Friday, February 12, 2010

Late-night Open Thread (Update: Paulson says that Palin was Right on All of the Hot Button Issues)

-"Palin is the stuff of liberal America’s nightmares on several fronts....the woman she calls to mind among American voters is Margaret Thatcher, another big plus."

-"Palin proceeds will aid neglected kids."

-The American right roars back

-"Which is more egregious? Reading from a word on your hand or a teleprompter?"

-"Three years from now, Palin is president...(Of course it’s impossible – just like the election of Obama was, and the election of Scott Brown, and . . .)"

Update: Former Secretary Treasurer Hank Paulson tells Greta that Palin was "right on all of the hot button issues" but that he didn't like it when she called him Hank (at around the 1:15 mark). I don't know what else Hank wanted her to call him besides his name.

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