Monday, February 8, 2010

Foul Mouthed Alaska Democrat In New Low

One of the more misplaced headlines of the past day or so ran “Sarah Palin Caught Reading Her Speech Off Her Hand”, to whit the 40+ minute, several thousand word speech which Governor Palin delivered to the TPC last Saturday evening.

In a glass-half-full kind of world, perhaps there might be someone less sardonic than yours truly, somewhere, prepared to interpret the stupidity of that headline as an affirmation of the good Governor’s precise handwriting skills in actually being able to cram, say, 4000 words onto the palm of her hand, or indeed to admire the sharpness of Governor Palin’s eyesight in managing to read all of that minute text to her audience last Saturday, or to conclude, more prosaically, that Sarah Palin is simply a woman set apart from the rest of us in having been blessed with unusually large hands – sufficient to accommodate a handwritten 4000 speech comfortably, if need be.

But, clearly, any writer who from the seven words scribbled on the Governor’s left palm arrives at a headline which reads “Sarah Palin Caught Reading Her Speech Off Her Hand” doesn’t operate with anything remotely resembling a glass-half-full agenda.

And, sadly, it seems that that is not a particularly idiosyncratic state of affairs given that, also yesterday, someone else presented us with “Sarah Palin Pushes For War On Iran” as an inflamed interpretation of remarks made by Governor Palin during her recent interview with Chris Wallace.

Alaska Blogger Phil Munger, of the website Progressive Alaska, conjured up “What A SLUT” as his means to introduce his response to Governor Palin’s TPC speech.

Frequently foul mouthed in his writing, Munger, you will recall, is the Alaska Democrat and elderly Alaska Blogger who is credited with calling together a group which has committed itself to prying into almost every aspect of the life of the Palin family, harassing and bullying the Palins relentlessly, since the 2008 national election.

For example, you’ll also recall that less than a week ago one member of the group led by Munger, Jeanne Devon, posted a feature about the Palins to which she attached the headline “Tax Cheat?”; an accusation refuted utterly by Governor Palin’s legal representative.

You may also recall that within the past week other bloggers to whom Monger has friendships or links have spent their time fruitlessly scouring hundreds upon hundreds of Palin Administation emails released by the State of Alaska to MSNBC, and have maliciously sought to imply that C4P may have been involved in some sort of impropriety with regard to the altruistic fund-raising webathon it organised in support of the Alaska Fund Trust.

It would appear that Munger has taken to posting in the comment threads at C4P under the pseudonym Guest:

Commenters, please be aware of this.

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