Friday, February 12, 2010

Peter Worthington: Sarah Palin's Back on Political Frontburner

Via Peter Worthington at the Toronto Sun:

In some ways, the most interesting political story in the U.S. is the revival of Sarah Palin as a substantial force, and the decline of confidence in President Barack Obama.

The two aren’t necessarily related — and yet they are.

It’s abundantly clear — and admitted by all — that Obama has stumbled in his first year and has been a shot of adrenalin to the hitherto floundering Republican party which, since the election, has been without a leader.


Enter Sarah Palin.

During the last couple of weeks she’s emerged from her successful Going Rogue book tour and entered the political fray.

As the keynote speaker at the national Tea Party convention, she was a voice of moderation, even reconciliation. Tea Partiers loved her, while Democrats and liberal commentators scorned her. To the uncommitted, she was pretty effective.

But it was Palin being interviewed by Chris Wallace that showed how far she’s come from the days when Katie Couric flummoxed her. Wallace is arguably the most effective TV news interviewer around, now that Tim Russert is dead. While tough and respectful he obviously likes Palin, who gave as good as she got and was surprisingly candid and knowledgeable.


Sarah Palin is the only Republican with a large constituency who think she’s the cat’s meow. Evangelicals, right-to-lifers, along with just plain folks who comprise the core of middle America seem pledged to her. Polls show among Republicans she leads possible presidential contenders with 16% support, compared to the next in line, Mitt Romney at 11%.


Right now she may be the only one who can bring discordant Republicans together.

Small wonder Democrats hate and fear her.

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