T Pat) For more on the Redding event, including a few pictures, go here and here.

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