Monday, February 8, 2010

Governor Palin in Redding, California

Governor Palin received an enthusiastic and raucus response welcome today in California. Doni Greenberg at has a report from Redding where Governor Palin addressed the Sierra Logging Conference:

Sarah Palin received a rock star’s welcome at the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference where she spoke before the first of two sold-out shows at the Redding Convention Center this afternoon.

That’s 4,000 people who paid between $54 for a balcony seat to $74 for a floor seat. I had a floor seat - second row, so near the tower of speakers that I followed the example of people around me and wadded tissue in my right ear to reduce the volume.

Even so, I heard every word and felt the crowd’s jostling adoration as they cheered and applauded throughout Palin’s speech.

The audience, still euphoric from the Official California Cowboys’ final song, “I’m Proud to Be an American” (where many sang along and shouted “Stand UP!” in unison at the song’s pivotal moment), was already on its feet when Palin was introduced.

The crowd applauded as Palin strode on stage waving and smiling as she took her place behind a lectern before a mammoth American flag in a stars-and-stripes-draped auditorium.

She began by acknowledging veterans’ sacrifices, and asked everyone who’d ever served in the military to stand for a heroes’ recognition.

After that, she read from a prepared speech, heavily peppered with Palin lingo that delighted the audience.

Loud laughter followed Palin’s references to “lame-stream media” and jeers accompanied every reference to global warming. Enthusiastic boos followed a reference to Nancy Pelosi.

She endeared herself to the logging conference crowd by holding her hand up to show what was written on the palm of her hand: “Loggers rock!” - an apparent dig at “lame-stream media” who recently ridiculed her for writing memory prompts on her hand. And toward the end of her talk she complimented logging industry folks when she referred to an administration that talks about green jobs.

It looks like Governor Palin is having a lot of fun tweaking the mainstream media with her hand notes. Read the rest here.

(H/T Beehive)

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