Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Karen Allen: Your Presence is Requested on Twitter

For all of you that use Twitter to follow Governor Palin's tweets, Karen Allen informs us that Palin Twibe is back up and running.

Here is what Karen has to say:

As some of you know, I became the adoptive founder of the Palin Twibe on Twitter last week. I'm still learning all the ins and outs, but since I've been asked what exactly a "twibe" is and its purpose, here's a quick rundown.

Joining a twibe is like becoming a member of a single interest club in the sense that everyone in it is dedicated to a certain topic...which in our case is Governor Sarah Palin. But it doesn't just stop there.

With Twitter itself, a quick statement of 140 characters or less can be sent around the world in only the time it takes to type or thumb it out. For example, I knew about the Haiti earthquake well before the MSM reported it. It's instantaneous communication.

You can probably imagine the usefulness of such an application for supporters of a person turning the world of politics upside down on its head. Twitter is an excellent tool to get out news on the latest speech, campaign appearance, Facebook posting, online poll, blog article, or call to action. In addition, tweets from Twitter "thumbs on the ground" at rallies acting as real-time, beat the press reporters for the rest of the twibe are exciting and give everyone the opportunity to experience some of the action.

Tweeting that information out into the Twitter world is much more effective if you are sending it to people that actually want to know and will act on it. A twibe makes that possible by grouping those fellow Twitter users. It also does an efficient job of weeding out random tweets that are off topic. Members need only include a keyword of Sarah or Palin (no hashtag needed) to have their Gov. Palin related tweets show up on the Palin Twibe feed. And they can also tweet directly from the twibe homepage to carry on discussion threads with other members.

Connecting with other supporters through a twibe isn't just about news though. It's also about the encouragement you receive and friendships you make. I personally have never witnessed the closeness shown among any other political activism group as I have with Governor Palin supporters. The Palin Twibe is a large, growing network of just such kind of folks. So, if you do wonder about fellow twibe members' other interests, the twibe is the perfect place to find Twitter users to follow.

Information shared in an instant with like minded people you care about. That's the Palin Twibe.

Please join us. Your presence is requested on Twitter.

Sign up quick and free at twibes.com/palin. (http://www.twibes.com/palin)

If you need help, I can be reached on Twitter using @Karen_Allen or @palintwibe. For more information on the twibes app itself, visit the creator's FAQ here. (http://blog.twibes.com/faq)

If you would like to spread the word about the Palin Twibe on your own personal site, Karen has also come up with this Palin Twibe badge.

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