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Palindrome Day Open Thread (Update: It's On: Democrats Go After Scott Rasmussen....The Iron-Plated Woman)

-Don Surber provides some New Year's resolutions for others, including the following:

Republicans need to embrace their inner Sarah Palin. Like it or not, she is likely the party’s nominee in 2012. A century earlier, the party spurned another moose-hunting reformer and lost the presidency. Prudent people don’t make the same mistake twice.
-Politico says Palin is one of the 25 politicians to watch in 2010.

-According to Frank from Rightpundits, Scott Rasmussen published the following teaser in his daily e-mail:
Partisan Trends: Number of Democrats Falls to New Low
-Sarah Weinman from Daily Finance hilariously notes that "despite early predictions[, Going Rogue] has sold more than a million copies." What Weinman doesn't tell the reader is that she was the one who made the early prediction that looks as embarrassing as the prediction made over a year ago by Rep. Mike Hawker about how unrealistic it was to predict that the price of oil would reach $74/barrel.

Happy Palindrome day.

Update: Members of the Democrat Party are not having a good Palindrome day as they have turned their fire on pollster Scott Rasmussen.

Update #2: Kara Miller, a liberal freelance writer for the Daily News Tribune in Waltham, Massachusetts, writes an article titled "[t]he Iron-plated Woman."


Putin Continues to Take Advantage of Obama's Weak Leadership

Last September, President Obama betrayed Poland and The Czech republic under the bus by reneging on a promised missile defense system in an effort to gain favor with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Poland and The Czech Republic have been two of our staunchest allies in the war on terror and Obama’s decision was, to me, not qualitatively different from what Neville Chamberlain did at Munich in 1938 when he appeased Hitler, thus handing Czechoslovakia to Hitler on a silver platter. In a particularly appalling sense of timing, Obama’s decision came on the 70th anniversary of Stalin’s invasion of Poland in 1939. Joe Biden, in yet another demonstration of his lack of foreign policy understanding, made the ridiculous claim that Iran was not a threat, and therefore missile defense wasn't necessary in Eastern Europe.

Even if true, which it isn’t, Biden completely missed the point. The fledgling democracies in Eastern Europe have more to fear from a renewal of Russian antagonism than Iran. The missile defense, in addition to providing a real American military presence, also would have provided a psychological reminder to eastern and central Europe that America was not going to allow Russian dreams of reconstituting the Soviet Empire to encroach on the hard won freedom that eastern and central Europeans struggled for so long to achieve. In a post at the time of Obama's misguided decision, I wrote about the dangers inherent in such a policy:

Obama’s flagrant appeasement of Putin, in yet another sign of his dangerously naïve world view, illustrates to our allies that American cannot be counted on to stand up to Russian belligerence. When push comes to shove, Obama will do whatever Putin wants in order to avoid uncomfortable decisions: decisions that the leader of the free world is expected to make. It is difficult to imagine how or why these countries will ever trust America's word as long as Obama is president.

As the Obama presidency continues to unfold, Americans who were around in the 1970s are feeling a sense of déjà vu as we increasingly appear to be following policies, both foreign and domestic, that characterized Jimmy Carter's disastrous presidency.


During the 2008 campaign, much was made by the media of Governor Palin’s supposed lack of foreign policy experience, despite the fact that she had at least as much, if not more, than Obama. Governor Palin would never travel the globe apologizing for America. She would never appease Putin and throw staunch allies like Poland and the Czech Republic under the bus. She would not allow Russian territorial claims in the oil-rich Arctic to go unanswered, as Obama is doing.

It turns out that my above concerns, expressed last fall, were entirely justified. Yesterday Kim Zigfeld, in an article at Pajamas Media, discusses some of what has ensued as a result of Obama's naiveté:

Those who feared that U.S. President Barack Obama had “pulled a Chamberlain” when he visited Moscow over the summer and offered unilateral concessions on the missile defense shield his predecessor had promised to Eastern Europe have seen their concerns disturbingly realized in recent days.

Obama’s naked weakness did indeed “reset” American relations with Russia. The Russians became much more aggressive and dangerous.

Almost immediately after the event, Russia virtually invaded Poland in a pretend attack that included the use of nuclear missiles — an eerie echo of the post-Chamberlain blitzkrieg disaster. And those who thought that the Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, would stop with virtual missiles were very much mistaken.

On Tuesday, Putin stated:

In order to maintain balance, without developing the antimissile system just like the U.S. is doing, we have to develop an offensive combat power system. Since we are not developing our own missile defense, there is a threat that our partners would feel totally secure having created an umbrella against our offensive systems. Then our partners might do whatever they want; the aggressiveness in real politics and economics would increase because of the broken balance.

In other words, even though Obama had just shut down the antimissile system and was pushing for a major new nuclear arms reduction treaty to follow it, Putin declared that Russia would press forward to develop massive new nuclear missile arsenals.

It is clear from Zigfeld's analysis that Putin has no intention of reciprocating Obama's unilateral disarmament in Europe. Indeed, as many predicted, he sees it as a sign of weakness and is more than willing to fill the void. Zigfeld continues:

Russian defense policy expert Alexander Golts concluded: “Our prime minister is moving those talks to total deadlock. Putin is also violating an agreement made by both sides not to reveal details of the negotiations.” The Heritage Foundation is more blunt: “Obama is playing right into Putin’s hands.” Commentator Mark Whittington calls it “the price of appeasement.” He writes:

Putin’s reaction may have come as a surprise to the Obama administration, but not to anyone who has studied the history of appeasement of dictators. Unilateral concessions have a tendency to have the opposite of the intended effect, emboldening men like Putin by showing weakness, rather than inspiring concessions in turn.

President Ronald Reagan faced the same problem during a summit meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland, when then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev demanded that the United States abandon plans for strategic missile defense in return for an arms control agreement. Reagan walked out of the talks in a move criticized at the time. But the move made Gorbachev realize that Reagan, who was an experienced negotiator dating from his days as a union leader, was not a man to be pushed around. Eventually the Soviet Union and the United States signed the original START treaty which mandated reductions in nuclear arms.

Russia can build offensive weapons, but the technology necessary to build an umbrella shield is far beyond Russia’s grasp. Having, at no cost, wiped out Eastern Europe’s shield, Putin is now moving to eradicate all U.S. defensive capability, giving Russia the ability to threaten offensive action at any time for political leverage.


Putin believes he can manipulate Obama into abandoning the possibility to expand shield technology and thus save Russia from the disastrous “Star Wars” arms race instigated by Reagan that ultimately brought down the USSR without a shot being fired.

Zigfeld correctly identifies Putin's most important policy goal is to manipulate Obama into giving up on America's missile defense program, an area in which Russia can't possibly compete. If Obama allows this to happen, largely due to his unjustified narcissism, Putin will have effectively returned the world to the pre-Reagan cold war era in which Russia is free to do what they want in central and eastern Europe. In other words, Obama's policies will essentially forfeit the hard fought victory Reagan achieved in the cold war.

Putin's plans are not limited to the overtly military. As Governor Palin has repeatedly warned, he wants to use Russia's vast energy reserves as a weapon with which to exert control over Europe. Zigfeld continues:

Russia is building a natural gas pipeline called Nord Stream whose purpose, according to Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, a former foreign minister of Denmark, is “to enable Russia to interrupt gas supplies to EU member countries like Poland, the Baltic states and Ukraine, while keeping its German and other West European customers snug and warm.” Once this maneuver has been completed, Russia will have a choke hold on the entire former Soviet space, from Georgia to Lithuania, and will be able to combine military and energy threats to force this territory back under the Russian jackboot.

What will stop Putin from pursuing his chosen course? Certainly not Obama, as Zigfeld argues:

Putin has no reason to believe Obama will ever take a stand on any issue. He has no reason to believe he has anything but a free hand to lay waste in former Soviet space while imposing a final crackdown on civil society within Russia itself (Putin is moving aggressively to cut his nation off from Internet access and will likely soon return to formal power as some type of “president for life”). And once Putin has consolidated his malignant regime in a neo-Soviet state, assuming oil prices remain high he will be able to fund a new cold war against the democracies of the West.

Read the rest of the Zigfeld piece here. It is difficult to argue with Zigfeld's logic. Obama has shown no ability or inclination to stand up to Putin (or anyone else) and this is not lost on the rest of the world. They are watching with eyes wide open. In the real world, a leader is judged not on his or her ability to use a teleprompter, but on actions. Obama is proving to have the backbone of Neville Chamberlain and is nothing more than a community organizer who, through some historical fluke, is in way over his head. This does not bode well for the daunting challenges America is facing and will continue to face. Indeed, such weak and naive leadership will only exacerbate the myriad problems that need to by addressed.

We've seen what happens when America leads from a position of weakness before. See Jimmy Carter. Obama is determined, through some misplaced sense of guilt perhaps, to lead America down the path to mediocrity. We see it in his cap and tax plans, ObamaCare, foreign policy, and his entire agenda. Over the next few years, we will all be reminded of the utter futility of appeasement. By the time Obama stands for re-election, America will be ready to embrace the common sense policies as espoused by Governor Palin and Ronald Reagan before her. The 2010 midterms will be but a preview of what will happen in 2012.


Cramer: Surprises Abound in Sarah Palin's Going Rogue

Clayton E. Cramer wrote a fascinating article for Pajamas Media called "Surprises Abound in Sarah Palin's Going Rogue." Having read it a couple times, I have concluded that the author succeeds in accomplishing five things:

1. He praises the memoir as a well-written, engaging book:

Going Rogue is well written, and it reads quickly and easily. Unlike some other “first books” that I have read (and many books by academics), I almost never found myself going back over a sentence to figure out her meaning.

2. A professional ghostwriter, he pooh-poohs the accusation by jealous anklebiters that Governor Palin's memoir was "ghostwritten." He offers as evidence what he calls "mistakes" a ghostwriter would not have made:

My biggest surprise was that Going Rogue was apparently not “ghostwritten.” In a few places, I noticed sentences with “I” instead of “me” for the direct object — a mistake that a professional writer wouldn’t make.

3. He opines the reason the McCain camp threw Governor Palin under the bus:

I assumed that part of why McCain operatives tried to throw her under the bus in the closing days of the campaign was ideological: that they represented the left end of the Republican Party (like McCain) and therefore found Gov. Palin offensive.

4. He assesses Governor Palin's impact on the 2008 campaign:

Watching news coverage of Palin’s campaign stops leads me to think that she was the real bright spot of the campaign.


When I saw Gov. Palin’s speech announcing that she was to be the vice-presidential nominee, I was genuinely thrilled. When I learned more about her, I was wildly enthused. After reading this book, I am even more impressed and more appreciative of what a raw deal she received from the mainstream news media.

5. He offers his perspective of how qualified Governor Palin is for a 2012 presidential run:

There does come a point where honesty and some connection to ordinary people who have to work for a living are worth more than fawning and gushing from the mainstream media. So far, Gov. Palin is looking like our best shot for 2012.

Cramer shares his perspective with what I deem honest intentions. He appears capable of looking objectively at Governor Palin's record, her unfiltered story, and her future potential. Whether one agrees or disagrees with each of his points, it's clear Cramer tells it as he sees it, and that he sees it quite a bit better after reading Going Rogue.

His article serves up some meat to chew on. Read it in its entirety here.

(H/T Sheya)


Saturday Open Thread

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AP: Total number of U.S. combat deaths in Iraq last month: Zero

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Telegraph: Mousavi 'ready to die' for the cause

WSJ: Steeling From Americans: New tariffs will punish U.S. energy producers

Tech President: The myth of Obama’s online campaign organization

VDH: 2009 Chickens and Their 2010 Roost


Six Straight Weeks at #1 for Going Rogue on the NY Times Best-Seller List for Hardcover Non-Fiction

For the sixth straight week, Governor Palin's memoir Going Rogue is #1 on the NY Times best-seller list for hardcover non-fiction books. For the sixth straight week, bookstores did not report receiving bulk orders for Going Rogue.


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Palin one of USA Today's Biggest "Political Winners" in 2009/First Evening Open Thread of 2010

We'll have another one up later tonight/early morning when the most recent NY Times list becomes available. Meanwhile, here's what I've got:

-USA Today labels Governor Palin one of the biggest "political winners" of 2009 because "by the end of 2009, she was a best-selling author and a hero for anti-spending, anti-Obama Tea Party conservatives who are emerging as a political force." Tea party conservatives were also labeled one of the biggest political winners of 2009.

-Taylor Marsh from the Huffington Post awards Sarah Palin with the "biggest winner of 2009" award as well.

-Patterico slaps Charles Johnson and other left-wing radicals around over this "story" that has absolutely nothing to do with Governor Palin or Republicans for that matter.

How's your 2010 treating you so far? Not so well thus far for college football in the Pacific Northwest.


Dr. Dave Janda: The Weapon of Mass Health Destruction

Doctor Dave Janda, to whom we have linked several times, has written another article on the dangers of the disastrous ObamaCare boondoggle. This article, which can be found at To The Point News, is excerpted below:

For years our military has been in search of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in Iraq and Afghanistan, and our intelligence agencies have also been scouring the world to unearth these threats.

Good idea.. wrong location. The single greatest WMD, which will adversely affect every American, was not developed on foreign soil: it is The Obama-Pelosi-Reid Health Care Legislation. WMHD for short.

The heart and core of their plan is based on the most inhumane and unethical means of cutting costs: the rationing and denying of care. Even worse, the death panels that will ration and deny care, according to the Obama-Pelosi-Reid plan, will be unelected and unaccountable Federal bureaucrats.

On Sunday, November 22, Fox News Sunday interviewed Senator Arlen Specter, who was a Democrat before he was Republican before he was a Democrat. Senator Specter let the "secret agenda" of Obama-Pelosi-Reid slip.

When questioned on the fact that the Senate Bill cuts $500 Billion in Medicare spending over ten years, yet in ten years there will be 30 percent more people in Medicare, Senator Specter stumbled. He admitted that Congress has never cut Medicare benefits in its history and then confessed, "This Bill has a provision, a cure, in how we can cut Medicare: a Commission."

That's right, a non-elected Commission will be appointed by The President. Sarah Palin accurately desribed it as a "death panel." Starting in 2015, this Commission will oversee Medicare and its expenditures, but this Commission will not be accountable to or recallable by the electorate. Initially, the Commission will oversee cuts to Medicare Advantage, the same program that services 10 million Seniors.
Read Dr. Janda's entire article article here.


Rush's Press Conference from Hawaii


Open Thread

Michael Yon: Into Thine Hand I Commit My Spirit


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The Top Ten Sarah Palin Quotes

Vicki McClure Davidson at The Frugal Café decided to mark the end of the year with – surprise, surprise – a “best of” list. So then she had to think about her “top ten” – and it didn’t take long....

So, here’s my “best Top Ten” list to add to the eclectic mix… my Top 10 Sarah Palin Quotes. How anyone can actually hate this incredible, classy woman is simply mind-blowing. Sarah is no typical politician… she has definitely made 2009 far more interesting and hopeful. Through her continued conservative, patriotic efforts, 2010 should prove to be even more so.

Vicki, true to the format of those audience voting elimination show, ranked them in no particular order – so here are her first two

1. No one expects us to agree on everything. But we are expected to govern with integrity, good will, clear convictions, and… a servant’s heart.

2. At its most basic level, conservatism is a respect for history and tradition, including traditional moral principles. I do not believe I am more moral, certainly no better, than anyone else, and conservatives who act “holier than thou” turn my stomach. So do some elite liberals. But I do believe in a few timeless and unchanging truths, and chief among those is that man is fallen. This world is not perfect, and politicians will never make it so. This, above all, is what informs my pragmatic approach to politics.

I would guess that each of us would be able to make our own top ten of Sarah Palin quotes but to be frank Vicki’s list seems fine to me. Maybe someone could print them on a small card and flood the nation with them – wouldn’t Brooks and Frum explode!!!

Read the rest of Vicki’s selection here....


Last Open Thread of 2009

-My nomination for the worst prediction made about 2009 goes to Rep. Mike Hawker of Eagle River, Alaska for alleging that Governor Palin's prediction of $74 per barrel of oil was unrealistic on December 19, 2008. A little over one year after Hawker made the statement, oil closed at nearly $80 per barrel (to be charitable to Hawker, one could argue that he didn't make a bad prediction but rather, Governor Palin made a great prediction about the price of oil). For those of you wondering who the heck Mike Hawker is, here is some information.

-Going Rogue finishes the year at #1 on the Wall Street Journal's Best-seller list for non-fiction books and the Publishers Weekly Best-seller list for hardcover nonfiction books.

-Fox News awards Sarah Palin the "best comeback of the year" in its year-in-review slideshow.

-Obama's approval/disapproval rating in New Hampshire is 40/44 among adults and 39/47 among registered voters.

-Make a year-end donation to SarahPAC.

Happy New Year everybody.

Update: Courtesy of Sheya. Here's an astrologist predicting what 2009 would bring for Bush, Obama, Clinton, and Palin.


Wake Up Black America: Hell Has Frozen Over

Wake Up Black America reports that MSNBC's Ed Schultz conferred upon Governor Palin his "Eddy Award" for 2009. An honor? I'll leave that to you to decide.

Nonetheless, Tyrone writes:

Welcome to the Twilight Zone! I'm not disagreeing with Ed Schultz at all in him giving Sarah Palin his "Eddy Award" for 2009, because he's actually right for once. I just never thought he would give credit to his and other liberal's most sworn enemy since George W Bush times two. I'm going to break this down to what it really means. The left has tried to label Sarah Palin as being the dumbest most clueless woman to ever step onto the national political stage. It all started last year and has just snowballed out of control ever since. What Ed Schultz said is very realizing, and he unknowingly contradicted the claims of his fellow Palin hating liberals. The day after the election, I stated that Sarah Palin wants to run for president in 2012. I stated the biggest obstacle to her running would be her serving out her first term as the governor of Alaska. For those of you who don't know why Palin serving out her first term would be a problem for a presidential run, here's the reason why. If Sarah Palin would have served out her first term to completion and not decide to run for a second term, she would have left office January 22 2011. The Iowa Caucus is I believe January 3rd 2012. Sarah would have had less then a year to organize a national campaign basically from scratch as well as set up a support staff in Iowa and other states. When liberal 527 groups filed 19 frivolous ethic violation complaints against Palin, I believe it provided Sarah a way out of being governor in order to focus on a presidential run without being obvious to that reason.

I disagree with Tyrone that Governor Palin was plotting for 2012 when she made the decision to leave the Governor's office, for I believe she left for precisely the reasons she stated. However, I agree vehemently with his suggestion that the stupidest thing the Left ever did was to confuse their own stupidity with hers. Perhaps Tyrone is correct and the people Schultz surrounds himself with are getting a clue also. Even so, I have no doubt that they wish their first assessment of Governor Palin had been accurate--or at least they will by the time she's through.

Ed Schultz might be a liberal kook, but he's not completely dumb, and he knows what any self professed politically astute person knows. Take emotion pro or con out of the equation when it comes to Sarah Palin. Her book tour allowed her to plant the seeds for a presidential run. In several polls, Sarah Palin is practically tied with Barack Obama. She has managed to repair the damage in her likability among independent voters that the media helped to cause last year. She has solidified her base as Ed factually stated. Her Political Action Committee is racking in money left and right. Palin even promoted Sarah PAC on her tour bus. Tell me again this woman is stupid.


I'm sure as the new year approaches, Ed Schultz will bring out the knives yet again against Palin. One thing is certain. As liberals, political pundits and the media are figuring out, they might hate Sarah Palin's guts, but they know they aren't dealing with some clueless "Caribou Barbie" as they wish they were.

The truth is no one knows what 2012 holds for Governor Palin, but the article is an interesting one. Read it in its entirety here.


Sarah Palin, Man of the Year

Don Surber names Governor Sarah Palin as this year's "man of the year".

She endured the most and came to symbolize the majority of American citizens who are stunned by the attempt to rapidly dismantle this great nation of ours and transform it into another Euro-weenie socialist country that apologizes for trying to save the rest of the world over the years.


The personal attacks on Mrs. Palin this year were so vile that if she were the Rutgers women’s basketball team, David Letterman would have lost his job. But CBS put profits above decency. Letterman had no problem calling her a slut and her daughter a slut on national TV; it upped his ratings as liberal misogyny is alive and well and profitable.

His offer of a half-assed apology with an invitation to come on his show and boost his ratings was met with an the iciest No of the year, so cold that it actually shocked him into giving a real apology.

Mrs. Palin moved on, marching to the beat of the American drummer. She caught hell from the left for another year, and began firing back. Her Facebook posts are well-written and thought out. Tagging Obamacare as having “death panels” rattled the lefty cages and woke up Americans to the rationing of health care that was right around the bend.


The little potty-mouthed drones on the left think they are so sophisticated as they mock 14-year-old girls, babies with Down syndrome and people who shop at Wal-Mart. The Washington Post’s book reviewer bragged that she did not read Sarah Palin’s book. Ignorance is now a status symbol for the left.

Read the rest of Don Surber's article here. You will really like it.

My two favorite quotes from the article are:

They are trying to stop the hurricane with a beach umbrella.


Naming Sarah Palin as Man of the Year is the only logical conclusion to a year when Americans who petitioned their government for a redress of grievances were smeared as “un-American” by the people who are temporarily in charge.

We all need to remember that the liberals are only temporarily in charge. Governor Palin has already dedicated herself in 2010 to make sure the liberals power grab is only temporary. We all need to do the same.

Happy New Year! Bring on 2010.


Thursday Open Thread

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Peter J. Wallison: The Price for Fannie and Freddie Keeps Going Up

The Economist: China v Japan: Bubble trouble?

Toby Harnden: Barack Obama gets an 'F' for protecting Americans

WSJ: Dissident Iran Rises

Doctor Zero: The Challenge of Freedom


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KITV-Honolulu: Sources Claim Rush Limbaugh Rushed to Hospital (Updated: Rush's Chief of Staff Issues a Statement)

KITV-Honolulu is reporting that sources are claiming that Rush Limbaugh was rushed to a hospital in Honolulu after suffering from chest pains.

If you find anything else about this story, drop a comment or tip and we'll provide an update.

Update: ABC is allegedly reporting that Rush is in "stable condition."

Ed Henry from CNN is at the hospital and seeking information.

Update #2: KITV has allegedly confirmed that Rush will not be released this evening.

Update #3: The Honolulu Advertiser claims that Rush was reported to be alert and conscious.

Update #4: Rush Limbaugh's chief of staff issued a statement saying that Rush is "resting comfortably after suffering chest pains."


Palin and Clinton "Most Admired Woman in 2009"

As Tommy reported last night, Governor Sarah Palin and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton effectively tied for “Most Admired Women of 2009”. Tonight on "On the Record" Guest host Shannon Bream talks to Bryon York of the Washington Examiner about the numbers behind the numbers.


“She Was Magnificent” – How Mrs Thatcher Hit the Ground Running in 1979

In May 1979, when Britain, the “sick man of Europe” was in the depths of despair, riven by strikes, economically bankrupt and despised and ignored by the rest of the world, a General Election turned out the Labour government and a Conservative Prime Minister walked into 10, Downing Street, not in the usual suit and tie but in a skirt and high heels and carrying a handbag. It was Margaret Thatcher, a shopkeeper’s daughter from Lincolnshire, a very unfashionable part of England.

Papers published this week from the National Archives, under the 30 year rule, tell us that in those remaining seven months of 1979, instead of sitting there smiling sweetly and listening to her fellow politicians, bureaucrats and pundits telling how her main task would be to gently manage Britain’s continuing decline, she ignored their advice and launched a masterclass in pure, unadulterated leadership....

no sooner had Margaret Thatcher arrived in Downing Street than she started blazing away at this country’s enemies – many of them ostensible allies.
She told the wretched Giscard d’Estaing that Britain would henceforth decline to be ripped off by the EEC.
She laid in to “President” Jimmy Carter for handicapping Britain’s attempts to control terrorism in Northern Ireland.
She condemned the American public’s disgusting support for the IRA.
She attacked the Republic of Ireland for failing to protect Lord Mountbatten from his murderers.
And when Kosygyn told her that the Soviet Union was a peace-loving country, she laughed in his face.

It didn’t matter if you were a government minister, an international ally or the leader of an enemy power - if she thought you were not up to the task she nailed your hide to the wall and spelled out precisely how she wanted things done. Her negotiating style was simple and easily understood - no holds barred until she got what she perceived as that which was best for Britain’s interests. She lifted Britain up from it’s knees, re-inserted the backbone and dealt ruthlessly with anyone from within or without who meant her country harm.

We were astonished – no British politician had acted like that for decades.

In short, she was magnificent – and the last British prime minister worthy of the office.

Read more about Margaret Thatcher’s first seven months in power here.

Exit question - any relevance for 2010...or 2012?


Regarding Going Rogue: Chapter 5.4 is where to start

I was chatting with a Liberal friend of mine on Facebook last night, and we began discussing Sarah Palin. When discussing Gov. Palin with Liberals, I have two basic approaches: I will be protective in the sense that I will counter the inevitable avalanche of misinformation provided with what is documented and provable, and then I will mock Pres. Obama once the conversation turns heated.

An excellent question was offered by my friend, the gist being: ‘I don’t want to buy her book because I don’t like her, but I do want to be open-minded. Is there anything I could read in 15 minutes that might change my attitude?’ My response took fewer than five seconds, because it’s what I tell anyone, whether they have a copy of the book or not: read pages 356-363 (the entirety of the fourth section of Chapter 5 (Chapter 5.4), “The Thumpin’”).

If this doesn’t change a person’s attitude and/or receptiveness to the idea that Gov. Palin is not the Devil Incarnate/Village Idiot they’ve fostered since she was named as John McCain’s running-mate, nothing she says in the rest of the Going Rogue will.


Like everything else in American political discourse over the last 16 months regarding Gov. Palin, her memoir was held to a different standard than, well, any personal-political memoir written in recorded history. So far as I know, most political memoirs aren’t fact-checked once they’re published – if there are egregious inaccuracies, they’re covered in reviews (or libel suits), but for the most part, they’re accepted with yawning indifference.

The fanaticism of her critics spanned extremes: while the AP dedicated 11 of its employees to fact-check Going Rogue, the reviewer for The Washington Post didn’t bother to read the complete text before reviewing it, arguing/alleging that if Gov. Palin didn’t write it, why should she (the reviewer) have to read the whole thing?

No matter how successful Going Rogue
is, her critics fall back on the canard that she didn’t actually write the book, as she employed the services of what some call a ghost writer. Lynn Vincent is recognized in the Acknowledgements for “her indispensable help in getting the words on paper,” something I take to mean that she helped Gov. Palin organize the overall narrative. Having heard or read most of her speeches since being tapped for Veep by John McCain, and having read all of her Facebook entries and opinions pieces, there is zero gap in voice. Like most people who aren’t novelists, Gov. Palin writes much like she speaks. For example, when I read the essays of Christopher Hitchens or Camille Paglia, I have no problem connecting the words on the page with the person who is writing them – there is nothing that is forced, and their well-known personalities shine through in their writing.

The same standard applies for Gov. Palin.

The power of humanization, what I clumsily call “sympathy-without-pity,” is stronger than most people understand, especially coming from a well-known memoirist. Any reader who is willing to spend the money and then the time to read a well-known person’s words wants to bond with them. My desire to connect with powerful people I do not like is never stronger than when I read their memoirs – this is their chance to make the wrong things right, or at least lend the context necessary to make them human.

I already liked Sarah Palin, and nothing in Going Rogue changed that. Channeling an infamous NFL coach’s post-game diatribe, she was who I thought she was.

In Chapter 5.4, Gov. Palin goes a long way to humanize herself to people not inclined to like her by doing what attracted the rest of us to her in the first place: in plain language, she fuses national issues that are so out of reach to most of the public they’re almost theoretical (don’t we wish) with how these issues are affecting and will affect everyday Americans. Gov. Palin’s lethal weapon is that she’s not considered elite, even though she possesses a killer instinct politically. If Going Rogue needed an abstract, Chapter 5.4 serves that purpose.

It was, to me, the most authentic “confession” of Gov. Palin, weaving her many roles – wife, mother, politician, Alaskan, American etc – into a narrative that involves a commute through Anchorage with her daughter Bristol. In eight pages, she manages to touch on everything from the familial concerns of the mother of a teenager (herself a young mother) to The Obama Administration’s domestic economic policies.

“We’ve all got megaphones, they just come in different sizes and styles. The one I was handed during the campaign gave me a platform to speak from regarding the path our nation is taking.”

With this, Gov. Palin begins Chapter 5.4, and she intertwines her concern about the $787 billion stimulus package; Bristol’s desire to open a coffee shop with her cousin; Gov. Palin’s own belief that “government should get out of private enterprise as much as possible…;” Bristol’s belief in private ownership; the Governor’s understanding of why certain Federal projects are necessary in the states; her desire, during the campaign, to bring up Pres. Obama’s dubious personal connections; and her reasoning behind not wanting to accept many of the stimulus funds being offered her state of Alaska.

With pithiness, Gov. Palin demonstrates why she is so popular among single men like me, the most libertarian-minded demographic in the country, while at the same time being so attractive to Conservative and Independent men and women who are rightly concerned about their children’s futures. I assume it’s the Alaskan in her, but bluntly, she gets that most of us in flyover country want the government to get the hell out of our lives.

The question repeatedly dangled in front of Palin supporters is simple: “Is she ready?”

From a personal standpoint, as someone who follows politics and the NFL with equal vigor, I answer yes. Yet, that is not enough – it’s a flippant answer, certainly not a satisfying one and understandably not taken in seriousness. The oppositional answer is equally without satisfaction: Pres. Obama has an impeccable curriculum vitae (well, we don’t know his grades, but even assuming he was a solid 3.0 student, which I do not, his CV is impressive), organized communities, was a Senator at the State and Federal level, and yet … he’s a terrible POTUS, by both Liberal and Conservative standards.

Neither answer is satisfactory as both indulge in our personal and political prejudices.

In Chapter 5.4 of Going Rogue, Gov. Palin marries the personal with the political – she has no need to expectorate a book of wooden policy, nor does she feel the need to ignore the role her family has had in shaping her political and governing philosophy. Instead, she uses a commute she’s probably taken a thousand times before with her daughter, and lays plain the problem with the Federal government trying to control local industry.

If you’re inclined to such common sense, there’s no need to sell it, because it sells itself. To her credit, Gov. Palin sells this common sense better than most.


New Years Eve-Eve Open Thread

-Going Rogue is the #3 non-fiction best-seller in the Bay Area despite the fact that some far-left radicals in the area deprived Bay Area residents of the opportunity to purchase the book.

-Her memoir's history-making run atop the USA Today best-seller list among all books ended this past week as the Lost Symbol inched ahead of Going Rogue. However, Governor Palin's memoir remains miles ahead of the next closest non-fiction book.

-The Gallup/USA Today poll discussed today and yesterday also found that more independents considered Sarah Palin to be the living woman they most admire than any other woman.

-Former prosecutor Wendy Murphy slaps around some tool from NBC on the Today Show.

In case you missed it, O'Reilly will replay his earlier interview with Governor Palin tonight. So what's going on the day before New Year's Eve?


Gallup: The Rise of Alaskan Sarah Palin

Frank Newport, the Editor in Chief of Gallup, lists the "[t]he rise of Alaskan Sarah Palin" as one of his top 10 most intriguing poll findings of the year:

Last year's vice presidential nominee, Sarah Palin, has clearly become one of the winningest veep losers. At least among Republicans. Palin is the runaway winner when Republicans were asked by Gallup this month to name the living woman they most admire. Her favorable rating among Republicans is a robust 79%. In one poll in November, Palin was the leader for the 2012 race among Republicans [editor's note: the poll cited by Newport actually shows Palin the leader for the 2012 race among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents]. Her book remains the number one hardcover best seller on The New York Times best seller list.

Will Palin's fame and fortune last? We do not know. 2012 is a long way away. But what we do know as the year ends is that this fascinating woman has jumped from literally no visibility whatsoever on the average American's radar screen to one of the country's most visible politicians of either gender.

You can read Newport's entire list here.


Truth in Reporting

Alaska reporter Craig Medred's had a bit of trouble with errors in reporting in the past. You may recall that several months ago Bob and Mark (of KWHL in Anchorage, Alaska) called him out for his erroneous reporting and attempt to create a controversy out of Todd Palin's participation in the Armed Services Combat Fishing Tournament:

Now, Jeff Smith, author of Alias Soapy Smith: The Life and Death of a Scoundrel, is a bit annoyed with Medred. You may recall that Governor Palin mentioned a man named "Soapy" Smith in her book as part of a larger passage about the history of Alaska and some of its characters. The paragraph in Going Rogue that mentions "Soapy" says:

After his adventures in Tombstone, the legendary lawman Wyatt Earp came north and spent a few years in Nome during the gold rush. On the other side of the law was "Soapy" Smith, a Wild West crime boss whose tight-knit gang moved from Colorado to Skagway. They made a mint cheating gold miners out of their cash. It finally caught up with Soapy Smith: he was killed in a shoot-out with a vigilante gang.

As part of a larger piece at Alaska Dispatch, Medred fact checked this paragraph. In this check, Medred said that the historical record states that "Soapy" was not killed in a shoot-out with a gang, but was instead killed in a scuffle that turned into a gunfight with a man named Frank Reid. Reid, he said, shot "Soapy". Among others, he cited a passage from Jeff Smith's book to bolster this version of events. According to Smith, however, Medred was off base.

Smith said (addressing Medred):

My name is Jeff Smith, author of Alias Soapy Smith: The life and Death of a Scoundrel and the website Alias Soapy Smith. It is important to me that people know that you took the facts from my book and my website completely out of context and horribly and incorrectly stated my conclusions about the Shootout on Juneau Wharf in which my great-grandfather, Jefferson Randolph "Soapy" Smith was killed. I can only surmise that you either did not read the book and/or website or that you intentionally left out major important portions of one or both in order to show that Sarah Palin was incorrect in her statements on page 13 regarding Soapy Smith's fight with vigilantes.

Had you read the book and/or my website you would have clearly noted in my book (pages 532-580) and on my website (HERE) that Frank Reid was NOT the man who killed my great grandfather, and that in fact, another member of the vigilante guards present joined in the fight and wrestled Soapy's rifle away from him and turned it on an unarmed Soapy and shot him in the chest killing him instantly. Whether you agreed or disagreed with Soapy's ways is irrelevant to the fact that Soapy was shot while wounded and unarmed, which in most civilized communities is murder. The vigilantes hid this fact from the courts in order to save their own new found power.

Smith attempted to get a correction from Medred who eventually rewrote the article, removing the citation for Smith's book. Medred also issued a clarification citing Catherine Holder Spudes. Smith isn't particularly impressed with Medred's clarification:

Mr. Medred's "clarification" is filled with errors but truth in history is not his goal. Disproving Sarah Palin's book is his goal.


Wednesday Open Thread

Thomas Sowell: Unhealthy arrogance

Mark Steyn: Giving and taking away care

John Fund: Like Mushrooms, Health Care 'Reform' Flourishes in the Dark

WSJ: The New Climate Litigation

IBD: Fiscal Follies: Back In The Tank With Fannie and Freddie

Glenn Reynolds: A.C. Kleinheider: “[T]he most beloved and vocal conservative leaders these days seem to be women.”

Telegraph: Putin threatens Barack Obama's nuclear stockpile cuts

Michael Binyon: Will Iran Uprising Become a Revolution?


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Open Thread (Update: Palin and Clinton Virtually Tie for "Most Admired Woman in 2009" Title)

-Dan Riehl slaps both Andrew Sullivan and Richard Feinberg on the issue of Palin and energy. Her critics cannot seem to make up their minds as to ACES: one side claims that the legislation is an onerous burden on oil companies while the other side claims that it's a give-away for oil companies. One argument is inconsistent with the other but then again, we shouldn't be surprised considering that consistency isn't a strong suit of Sarah Palin's critics.

-Congressman Steve King from Iowa predicts that Governor Palin will run for the presidency in 2012 and has changed his mind as to the impact that her resignation would have on her chances. Here's the video of King's remarks (starting at around the 24-minute mark).

-Going Rogue was Amazon's top-selling book over the holiday season.

What's going on?

Update: According to a USA Today/Gallup poll conducted earlier this month, Governor Palin and Hillary Clinton were virtually tied on the "most admired woman" question for 2009. Clinton barely finished ahead of Palin for the 2009 title, after winning the 2008 title fairly easily. Though we already had our 2010 predictions thread, I'll add a prediction: Hillary's eight-year run at the top ends next year.


The James Taggart Presidency and the value of work

“Work spares us from three evils: boredom, vice and need.” -Voltaire

Anyone who’s earned what they have should, by virtue of self-interest, be more apt to trust a person who’s earned their keep than one who’s managed theirs by pull, graft and favor. As Mark Levin noted on a recent (and hysterically funny) call-in to Fox Business Channel’s “Imus in the Morning” regarding the virtue of Gov. Palin, she’s a self-made woman.

For those who’ve earned their own, the notion of “other people’s money” isn’t an obscene joke, it’s what makes “civil” the civil servant’s duty.

Gov. Palin’s parents are surely good and decent people and she did well enough in college, but her volcanic eruption as a politician came primarily through hard work. There were no salons in the living rooms of well-connected Alaskans (until Gov. Palin came along, most of us could only name one powerful Alaskan, fwiw) introducing her to movers and shakers. Even a novice reading Going Rogue along with the other substantive books about Gov. Palin reveal that she tends to piss off more people in- and seeking power than she attracts. This is part of her charm – she is at her best when doing the least to cater to any status quo, be it on the Wasilla City Council or as the Veep candidate for John McCain.

If I had to name one aspect to Gov. Palin that attracts me as a supporter and a voter, I would state that she goes after people who seek power for power’s sake, followed closely by her work ethic. This is not accidental. Please recall that up to and including respected Conservative elder commentators Krauthammer and Will, she is despised. This is not only one of her biggest obstacles, it’s also one of her great attractions.

To be self-made, one often relies on the help of others. The cute way to state this is “a hand up, not a hand out.” The Big Idea is that most people who’ve come from modest circumstances to achieve great things have done so with a healthy dose of sweat equity, but few have ever done it alone. The point isn’t that Gov. Palin didn’t have any help, it’s that she’s accomplished what she has primarily by an overriding confidence in herself, and has snatched the opportunities presented her.

This is not a small matter – I don’t trust people who don’t work or aren’t actively looking for it. I loathe people I’ve worked with who complain about the job they were hired to do and the organization responsible for paying them. Just as I say avoid people who avoid working, I also say avoid people who bite the hand that feeds them.

The Obama Administration is all but absent people with experience formed, honed and matured in the private sector, and semiotically-speaking, anyone can see this in the fact that “trillion” is the new “billion.” The popular term for the eggheads steering the country into the ocean is “technocrats,” but they are the worst type of Utopians, those who imagine in theory how everything could be perfect if only we dupes in the private sector – those of us paying for this so-called Utopia - would just shut up and follow orders. They are the same adults who, when college students, were known to utter insipid banalities such as the popular, “in theory, Communism was a good idea.”

I return to work, the productive kind, the kind that, you know, produces stuff. I don’t get the sense that Pres. Obama was actually prepared for the idea that there’s a reason every man before him who didn’t have gray-white hair before entering the Oval Office left with it. He seems to be sort of annoyed by the idea that, uh, you have to do things other than read other people’s speeches, glad-hand dignitaries, bow to emperors, trot about the globe apologizing for the nation you represent and play golf. The problem with people who’ve never had to work – especially when elected to the job of POTUS – is that they have no understanding of leadership, what it takes and how difficult it is.

The Obama Narrative, itself drowned in millions of words, is one curiously lacking in private sector experience. Among detractors like me, he is best-known for his endless campaign that continues to this day, along with his penchant for voting “present.” There are the straw men, the “letmebeclears” and so forth, yet there are no absolutes, so far as I know.

To a large degree I’m an absolutist (think about that strange phrasing for a second) because I’ve spent my life working for myself and working for others, and above all, revering the idea that in America, we have the opportunity to work, to start businesses, to be employed by other private citizens, to earn our keep, to better ourselves and – importantly – to not be a burden on our neighbors if we are of sound mind and able body. When one earns their keep in the private sector as a business owner or an employee, one learns about absolutes. There is little room for tortured, nuanced debate regarding semantics and linguistics when decisions must be made that will affect the bottom line.

An easy example familiar to many of you: in an early exchange in Atlas Shrugged, Dagny Taggart and her brother James are arguing about a decision that will affect their railroad, Taggart Transcontinental:

“That’s the trouble with you [Dagny]. You always make it ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’ Things are never absolute like that. Nothing is absolute.”

“Metal rails are [James]. Whether we get them or not is.”

Welcome to the James Taggart Presidency. Pres. Obama is fearful of the yes or no vote, especially if it’s not directly tailored to his political vision, whatever that may be. There are absolutes in this world, and we are learning what happens when we elect a leader petrified by this fact.


Media Matters, Fact Checks “Lipstick On A Pig”

In an article in the Washington Post, Anne E. Kornblut writes an adapted piece of her soon to be released book "Notes from the Cracked Ceiling: Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin and What It Will Take for a Woman to Win.” In the article Ms. Kornblut presents some personal thoughts of what female candidates need to be aware of when running for political office. While the article doesn’t focus on sexism, it includes the following:

That other milestone still beckons though. Women are running for some of the most critical seats this year, in Massachusetts, California, Texas, Florida and elsewhere. Despite "lipstick on a pig," "beat the bitch," and "iron my shirt," the 2008 election wasn't just a collection of lowlights for female candidates. It was a chance for the country and for women running for high office to learn what it will take for a woman to someday assume the Oval Office.
It didn’t take long for Media Matters to jump on board and, as has become common practice with that organization, to take things entirely out of context.

[K]ornblut should know "lipstick on a pig" isn't like the others; that it was, instead, a McCain campaign concoction: the article she links to -- an article she wrote -- notes that McCain himself had used the same phrase to describe a Clinton health care proposal. So why is she pretending Barack Obama's use of the phrase "lipstick on a pig" was the equivalent of John McCain praising a questioner who referred to Hillary Clinton as a "bitch" ?

I am not here to defend Ms Kornblut or debate whether the “lipstick on a pig” comment made by Obama was offensive to Governor Palin or not.

While Ms Kornblut wrote that paragraph to merely make a point – think “death panels” - It is clear that Ms. Kornblut wasn’t trying to make comparisons about the various comments made, and as Media Matters clearly notes, Ms Kornblut links to an article she wrote at the time defending Obama.

One can only assume that Media Matters' only goal is to make the case that Hillary Clinton faced a greater amount of sexism and attacks than Governor Palin has. The article lead in is quite clear about it.
The Washington Post's Anne Kornblut must really want to portray Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton as having faced equal amounts of sexism, despite evidence to the contrary. That's the only way to explain this ridiculous passage:

While Hillary Clinton had to deal with an excessive amount of unfair criticism, it's ridiculous to claim that those exceeded the attacks Governor Palin had to deal with. Media Matters can attempt to put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.


Levi Seeks Publicity Instead of Tripp's Well-being

Yesterday we learned that Bristol Palin, Governor Palin's eldest daughter, filed for sole custody of her son, Tripp E. Johnston-Palin, in early November of this year. This should never have been reported on in the first place. Bristol, who has borne all of Levi's attention-seeking lies and antics with quiet dignity, didn't want to publicize this at all. But Levi pushed to have it open to the public. Why would he want this custody proceeding to be played out in public? The answer is pretty simple and obvious: because he wants the media attention. It's his bread and butter after all. He makes his living lying about the Palins. In her affidavit, Bristol made a compelling argument for keeping the custody proceedings closed to the public:

Due to the overwhelming media interest in my family and in Levi Johnston, I believe it would be in Tripp's best interest for this custody matter to be closed, and for everyone associated with this case to refrain from talking to the media about this case.


I believe that despite everyone's best intentions to remain civil in this case, media involvement will have a negative impact on this matter, and a negative impact on Tripp. In this day and age of the internet, media stories remain available for years, even decades, after they are first published, and anything printed in the media (whether it is true or not) will be available to Tripp when he is old enough to read.


I do not believe that subjecting a one year old child to intense media scrutiny is healthy or desirable. If this case were open to the public I believe it would just cause more drama and friction between me and Levi, which would not be in Tripp's best interests.

We fully agree with Bristol's reasoning. Accordingly, we didn't want to post on this matter at all. C4P's view in regard to Levi and his antics has always been that Tripp's well being must be foremost in our minds. However, now that Levi has fought to make the custody hearings public, and Governor Palin's political opponents are already using this to take shots at her, we felt it was necessary to correct the distortions and lies being presented.

It's clear that Levi views this custody process as an opportunity for more publicity that he hopes will further his modeling/acting/porn career. This is reflected in the argument he presented for encouraging as much public involvement as possible:

"I do not feel protected against Sarah Palin in a closed proceeding," Johnston said in an affidavit accompanying Butler's filings. "I hope that if it is open she will stay out of it. ... I think a public case might go a long way in reducing Sarah Palin's instinct to attack and allow the real parties in this litigation, Bristol and I, to work things out a lot more peacefully than we could if there is any more meddling from Sarah Palin."

It's difficult to read Levi's nonsense with a straight face. This custody process is between Levi and Bristol, but Levi knows that he will receive more attention by attacking Governor Palin. His only intention here is to create a media circus that he can capitalize on while Bristol continues to focus on her son's well being and future.

Bristol addressed this lie in her affidavit:

My mother, Sarah Palin, is not involved in this custody matter other than as a grandmother, so Levi Johnston has no need to be "protected" from her. This case is between me and Levi; my mother has nothing to do with it.

She also brought to the court's attention Levi's on-going attacks on her mother and her family:

As can be seen in Levi Johnston's Affidavit and his Opposition to the Motion to Show Cause he is still attacking my mother and accusing her of being "vindictive," of "meddling," and of intending to "run roughshod" over Levi's "very bones." None of this is true; my mother is not involved in this case. What is clear so far is that Levi has gone repeatedly to national media to spread falsehoods and malign my family - a family that has provided round-the-clock care, love, and affection for our son Tripp. Levi wants these proceedings public to continue to make a spectacle of this custody dispute for his own self-promotion.

Well said, Bristol.

We have documented Levi's numerous lies told in the pursuit of self-promotion, and I'm sure we can expect more during these proceedings. Levi's, and his attorney Rex Butler's, strategy is to make Governor Palin the issue so they can create a situation in which they can profit.

Apparently, however, Levi hasn't seen fit to pay for his son's expenses with the money he's been earning off the Palin name, as Thomas Van Flein, Bristol's attorney, noted in the petition for custody:

To date, Bristol and her family have provided nearly 100% of the child care for Tripp, and paid for almost all costs associated with Tripp's upbringing. Not until October, 8th, 2009, nearly 10 months after Tripp was born, did Levi pay his first dollar to help support his child.

With this in mind, one has to question how interested Levi is in Tripp. Although he's been invited to visit Tripp anytime, he's only done so sporadically. He seems more interested in jetting off to Los Angeles and New York to catch the next gig that presents an opportunity to attack the Palins.

Despite these concerns, Bristol still thinks that Levi should have access to Tripp, and has proposed that the court set-up a visitation schedule for him to spend time with Tripp. That is, if Levi has the time and inclination to do so.


Bernie Quigley: Palin Will be the Nominee

Bernie Quigley has an interesting article at The Hill. Quigley begins his piece by mentioning four individuals who he thinks will have a key impact going forward:

History turns in a moment: Harper’s Ferry, Trafalgar, Dien Bien Phu. The Democrats may have seen such a moment with Sen. Ben Nelson this week in Nebraska, so it might be worth marking that page. At year’s end it is worth looking forward to what is likely to rise ahead. These four will be key: Sarah Palin, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and William Daley.

I have argued on these pages ad nauseum that, if Governor Palin runs in 2012, the GOP nomination will come down to a battle between her and Mitt Romney. Every election is different, of course, but one can't help but notice the similarities between 1980 and 2012 in the GOP ranks. Mitt Romney will represent the squishy, RINO wing of the party in the same way George H. W. Bush did in 1980. Governor Palin will be the insurgent candidate of the grass roots as Ronald Reagan was in 1980. Quigley has come to a similar conclusion, albeit for perhaps different reasons. First Quigley discusses Governor Palin:

She was seen from the very beginning as a rising star — a cultural awakener similar to Andrew Jackson — bringing a whole new cultural paradigm to the political process; a new heartland spirit of individualism and self reliance as per Emerson and Barry Goldwater. The widespread, deep and immediate hysteria in the MSM was a sure indication that she was a threat to the old temple and would be a vital new force in the rising century. This week the non-partisan Research 2000, which conducts research and focus groups, states simply, “Palin will be the 2012 GOP Nominee.”

I am not totally comfortable with the Andrew Jackson comparison (I would use Reagan), but I do understand why he makes it. Quigley next discusses Governor Palin's friend, Texas Governor Rick Perry:

“I love Sarah Palin,” Perry said in a recent Wall Street Journal interview. The Tea Party movement has found wide support this past year. Recently 41 percent chose it over Democrat or Republican. Texas governor Perry was the first to stand publicly with it and he has not backed down. The influential conservative marketer Richard Viguerie of the Reagan-era Christian Coalition supports this movement but has lamented that this “Constitutional moment” has no leader. Perry is the leader and his status will rise with this movement. The Conservative Party initiatives at NY 23 and the huge Republican victory in Virginia’s governor’s race reflect this new paradigm.

I personally don't believe Perry will run for president but there is no question that he is, along with Governor Palin, one of the very few nationally prominent Republicans who is not afraid to publicly stand up to Obama and what he is trying to do to our country. After discussing Perry, Quigley takes a look at Mitt Romney (emphasis mine):

Romney has kept a low profile this last year while Perry and Palin have spoken out. But in a speech several months back he called the Town Hall and Tea Party activists “courageous.” There is in fact nothing radical in these initiatives and nothing particularly controversial. They simply go against the ingrained conventional wisdom and the conditioned reflex. To look at some of Romney’s speeches and talks when he was governor of Massachusetts, Romney has long been considering issues that are popular now with the Tea Party people as simple organizational principles evolved from the Reagan Era. He essentially has no conflict with these groups.

Although I think Quigley is being far too generous in his assessment Romney, he does make one salient point: the absolute best that can be said of Romney when it comes to these growing grass roots groups is that he has "no conflict" with them. At least not overt I would add. This is not exactly a ringing endorsement for the author of RomneyCare. Quigley next finishes up his discussion of the three Republicans with this prediction:

As it was with Andrew Jackson, at the core of this new public expression is the rise of the western states to political maturity and economic prominence. The main question going into 2012 is who will Palin pick for running mate, Perry or Romney?

Here Quigley clearly believes, as I do, that if Governor Palin runs, the nomination will be hers. That said, I doubt Perry and Romney will be her only choices for running mate but they are both certainly plausible. Romney is a possible "unite the party" type candidate of political expediency. After all, Reagan did pick Bush. Rick Perry and Governor Palin are friends and he is still one of the very few candidates she has formally endorsed. If it does indeed come down to these two (very doubtful), my guess is that for a variety of reasons Governor Palin would choose Governor Perry over Mitt Romney.

Read the rest of Quigley's article here.


Tuesday Open Thread

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Monday, December 28, 2009

A time for reflection?

After experiencing my first White Christmas in 35 years of drawing breath, I came to the conclusion that I sorta miss global warming, regardless of who or what is responsible for it. I write that in order to declare this: while many a well-meaning scribe notes that this is a season for reflection, I’m more in the mood to wish I was reflecting on when the next Corona is arriving while vacationing on a tropical island as opposed to reflecting on what entitles the people Nebraska to have their state’s Medicare fully-funded even though my state has more national titles in college football.

It is the nature of Hopenchange, though, that leads otherwise sane Americans like myself to consider such Hard Questions in such absurd manners.

However, Oklahoma isn’t a tropical destination - we have Corona, but it’s so cold right now that you can leave the box of beer on the porch, sans ice, and it will still be cold. Once the reflecting takes over, I find myself energized about my optimism that the Tea Party movement and Sarah Palin will merge; conversely, I find that I’m distressed about the Hopenchange Fever that has morphed into The Big Government Bubonic Plague. Although I try not to be overly-dramatic and stuffed full of hysterics, I find myself mostly reflecting about what could have been while watching my country being destroyed right before my eyes.

As you could probably deduce from the opening reference to “35 years of drawing life,” I’m 35, meaning that I’m a member of Generation X, the least-populated generation and, I’d guess, as responsible as any for the election of a young Senator with a vague history and few accomplishments to the office of POTUS. The potential consequences of this were chilling for me 13 months ago, and now they have vaulted into the kind of wild-eyed, formerly laughed-at Randian totalitarian quasi political fantasies that would have branded one a nut for embracing in any year that wasn’t 2009.

Tea Party types like myself are still smeared as “teabaggers” (Pulitzer winner Clarence Page, a Liberal I’ve always respected, was the latest) and Gov. Palin is still smeared with the same jambalaya of conflicting, caliginous jabs that have followed every politically dangerous Conservative (i.e. dangerous to Liberal power) since the beginning of the march of modern times.

This antinomy-lite shell game is one Liberals perfected during the eight years of George W. Bush. At times, he was painted as so dull and incurious as to not be competent enough to handle a flare gun, yet he also was accused – a Liberal “idea,” certainly not mine – of masterminding 9/11 in the most destructive, elaborate and fully executed internal plot against American society in our history, all while ensuring that all relatives of Osama bin Laden were able to leave the country shortly after the attack. And he read “My Pet Goat” for seven more minutes after learning he’d pulled this off, in their view.

Gov. Palin hasn’t acquired the kind of real power that Pres. Bush had as President, but her power in the scurrilous mind of fanatic American Liberals and entrenched, reach-across-the-aisle GOPers is challenged by no man. To them, the Governor is simultaneously absent political intelligence while politically Machiavellian, an extreme right-winger and a dangerous moderate, deemed irrelevant while she remains obsessed about by those who love and/or hate her, curiously silly and seriously dangerous to their current throttle on American power. In short, she’s a lot like Ronald Reagan in the late 1970s.


What the future holds for Gov. Palin, I obviously have no idea. I know what I want the future for her to hold, though, and it begins with helping fresh, Conservative blood to enter the House 13 months from now. America is being run off the rails by a group of technocratic nanny sadists who prefer to repossess our wealth while insisting that the rabble (that would be the rest of us) not bother protesting too much. These degreed mouth-breathers look down at tea-partiers and Gov. Palin, while the bulk of us know that you don’t get out of debt by, for example, spending more money you don’t have.

There are few political terms employed more cynically than that of “public service.” Gov. Palin is that rare politician who has actually tried to behave as a public servant during her history of public service. It was probably shocking to those who didn’t like her to read in Going Rogue of her history of taking on her own party in general, and ethical lapses and outright corruption in particular. Three years from now, such a politician will be needed to clean up the mess that’s already been created, one year into Pres. Obama’s four-year term.

For me, that is worth reflection.


Five Favorite Moments from 2009/Open Thread (Updated)

Here's my list:

5) Barack Obama's approval rating dropping to levels not seen by any President since Gerald Ford in the first year of a presidency and military families expressing their overwhelming disapproval of this President.

4) More Americans identifying as "pro-life" than "pro-choice" for the first time in over a decade.

3) The Going Rogue book tour and the records that Governor Palin broke.

2) Death panels, the NBC News poll showing that 45% believe that death panels would likely result from the healthcare legislation, and watching Obama himself have to address this point for the better part of August/early September and in his joint adress to Congress.

1) Slapping Chris Daggett.

The floor is yours for anything. I predict that the Bears win tonight.

Update: Bert Decker from Decker Communications ranks Governor Palin as the tenth best communicator of 2009. Check out where he ranks Obama.


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Guardian: "In the most violent clashes since the aftermath of last June's disputed presidential election, security forces fired on demonstrators who had gathered in their thousands in some of Tehran's main thoroughfares. Riot police and plainclothed agents attacked people with batons and iron rods, aiming for the head to exact maximum damage, said witnesses."

WSJ: Kerry of Tehran

Boston Globe: Spokesman for Kerry denies plan to visit Iran


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Tyrone: Governor Palin Correct About Profiling

Via Tyrone at Wake Up Black America:

Is Sarah Palin qualified to become President? One of the crucial qualifiers for a person to be a leader of a city, state or even a country is the person's ability to have a key sense of "sound judgement". Back in November, Sarah drove the appeasers up the wall in an interview conducted by Matt Continetti. Her comments came a few days after the Fort Hood terrorist attack in which the radical Muslim Major Nidal Malik Hasan killed 13 soldiers while wounding 30. These are the comments Sarah Palin made in her interview with Matt Continetti.

Sarah Palin [said] "There were such clear, obvious, massive warning signs that were missed. This terrorist, even having business cards" that identified him as an "SoA" or soldier of Allah." Palin blamed a culture of political correctness and other decisions that "prevented -- I'm going to say it -- profiling" of someone with Hasan's extremist ideology. "I say, profile away". " Such political correctness "could be our downfall." If the upcoming investigations into the attack reveal bad decision-making on the part of senior officials, Palin continued, those officials ought to be fired".


In June, Obama addressed the Muslim world from Cairo Egypt. I thought after Obama's address Muslims were suppose to start liking us. Actually I didn't think that at all. I was being sarcastic. I guess something didn't go according to Obama's plan. Obama doesn't want to use the word "terrorist" in his vocabulary, so I wonder what he considers what happened with Delta flight 253 yesterday? Was it a "potential fatal mishap" perhaps? It definitely looks like there is a contrasting world view between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama. One sees the world through the eyes of a naive child and one sees the world through the eyes of an adult realist. Figuring who's who should be a no brainer and who is qualified to be president based on sound judgement to understand the obvious.
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Open Thread (Updated with Poll Quota)

-It appears that Willow has the blackberry.

-According to Devonia Smith, the McLaughlin Group nominated Sarah Palin to the categories of 2009 Political Winner of the Year and Most Charismatic Politician of the year. The McLaughlin Group nominated Barack Obama to the category of 2009 Political Loser of the year.

-Here's a story by someone who attended the Going Rogue book signing in Minnesota from the blog of Jill Stanek, a prominent pro-life activist.

-The Hannity/Palin interview conducted during the book tour is re-airing right now in case you want to catch it again.

So, what's up?

Update: Dittman's survey of 393 registered voters in Alaska is probably right this time (though it's probably too favorable to Obamacare).


Bristol and Tripp; Wisdom Beyond Years

On December 27, 2008, Bristol Palin's son, Tripp, was born. Happy Birthday! One year later, he is as loved as he was then.

A few days after the birth of her first grandson, Governor Palin's office issued a statement. It reads in part:

"We are over the moon with the arrival of this healthy, beautiful baby,” Governor Palin said.


Isn’t it just like God to turn those circumstances into such an amazing, joyful blessing when you ask Him to help you through?”

Bristol Palin said she “obviously discourages” teen pregnancy and knows that plans she previously made for herself will now forever be changed. “Teenagers need to prevent pregnancy to begin with – this isn’t ideal. But I’m fortunate to have a supportive family which is dealing with this together. Tripp is so perfectly precious; we love him with all our hearts. I can’t imagine life without him now.”

Tripp has been nurtured and loved by his mom, grandmother, aunts, uncles, and a host of other relatives and friends. His story speaks to the power of love and responsibility. The care and support that Bristol has been able to give her baby boy is a direct result of the love she has received from those closest to her.

Bristol didn't believe the lie that she couldn't persevere, choose life, and finish her education. Instead, she embraced the truth. No doubt, she knew she had a mother who was on her knees asking for God's help. And that's the way it should be. She looked to her left and to her right, too, and saw a myriad of other family members alongside her. And that's the way it should be also.

I remember reading the Governor's statement a year ago. When she asked the question

"Isn’t it just like God to turn those circumstances into such an amazing, joyful blessing when you ask Him to help you through?”

I couldn't help but enthusiastically exclaim, "Yes it is--just like God."

Thank God for people like the Palins who inspire their children to embrace their own children with open arms, even when life takes you by surprise.

I have personally seen the love Bristol has for her son. I have attached two pictures of mother and son below that I took in Wasilla, Alaska in July.

Bristol, thank God for your strength and courage in choosing life, faith, and responsibility. You have demonstrated--even in your youth--a wisdom so needed in this world. God bless you and your son. The best is yet to come.


The “Keep Keeping It Light” Barbarian Awards 2009…. What The?

“Holy moly! How are you? Nice to see you. Are you staying warm?”

Private Citizen of the Year 2009: Governor Sarah Palin: “You fully recognize that Governor Palin has a special political talent that in the course of human events only comes round once in a generation or so. Reagan had it, Clinton had it, Obama has it and Palin has it. 'It' being, of course, charisma. No one in the current Republican Party even comes close to her when it comes to working a room or moving a crowd. As you yourself observe, “[i]f money could buy what you have, Romney would have bought it all by now. Good politicians can learn how to win over audiences, but the great ones are born with the ability.” (Joshua Livestro’s open letter to Jonah Goldberg)

Contributor Barbarian of the Year 2009: Some precocious 15 year old, starving artist, right?

Best $10 Investment Made During A Recession: Our Right Honorable Friend From New Jersey.

The Barbarian With The Longest Legs 2009: How else to forge the Rubicon?

Barbarian Commenter of the Year: “[E]very ordinary barbarian who blogged, commented, emailed, twittered, Blackberried, telephoned, made videos, gave interviews, contacted sponsors and advertisers... anyone who stood up to be counted.... anyone who said to themselves ... 'never again' and did something about it. You know who you are.”

Man of the Year 2009: Chuck Heath: [he] "would give me the proverbial slug in the arm and tell me to 'work harder'. I now know why he did that, and [it] did make me work harder and become stronger.”

Speech of the Year 2009: Evansville... always Evansville.

“Type, Type, Send” Top Facebook Post 2009: Statement On The Current Health Care Debate (“death panels”)

Tweet 2009: AKGovSarahPalin: "Couple of thoughts for the day on beautiful bright AK morn: 'You have to sacrifice to win. That's my philosophy in 6 words.' - George Allen." (screenshot archive)

Boom! Taste My Nightstick 2009: "Concerning Letterman's comments about my young daughter (and I doubt he'd ever dare make such comments about anyone else's daughter): 'Laughter incited by sexually-perverted comments made by a 62-year-old male celebrity aimed at a 14-year-old girl is not only disgusting, but it reminds us some Hollywood/NY entertainers have a long way to go in understanding what the rest of America understands - that acceptance of inappropriate sexual comments about an underage girl, who could be anyone's daughter, contribute to the atrociously high rate of sexual exploitation of minors by older men who use and abuse others.”

C4P Videographer Of The Year 2009: Seth Adam Smith (nuff said).

C4P “Go Viral” 2009: Two of our contributors vie for top spot here: Sinistar’s “There’s A Bore In The Woods”; Sheya’s “Quit Making Things Up DNC”.

Top Tribute: Gotta be “Halo”: VidSweet.

Brother-In-Arms 2009: Josh Painter at Texas4Palin: “Those who don't like the way we moderate our comments can burn in hell.”

King of the Threads 2009: No commenter has worked harder to maintain a level of political dialogue in our comment threads (often in the face of merciless Sarc Sister off topic onslaught, lol). He is an iconoclastic, sports alluding, list making, “it is what it is” kind of guy... Techno.

King Of The Threads 2009 Honorable Mention: To Bill in Baltimore, wisetrog, Section 9.

Queen of the Threads 2009: Nancy: "Governor Palin to Republican elites who are now going to suck up to her: Would you mind getting your knife out of my back, before you hold your hand out to me for help? Let's start there, and then we'll see what happens."

Queen Of The Threads 2009 Honorable Mention: To Whitney, Lipstick, hrh.

Sarah Palin Day Citation 2009: Brianus Berkelianus: “I still like the idea of August 29 as THE DAY. Something was born that morning in Dayton, a phenomenon unlike anything we have witnessed in our nation's history. Sarah strode out, to the strains of the "Rudy" theme; she strode onto the stage, and into our hopes, into our dreams, into our lives...forever. We should all give $29 to SarahPac on the 29th of August this year (this was Doug's idea, I believe!!) January 20, 2013 can be PRESIDENT PALIN DAY. 29 August each year should, IMHO, be SARAH PALIN DAY!!”

Sarc Sisters 2009: Nancy, Lipstick, Cruela, Recovering Democrat, defend America, Mia, Kjanlady, et al...: “..I..I feel so USED! When I found this site and signed up I NEVER KNEW I was signing onto a "CULT" site... I...I ...just don't know what to say! I thought I was always an independent thinker....I am so ashamed...I am so embarrassed! I AM A CULT MEMBER! My Mom will never speak to me again!...wait.. that might be a good thing!" (Crueladev)

Have At Thee Troll 2009: The Aged P: (to serial troll Emperor Bob): “I would have thought that as an old hippie you might have had a broader view of the nature of education. But then I always did view your whole flower power culture with a healthy dose of cynicism because it always rested on the assumption that there would always be a sufficient quantity of us little boxes guys who would keep daily life going so that you idlers could posture and pose and pretend to be philosopher kings. I guess most grew out of out and became adults whereas a few remained locked in a time warp and still pretended they were latter day Zapatas when in fact they were sad old poseurs....”(2 June: 8.04pm)

Lemonade Seller of the Year 2009: Piper Palin.

I Am A Sign Man For The Governor 2009: Thomas ‘Sapwolf’.

The Lady’s Not For Turning 2009: “This site's name says it all. We are 4 Palin. My ID says it all, Lipstick. I love how Palin is a woman and she kicks butt. I am a complete Palin supporter. I will support her through thick and thin. I have never considered giving money to a candidate before much less done so. I have donated to SarahPac and her Defense fund and will continue to do so. She has proven to me that she is honest, conservative, pro-life, a fiscal conservative, pro-military, can balance a budget, is against big government, caring, real, a leader, a great governor, speaks out against wrongs, can play hard ball w/ the boys, has a firm grasp on energy issues, the need to defend America....I can go on and on. I am a Sarah Palin supporter, you will not change my mind. Sorry but I am just the type of person you will find here a C4P.” (July 2, 2009, Lipstick)


Comment Thread Gone Wild: mae day, mae day. (attached to this post)

Most Concerned Troll Commenter 2009: Sandrainoregon (hope that doesn't add to your conCernation, Sandra)

Ex-Dietician’s Root Vegetable of 2009: raphanus sativus fagani.

Doug Brady’s Ichthyologist of 2009: The Arctic Bloater.

“Highlight, Copy, Paste” Services To Journalism 2009: Rachel D’Oro.

Self-righteous Blatherskite 2009: AKMuckraker: “It is never OK to engage in ad hominem attacks on other commenters, the moderation team or the community at large. If you have a gripe, I’m all ears. Email me ……and we can hash it out. If you post a [negative] comment, you’re griping to thousands of people, which is generally disruptive and inflammatory.”

Deluded, Ya Reckon? 2009: Jesse Griffin: “I know you have vilified me and called me a "Trig troofer" (whatever the hell THAT means), but I am really a nice guy. I mean it. If you knew me I bet you would even like me.”

The Combustible Iceberg Epic Fail 2009/ The Man With The Smokeless Gun 2009/ The Man With Least Lead In His Pencil 2009/ The Man Most Likely To Be Shooting Blanks 2009/ Digitus Minimus 2009: Jesse Griffin.

Psychotic Alter Ego of 2009: My Source: “Have no fear, I do not post stories that I am not pretty damn sure are accurate. And that goes for other stories that have still not had corroboration. I have complete confidence that all will be revealed someday.”

The Arctic Cat "For Services To Free Publicity" Award 2009: The Chihuahua Diva.

Bobble Head Virus, Creepy Sleazy Hit Squad’s “Marmot” Of 2009: Jay “Pee Wee” Ramras.

Oh Swear Not By The Moon, You Inconstant Loon 2009: Dan Fagan, editor in chief at The Alaska Standard, raising the banner of journalism, until he changes his mind, again, some day soon.



The “It Is A Fact That There Is A Rumor” Award For Anklebiting Mendacity 2009.
Toothless Watchdog 2009
Bloviating Blowhard 2009.
The “John Kerry, Why The Long Face” Comic Moment 2009.
The Ricky Pistachio Nut of 2009.

And finally... this thought to take with you into 2010, from reader defendAmerica:

36 more years until I can retire and hang out at C4P all day :)

See you next year... “on the way to Michigan.”


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