Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Be Careful When Playing Chess with Sarah Palin...says HuffPo?

A bulb just switched on at HuffPo, thanks to Joan Williams.

Williams is an out and out Obama supporter but she deserves a tip of the hat because, though not sharing Governor Palin’s politics she has considerable respect for her as a politician.

Addressing the Tea Party, Sarah Palin wrote three notes on her hand: "Energy, Taxes, Lift American Spirits." Why? She already had notes in front of her on the podium. Surely she could remember three simple themes. Why write notes on her hand?
Here's my take on why: she knew that they would be visible when she gave the speech. And she knew that she would be made fun of -- as so stupid that she needs to write notes on her hand. And that's one of her most effective tactics -- to be made fun of. It's an integral part of her strategy of standing in for hardworking, Middle Americans, derided by the condescending, know-it-all liberal elites.

I must confess that I am tempted to agree with the Williams view of this affair – the way she glanced at her hand in the Q&A session was perhaps a little too obvious? She possibly knew the media would take the bait – and they did, including the London Daily Telegraph’s ponderous hack Toby Harnden, the UK’s leading purveyor of Palin “airhead” graffiti (how I wish I had his job – paid a fat salary just to regurgitate WaPo and NYT talking points...)

Then the President’s Press Secretary, Robert Gibb got in on the act with his own feeble imitation which did nothing to undermine Palin but was in effect a public declaration of how much she is getting under Obama’s skin...
Thus the White House became a vehicle for Palin's narrative of the snooty elites who think they're better than average Americans.
Palin is a brilliant strategist. First, note that I just repeated Palin's key talking points: Palin has even us fellow travelers at The Huffington Post repeating, "Energy, Taxes, Lift American Spirits." Talk about earned media.

I know it’s painful but it’s worth entering Arianna’s dark and brooding mansion just to read the rest of it won’t agree with everything but it is surprisingly honest....

h/t Susan W of Team Sarah

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