Monday, February 8, 2010

C. Edmund Wright: Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Zeitgeist

Via C. Edmund Wright at American Thinker:

While Barack Obama remains obsessed with George W. Bush, Sarah Palin hardly acknowledged his existence in Nashville at the Tea Party convention. Her back to the future vision for America skipped right over all the Bush years and went back to the principles of Ronald Reagan.

That was perfectly appropriate for the Tea Party convention. It is the zeitgeist of the movement.

The "kinder-gentler, compassionate conservatism" of Bushes 41 and 43 brought deeply flawed big spending concepts that have become confusing distractions. Those 12 years of drift -- surrounding Newt Gingrich's forcing of Bill Clinton to govern from the right -- have allowed liberals to blur issues and blame the failure of big government on conservatism. Ironic, isn't it? How's that new tone working out again, Mr. Rove?

Not so well. Too many independents fell for the spin and assumed the Republican brand forever meant the undefined Bush mush. This confusion and a teleprompter helped folks conclude that Obama was a reasonable, articulate and super intelligent post-partisan and post-racial pragmatist.

For Sarah Palin and many others, the Tea Party movement is precisely about reversing all of that nonsense. Thus, in this context, Bush Republicanism must be ignored and replaced. Talk of a third party must be swatted aside. The imminent threat is the liberal agenda, period.

Palin clearly tied the movement and the future of the country to an embrace of the Constitution and the principles of Reagan. She sees a conservative ascendency within the GOP. The former Governor also made it clear that the movement is about ideas and not about self-indulgent would-be leaders.

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