Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hey Crooks and Liars, It Appears that Josef Jarod Lied to You

Though we already discussed part of the Crooks and Liars purported "Exclusive" on Governor Palin's performance as a motivational speaker in the thread below, I neglected to mention that the person that the radical leftists at Crooks and Liars relied on for their "exclusive" may have lied to them.

Once again, the left needs to recognize the beauty of videotape and how lies can be caught pretty easily when video is available.

I'll concede that judging an audience's reaction is subjective for the most part (you be the judge of how the audience is reacting in the following video). However, Josef did more than give his opinion as to the audience reaction...he actually directly quoted Palin as saying the following:

During one incredulous example of a way to get motivated describing a bed time fairy-tale she told to her daughter: "Last night Piper asked me to tell her a bedtime story and I said 'YOU BETCHA,' let me tell you about two brothers named Abel and Cain..."

The problem for Josef is that the video clearly establishes that she doesn't say "YOU BETCHA" and that the story Palin said that she told Piper was Esther. She never said "two brothers named Abel and Cain" as Josef claimed she did.

The video establishes that Josef appears to have made not one, but two mistakes when claiming to directly quote from Palin herself. I would think a reporter wouldn't make such an embarrassing mistake when claiming to directly quote from a speaker. That Josef appears to have made such a blatant mistake probably should send off alarm-bells in the minds of the radical leftists at Crooks and Liars that perhaps, his account of the event is not credible. But then again, the name of the blog may be indeed be quite appropriate in this instance.

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