Monday, February 8, 2010

HillBuzz: The Reason Sarah Palin Will Be President in 2012, Distilled in One Picture

In last night's open thread, Tommy Report posted a picture of Governor Palin at Rick Perry's rally mocking the media elites by writing the words "Hi Mom" on her hand. Below is another picture of Governor Palin toying with the hapless left in a manner reminiscent of a barn cat toying with a mouse it just caught:

Today, our friends at HillBuzz put Governor Palin hilarious yet subtle dig in perspective:

Hi Mom.

That’s what Sarah Palin wrote on her hand today, technically, before speaking at a campaign rally for Rick Perry in Texas.

“Hi Mom” can also be loosely translated as “F-U, Lefties”.

Here’s what Sarah Palin did today, and why it’s not only brilliant, but it’s the chief reason this woman will be our 45th President.

She hit the Left back, in a subtle way that drives them crazy. THAT, friends, is quite an art form. We respect everyone alive who practices this sort of Fu.

Palin knew the Left, particularly the Huffington Post, has been trying to create an issue of several words Palin wrote on her hand before the Tea Party Convention speech yesterday: Energy, Taxes, American Spirit.


Palin is quick with responses to the lunatics on the Left, which is remarkable. She gets in front of a story before it becomes an issue. She hits back hard when needed, but can use more subtle smacks when those are more appropriate.

We think she effectively disarmed this issue, in a humorous, fun way that’s relatable to average Americans.

Her ninja throwing star Facebook dispatches are well-crafted and deadly to her opponents.

Today, she proved her more subtle hits can be just as effective.

This woman has all the skills she needs to become President in two years.

Read the rest of the HillBuzz post here. I still can't believe the left is making an issue of this. Their Messiah can't speak to 6th graders or perform the most basic activities without the use of a teleprompter.

Exit Question: Do liberals really want to travel down this road?

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