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Kerry (D-Vietnam) Flip Flops on Joke

WAPO reports:

Kerry's spokeswoman now tells The Sleuth the senator really didn't mean what he said, though his clarification would hardly qualify as an apology.

"We stand corrected, the truth is every Democrat hopes Governor Palin is in the public eye for a long, long time, especially on the 2012 presidential ballot," Kerry spokeswoman Jodi Seth says. "Lately it's been Vice President Cheney that everyone hopes would lose the cameras and go for a long leisurely hike on the Appalachian Trail. And good grief, if anyone thinks John Kerry is afraid of strong, smart women, they sure haven't met his brilliant wife and two independent daughters. It sounds like getting crushed these last two election cycles cost some of these Republicans their sense of humor."

So, you are admitting that Governor Palin is a "strong and smart woman"? The whole statement is a flip-flop. First they want Governor Palin to run for president (because she must be a "weak" candidate) and then they say she is a "strong and smart woman." Candidates who are "strong and smart" usually end up winning. Wow.

I think that the junior senator from Massachusetts may be requesting a purple heart (will he throw this one away too?) due to Governor Palin's witty response to his original joke. I think it may have drawn blood.

If liberals are so secure with their sense of humor, why do they always end up apologizing? Oh, that's right -- because their jokes are always tasteless and need clarification.

Governor Palin has a fine sense of humor. Kerry joked about her and she returned fire and her audience seemed to enjoy it tremendously.

You can learn something from Governor Palin in the way she treats and respects the military. The military has a great sense of humor, except when you do what Kerry did and trash them. However, I do not think that the military is too fond of trashing special needs children and talking about professional baseball players "knocking up" 14 year olds. Liberals always need to "explain" their humor after it backfires.

Update: Is Kerry the first "Palin Democrat?"

"We stand corrected, the truth is every Democrat hopes Governor Palin is in the public eye for a long, long time, especially on the 2012 presidential ballot," Kerry spokeswoman Jodi Seth says.

Democrats are already second guessing Obama and looking to change the party in the White House? (H/T Anonymoose)


"After All Of This Spending, Where Are the Jobs?"


Boehner gave it his best shot yesterday in the closest thing the House has to a "filibuster":

Mark Levin interviewed Boehner after his "Cap and Trade" speech:

I would also like to take the time to apologize for voting for Frank LoBiondo in the 2008 election. LoBiondo was one of eight Republicans to vote in favor of the House version of the "Cap and Trade" bill.


Boehner: Climate change bill is a "pile of sh-t."

UPDATE by RAM: From the article in The Hill linked above:

[GOP Conference Chairman Rep. Mike] Pence encouraged GOP rank-and-file lawmakers to hold energy summits in their districts over the Independence Day recess. In the recess packets sent home with members, he even included directions on how to organize energy summits.

The goal of holding an energy forum is to “educate your constituents about the Democrats’ national energy tax legislation and let them know what 'all of the above' solution you support.”

"All of the above” solution is a reference to the Republicans' plan that would increase the use of and exploration for domestic energy supplies.

Hey, isn't there some lady who talks a lot about the need for establishing an "all of the above" approach to energy independence and developing our own domestic supply?

What's her name again? I think she was named after a fish or something.


Hollis French Leads Progressive Community Organizers in Street Sweeping Exercise

KTUU reports:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Cleanup crews were hard at work clearing sidewalks of dust and debris left over from last winter near the intersection of Benson Boulevard and Spenard Road on Friday.

But they weren't working for the state -- they were volunteers, upset at how slowly they say the state is getting around to cleaning the street.


The state says a contractor is responsible for cleaning up this stretch of road.

"They've got some problem with the contractor they've selected to get the job done," Sen. Hollis French, D-Anchorage, said.

"We are concerned with how much has been accomplished and we've expressed that to the contractor and working that," Fullerton said.

But the state says the contractor still has time to get the job done.

"She has by contract until the 22nd of July," Fullerton said.

It wasn't immediately known if this project was included as part of President Obama's "shovel ready infrastructure project program." Obama tends to like projects in which people do not actually get paid. "Profit" is an evil word in the Obama administration. Hollis French must be the newest "community organizer." Obama will be looking to nationalize the street sweeping program next.

You may remember Hollis French from the 2008 campaign. He is the Alaska legislator who promised an "October Surprise" regarding the political attack on Governor Palin known as "Troopergate."

Look for this street sweeping stunt to be used as a political commercial in Hollis' campaign for governor. Why is Hollis a Democrat? He apparently sees that the government was "too slow" to clean the streets, so he took action as a private citizen to get the job done. French should start a street sweeping business and hire some folks to drive down our nation's unemployment.

At least Mike Doogan was up front about this being a "publicity stunt":

"In a way it's just a publicity stunt, but people ought to know what's going on here," said Rep. Mike Doogan, D-Anchorage.

Unfortunately for Hollis, his good friend Kim Elton was not available to participate in the "Street Sweepers for Change" program. Elton received his silver from the Obama administration for his part in "Troopergate."

UPDATE by RAM: Earlier this month the Palin administration sealed the deal in getting Exxon on board with TransCanada. It was a major victory for her administration and for the future of the natural gas pipeline to the Lower 48.

Democrats, desperate to find something to gripe about, went in search of a section of sidewalk that hasn't been swept.


One intersection of sidewalk in Anchorage vs. a major victory for the largest private energy infrastructure project in the world...

Damn that Sarah Palin. Forget pipelines. Hollis will keep the streets clean!

Update by JR: Gunny French should be proud of Governor Palin's trip to visit the troops in Europe. French, a former Marine, knows the morale boost that comes from such a visit.

By "former Marine," I actually mean, "a guy who
lied about being a Marine."

UPDATE II by RAM: The "progressives" seem a little confused about why we find Gunny's actions goofy.

Here's the "Political Posturing For Dummies" explanation...

Hollis and Doogan (you remember Mike Doogan -- he's the political genius who thought it was a good idea to outrage the leftwing of his base by
"outing" their darling) decided to find a stretch of sidewalk that was dirty. The contractor has until July 22 to clean it, but Hollis decided to invite camera crews to watch 12 Democrats sweep the dirt away in order to "make a statement" that the city or the state still hasn't done it.

It was a political stunt and a lame one at that. They had to go looking for some nonsense to hit Palin with, so they found a section of dirty sidewalk.

Headline: Palin doesn't care about cleaning the sidewalk!


Gov. Palin in Germany to Visit Wounded Troops

According to the governor's latest tweet, she's wrapped up her time in Kosovo and is now in Germany to visit wounded troops:

LtGen Campbell & I now n Germany=visit wounded warriors seek to do more to help these deserving patriots than mere visit they sacrifice much

According to this article from the military, her visit to Alaska National Guard soldiers stationed in Kosovo provided a morale boost to the troops:

Soldiers from the 'Land of the Midnight Sun' got a huge morale boost when Alaska's governor, Sarah Palin, and the state's adjutant general, Maj. Gen. Craig Campbell, trekked the approximately 5,000 miles to see their National Guard troops from the 49th state and to show their support for the service members of the Multi-National Task Force-East KFOR 11 mission.


"I truly appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. I have such a sincere, great appreciation for all that you are doing to serve your state and your country," said Palin.

Camp Bondsteel Soldiers welcomed with smiles, flash bulbs and a whirlwind tour. That evening she met with senior leadership hosted by the commanding general of MNTF-E, Brig. Gen. Keith Jones, and was briefed on the current situation in the eastern sector. The next morning Palin was treated to a unique breakfast of pancakes and smoked salmon by her fellow Alaskans and to hear what the rank and file had on their minds.

"[The governor] is real down-to-earth and as a mother of a teenager, she is someone I can relate to," said 1st Lt. Sarah Payeur, Task Force Arctic Eagle, aviation liaison officer, 1-207th Avn. Regt. "With her son in the Army, serving in Iraq, she completely understands what we are going through and to me that is important when it comes to knowing what family support is all about," said the Eagle River, Alaska native.

More here, including additional pictures.

(h/t baboonking)

UPDATE by RAM: Here's some more video of her trip to Kosovo:

UPDATE by Mel: Tweets from the Guv:

Frankfurt: AK Guard leadrs Campbell & Choate w/staff & soldiers @ Landstuhl Med Cntr; Canadian, US & other allied troops treated together...

To grasp the caring, sweet spirit of medical team @ Landstuhl will change your life. They serve, along w troops, something greater than self

Sacrificial soldiers who fought for freedom put it all in perspective: time/resources wasted on pettiness is futile- ask what really matters


Saturday Open Thread

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Hot Air: Waxman adds 300 page amendment to cap-and-trade bill at 2 a.m.; House passes it anyway

Irwin Stelzer: Warning: Energy rationing ahead

WSJ: Tehran Hard-Liners Seek to Show Their Dominance

BBC: "She was fighting for basic rights... I don't want her blood to have been shed in vain."

Lloyd Marcus: High Noon

Stuart Schwartz: "Eve Ensler's worst nightmare."


Friday, June 26, 2009

The Amazing Disappearing Shannyn Moore

Shannyn Moore:

I tried not to be jealous of South Carolina last week when Governor Mark Sanford went missing. I fantasized about Sarah taking a break on the Chilkoot trail. She could collect her thoughts, and prioritize Alaska back to the top of the list. John Kerry had the nerve to say the same thing. Sarah slams his looks…nice. Does this mean Letterman’s comments about her “looks” are fair game now?

Actually, Governor Palin had a problem with Letterman's jokes about her children. However, her looks have always been fair game to you, Shannyn. You are the person who was running around with a cell phone camera trying to peek up her skirt, right? Yeah, that was you. Creepy.

Kerry (D-Vietnam) is an adult and he joked about Palin "disappearing." Palin is an adult and she joked about Kerry. Palin is actually funny, Kerry is not. At least Kerry wasn't ripping the troops this time though, lets give him that.

Here is another thing to consider: Kerry is one of the least popular politicians in America. Palin is approaching 50% in favorability if you take a look at the latest Pew and CNN polls (above 50% according to the last Rasmussen poll). (And you might find these poll numbers of just how much our men and women in uniform dislike Obama, interesting.)

Also, I hear that Moore will be doing a disappearing act the next time she goes on "Countdown to No Ratings" with Keith Olbermann. Olbermann is the only host in America who is actually on a first name basis with all of his viewers (not counting his family and the maid cleaning the bathtub).

Update: Shannyn Moore (skirt chaser) approves of photoshopping pictures of Trig Palin:

(H/T to my pal Shannyn Moore who sent this out to me and my fellow progressive bloggers.)



BUMPED: Video: Palin Addressing Troops in Kosovo; UPDATE: Additional Footage

Hat tip to a couple of our readers for this - ymchoo and Just Sayin. Nothing official from the military yet, but it looks like one of the GIs in the audience videotaped much of the address and uploaded it.

The Governor also tweeted this morning about some details of her visit:

Now in Faik Konica school, our troops helping local students learn English along w/Pristina interpreters. Enthused kids thankful for U.S.

Spoke to Task Force Falcon this morn + 100's of troops from throughout US, & allies; audience of true heroes who sacrifice much for freedom.

Walked Kosovo streets w/ KFOR troops, folks chatted about their interest in U.S. & they knew a lot about Alaska! Taught them Yupik greetings.

I'll send pics to Aces & KWHL (they'll appreciate it) of Alaska Aviators here in Kosovo eating breakfst under our blue AK Aces hockey jersey.

Good stuff - thanked the troops, spoke about military spending and issues that concern people in uniform, mentioned that she will head to Germany to visit wounded troops...and stick through all the way to the end for a response to John Kerry's "joke":

Senator John Kerry makes this joke..I don't know if you saw this...but he makes this joke saying "Well, shoot, of all the governors in the nation to disappear, too bad it couldn't have been that Governor from Alaska."

Well, when he said it he looked quite frustrated, and he looked so sad, and I just wanted to reach out to the TV and say "John Kerry, why the long face?"


UPDATE: More tweets:

Met w Lithuanian Minister of Defense, Rasa Jukneviciene. She's a conservative in Parliament here for Change of Command & peacekeeping exercz

Why U.S. peace missions for freedom? "America is still the abiding alternative to tyranny. That is our purpose in the world." Ronald R

More Reagan "Freedom's never more than 1 generation away from extinction We didn't pass it to children in bloodstream it must be fought for"

BBQ w troops in aviation hanger; huge AK flag cake in their honor; ran w PT/Security along Camp Bondsteel rds into sunset; Q&A w leadership

UPDATE by Daniel: Here are some pictures of Governor Palin in Kosovo:

Gov. Palin at Camp Bondsteel. U.S. Army Photo by Sgt. Adam David Pepper.

Gov. Palin walking through the city of Ferizaj/Urosevac. U.S. Army Photo by Sgt. Adam David Pepper.

Gov. Palin with California Army National Guard Soldiers. U.S. Army Photo by Sgt. Adam David Pepper.

Gov. Palin speaks to soldiers at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo. U.S. Army Photo by Sgt. Adam David Pepper.

UPDATE II by Daniel: (h/t Patty) Here's more footage of Governor Palin's visit to Kosovo (video by Spc. Joseph Samudio):

UPDATE III by Daniel: Here's a picture of Governor Palin meeting with Lithuanian Minister of Defense, Rasa Jukneviciene, earlier today:

Courtesy of Sgt. L.Kalvaitis at the Ministry of National Defense Republic of Lithuania.

Governor Palin tweeted about this meeting:

Met w Lithuanian Minister of Defense, Rasa Jukneviciene. She's a conservative in Parliament here for Change of Command & peacekeeping exercz

UPDATE by RAM: From Don Surber’s Daily scoreboard:

2. Republican Gov. Sarah Palin to Democratic Sen. John Kerry: “John Kerry, why the long face?” The video.


Notice Gov. Palin is in Kosovo. Unlike our secretary of state, Gov. Palin is not under fire. No one would be nuts enough to fire upon her. She shoots back, as any moose in Alaska can tell you.

Hell, John Kerry can tell you that.


UPDATE by Mel: Press release from the governor's office:

June 26, 2009, Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo - Governor Sarah Palin today participated in the promotion ceremonies of three Alaska Army National Guard Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 207th Aviation Regiment.

Staff Sergeant Bryant Cox, from Wasilla, was promoted to Sergeant First Class (E-6 to E-7), Sergeant Douglas Montini, from Fairbanks, was promoted to Staff Sergeant (E-5 to E-6), and Sergeant Keith Nosbish, from Anchorage, was promoted to Staff Sergeant (E-5 to E-6).

"These soldiers are doing an outstanding job to ensure freedom to those who were oppressed, and I am proud of their accomplishments and their promotions while overseas," Governor Palin said.

UPDATE II by RAM: She's heading to Germany now to visit the wounded troops. She tweeted:

LtGen Campbell & I now n Germany=visit wounded warriors seek to do more to help these deserving patriots than mere visit they sacrifice much

UPDATE III by RAM: Here's some more video of her trip to Kosovo:


Some Lawmakers Disappointed with Progress on Alaska Gas Pipeline

From Jeff Jones writing for the Alaska Standard:

There’s an old proverb that says even a fool seems wise when he keeps his mouth shut. Apparently this wisdom is lost on a couple of our state legislators, as they have spoken publicly to espouse their angst regarding ExxonMobil Corp. and TransCanada Corp. forming a partnership to move the gas pipeline project forward.

Should we laugh or cry? For instance, when state Rep. Bill Thomas, R-Haines, states in a press release, “I’m disappointed with the partnership. Exxon’s involvement will qualify them for some of the $500 million that Alaska will give to TransCanada to work on the line…”

Not wanting to be left out, during a House Resource Committee hearing in Anchorage on June 23, Rep. Bruce Edgmon, R-Dillingham was upset and so eloquently portrayed his displeasure when he retorted that Exxon the “largest corporation on the planet,” may now receive reimbursement funds via TransCanada due to their recent agreement.

Our collective legislative foresight is frightfully underwhelming. May I kindly remind Mssrs. Thomas and Edgmon, they wholeheartedly, being of sound mind and body, cast a vote in favor of the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act a few months ago?


Alaska, do you want even the possibility of a gas pipeline project? If your answer is yes, then you should applaud the recent announcement by TransCanada concerning ExxonMobil.

I encourage you to read the entire article here.


"Progressive" Alaska Bloggers Are Tight: Secrecies Were Sworn... To Turn A Blind Eye

The events of the past few days have re-emphasised that a group of Alaska Bloggers work together to undermine Governor Palin and seek her downfall.

We believe that the loyalty which those bloggers show to each other allows them to remain silent and uncritical of their fellow bloggers when the boundaries of common decency are crossed, for example on issues such as the hateful conspiracy theory about Trig Palin which one of their number pursues.

Two days ago one of the Alaska bloggers made a dreadful error of judgment in posting a manipulated photographic image of Governor Palin and her son Trig, a baby with Down Syndrome.

Distasteful though it is that that image was posted by a woman who has a young daughter of her own and is herself disabled, perhaps more disturbing is that it doesn’t appear to have occurred to that woman to question how her manipulation of a very well known image showing one of the most vulnerable members of society might cause offense.

It doesn’t appear that the woman was able to consider how she herself might feel, as an instinctively protective parent, if someone had chosen to present a distorted image of her daughter, whom it is clear that she loves. Nor does it appear that she has any conception that Governor Palin, as a parent, will share with her that instinctive desire to protect her own children.

How did this woman’s fellow Alaska Bloggers react to her error of judgment?

Philip Munger (Progressive Alaska): is a member of the Alaska Democratic Party. His website is linked to by the Alaska Democratic Party. He is the Secretary of the Mat-Su Democrats. Yesterday, he reacted to the offense caused by the publication of a distorted image of Governor Palin’s child by deliberately trying to shift the focus of the outrage - posting two articles which argue that Governor Palin is an inadequate parent.

Yesterday, Mr Munger left a comment at a website whose readers are known to support the theory that Governor Palin is not the natural mother of her fifth child, inviting those people to visit his website to view the articles about Governor Palin’s inadequacies as a parent – in effect, seeking their support.

Mr Munger also visited C4P yesterday and left this unnerving comment about his intrusion into the lives of the Palin family:

"I have spoken to over a dozen people who work in the medical field about the last stages of Palin's most recent pregnancy. Most feel Palin endangered the child by the way she conducted herself. Some feel Palin did this consciously; others feel it was merely her typical selfish negligence regarding one of her kids." (Phil Munger: 25 Jun: 5.21pm)

Munger has made no comment about his friend Linda Kellen Biegel’s efforts to exploit a photograph of a child with Down Syndrome for financial gain, with the aim of ruining the livelihood of that child’s parent. Instead, he has provided financial support to Kellen Biegel.

Gryphen (Immoral Minority): promotes the theory that Governor Palin is not Trig Palin’s natural mother. He says he knows that in his heart but that he doesn’t yet have proof. He asks his readers to give him money so that he can continue his search for proof. This week his writing has encouraged this type of response from his readership:

"I want the IRS/FBI to cuff the bitch."

"I want that bitch to go down ..."

"...have no doubt that SP is guilty of something. And since she and Stapletongue have such big mouths, I have faith that SP will eventually get caught and pay the price."

"I am happy to wait and see her swing - on her own rope."

Gryphen’s interest in this issue is that it appears to have helped to generate the funds Kellen Biegel needs to pursue a request for the emails of 6 members of the Office of the Governor. Something which pleases him.

Update by JR: Gryphen, the Trig truther, is asking for help in sending his good friend Shannyn Moore to a convention of some kind. If Gryphen is able to help Shannyn attend the convention, she should return the favor by praising him on all his hard work in attempting to discover who the real mother of Trig Palin is.

Gryphen might just settle for Shannyn Moore's creepy pictures of Governor Palin's legs and skirt.

Shannyn Moore (Just A Girl From Homer): sees the corrupted photograph issue as “faux outrage”, an attack on Biegel. She says that the Alaska blogging community supports Kellen Biegel in her “accountability drive”. She seeks sympathy for her friend in pointing out that Kellen Biegel “walks with a cane, and has physical disabilities. She has a bi-racial child and is always on the righteous side of fighting discrimination”, that the attack on Biegel is “false victimisation”.

AKMuckraker (The Mudflats): writes that she was disturbed by the image of Eddie Burke because it was of Eddie Burke. She sees the intervention of C4P as Governor Palin changing her tactics, seeks to distance Biegel from the Democratic Party (though Kellen Biegel boasts of such a link at her website), says nothing, absolutely nothing about the efficacy of corrupting an easily identifiable image of a child with Down Syndrome, doesn’t acknowledge the offense it has caused, makes no criticism of Kellen Biegel, or of Gryphen’s conspiracy theory, or the bizarre investigations of Munger.

Quick to go into mourning when she was outed by Mike Doogan several months ago, she is unwilling to offer any indication that her fellow bloggers have crossed the bounds of common decency. Instead, she tells her readers that “local Alaskan political watchdog and blogger Linda Kellen Biegel is in the middle of a project.”

The reality of that Mudflats’ euphemism is the range of accusations which Biegel has levelled in recent weeks:

• That Governor Palin lacks honesty and professional behaviour, as do her Chief of Staff and members of the Personnel Board
• That Governor Palin has personally used her Office to attack a private citizen.
• That Bill McAllister (former Press Officer) is dishonest, unprofessional and arrogant
• That Chief of Staff Mike Nizich shows dangerous unprofessionalism
• That Acting Attorney General Svobodny is a puppet to Governor Palin
• That Alaska Ear columnist Sheila Toomey does the Adminstration’s bidding
• That Annette Kreitzer of the Office of the Governor partners Mike Nizich in unethical behaviour
• That Eddie Burke and Sheila Toomey have participated in a co-ordinated campaign against Andree McLeod
• That the government of the State of Alaska is Governor Palin’s own personal Nazi SS squad

Not even that final accusation drew a reaction from the blogger at The Mudflats.

Even when the bounds of common decency have been crossed, Alaska bloggers are tight.

Secrecies were sworn.


Experienced Vice President Thinks Tim Kaine is the Governor of NJ


The L.A. Times reports:

Biden also praised Tim Kaine as the "great governor of New Jersey."
One problem: Tim Kaine's not governor of New Jersey.

Jon Corzine is governor of New Jersey (Remember, he didn't wear his seatbelt in the state patrol car for the big high-speed crash).

Tim Kaine is governor of another state, called Virginia.

He's also chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Biden is from Delaware.

He used a Teleprompter.

Got that? These were prepared remarks. Which means that Biden, or his staff, do not know who the Governor of New Jersey is (Delaware is about one minute away from NJ) and they also do not know who the chairman of the Democratic National Committee is.

This means only one thing: Gravitas.


Friday Open Thread

More here

WENY: 300 Volunteer for "Day of Caring"

Daily Mail: The view from space

Boston Globe: Rescuers lauded for saving girl at East Boston school

Herald Community: Little League celebrates field of dreams

Reuters: Stoned wallabies make crop circles


AKMuckracker Mucks the Story

I’ve often referred to the writer behind “The Mudflats” as Mudzilla.

She doesn’t refer to me as anything. In her latest article at the HuffPost, I’m an unnamed “out-of-state pro-Palin blogger.” I find it rather amusing that leftists who idealize Che Guevara are suddenly disturbed by outside agitators. If I were Keith Olbermann, I don’t think my “out-of-state” status would be so offensive to them.

Her true nom de cyber is AKMuckraker, and in the interests of charity and good will, I shall refer to her as AKMuckraker.

She has penned an article explaining in her own inimitable style the latest dust up in “the wacky world of Alaskan politics.”

AKMuckraker is a good writer. She chooses her words carefully. Her article is an attempt to deflect the opprobrium heaped on all of her leftwing AK blogging buddies because of Linda Kellen Biegel’s unconscionable photoshop of Trig Palin.

AKMuckraker crafts an interesting narrative of events. She claims that we ignorant “outsiders” had no idea that the face photoshopped on baby Trig was Alaska radio talk show host Eddie Burke. That’s rather surprising since it was my readers who first informed Eddie Burke of the photoshop. And I spoke with Eddie Burke on the phone at about 8:00 a.m. AK time on the very morning the photoshop first appeared on Biegel’s website. I know what Eddie Burke looks like, just as I know what Sarah and Trig Palin look like. We were well aware of what Biegel’s intensions were. Eddie didn’t even recognize himself in the photo at first. I didn’t recognize it as his face either. I thought it was a grotesque homage to Todd Browning’s “Freaks.”

It was in terrible taste. AKMuckraker is no fool. She knows it was in bad taste. She admits that it was “disturbing,” but she ultimately defends Biegel’s photo by using language like “wacky” to frame the whole narrative as just a silly little bit of nothing.

Does she have children? Remember that this is the same woman who was devastated when her identity was “outed” by a Democrat state representative in Alaska. How would she feel if we were to photoshop a “disturbing” imagine of her holding her child? Would her reaction be just a “wacky” bit of sideshow?

She also completely misstates my objection to the photo: of the bloggers at the site [RAM: That would be little ol’ out-of-state revolutionary agitator me... call me Che Mansour] was featured on the Eddie Burke Show in Alaska and expressed the fact that her readers were outraged. This image was making fun of a precious special needs baby, she said.

Those were not my words. I said that the image was in poor taste and was mocking an iconic photograph that meant a great deal to families of special needs children. I said it was a crude, heartless and tasteless thing to do. I don’t think I used the word “disturbing,” but that would have been appropriate as well.

As I noted above, AKMuckraker is a good writer. She chooses her words carefully. Notice how she uses the words “a precious special needs baby.” She is not claiming that the baby is precious. She is mocking what she claims I said. That speaks a great deal to her personality, which strikes me as rather chilly.

My guess is that she would be more outraged by a cruel depiction of a baby moose, than that of a baby boy. But perhaps I am being unfair. Let her state clearly that it was a tasteless photo. Let her declare that though a politician is fair game, her children should be off limits.

Now, getting back to AKMuckraker’s article, which reaches new heights of absurdity...

She attempts to reframe the story as not about Biegel’s sick photo, but about “political watchdog” Biegel’s quest to discover the secret collaborative link between Eddie Burke and Gov. Palin.

In framing this narrative, AKMuckraker relies on this photo which she took of Eddie Burke last Tuesday at an Anchorage Assembly Meeting:

Of course, she doesn’t provide the context of the photo, thereby encouraging readers to believe that Eddie was using the inflammatory language on the shirt to describe himself. Obviously, he wasn’t. KBYR, the Alaska radio station which also broadcasts AKMuckraker’s leftwing friend Shannyn Moore, would not feature a radio host who is a “Nazi” or a racist, etc. It seems silly to have to point this out, but as we’ve repeatedly observed, the conventional attitude among the denizens of the leftwing fruitlooposhere is that if an opportunity, however tenuous, arises to attack Gov. Palin, then there’s no reason to let common sense get in the way.

There have been a number of contentious Assembly Meetings in Anchorage this month about a proposed city ordinance. Eddie Burke has been vocal in his opposition to the ordinance, while many of the leftwing bloggers have been vocal in support of it. Passions have been stirred on both sides of the issue. As a result of his vocal opposition to the ordinance, Eddie has been referred to in vulgar and inflammatory terms. So, he wore a shirt that displayed some of the hate directed at him by those who are in favor of the ordinance. Those are the names he’s been called for the position he’s taken. Perhaps he wore the shirt in an attempt to show the name-callers just how silly and over the top their name calling is. Perhaps it was an attempt to show them that he has a sense of humor. The reason is not important.

You may be wondering why this matters. Well, according to these bloggers, Gov. Palin and Eddie Burke are operating in some collaborative manner that is outside the bounds of normal interactions between an elected official and a member of the media. And because of this, they imply that Gov. Palin is somehow responsible for Eddie’s actions. As I noted, they have reached new heights of absurdity.

As a public official, it is vital for Gov. Palin and her administration to communicate with the citizens of Alaska, and that is primarily accomplished through the media. This includes newspapers, television, and talk radio. Gov. Palin has been on a variety of talk radio shows in Alaska, including Dan Fagan’s show. Is she collaborating with Dan Fagan as well? Or only with those who happen to agree with some of her policies? To claim that she has influence over any member of the media is simply not based in reality.

Gov. Palin does not agree with Eddie Burke on all of his positions, nor does he agree with her on everything. I don’t agree with Eddie Burke on all of his positions, nor does this website. I am a “live and let live” kind of gal when it comes to most social issues, and yet I have a respect for tradition and religion and those quaint civilizational forces which have served mankind ever since we crawled out of the cave and started building metropolises.

I don’t agree with Eddie Burke on everything, but that’s alright because Eddie Burke almost always goes out of his way to be respectful to callers who disagree with him. He only gets heated when confronted with people who defend heartless attacks on the governor’s children or who file frivolous ethics complaints that make a mockery out of Alaska’s Ethics Act.

What does all of this have to do with the photoshop of Trig? Nothing really.

Instead of condemning Biegel’s cruel photoshop of Trig, AKMuckraker decided to use this non sequitor to divert attention away from the obvious: In their desperate attempt to smear Gov. Palin, this network of Alaskan leftwing bloggers have long since lost sight of any reasonable standard of common decency.

UPDATE by RAM: Another line of reasoning that the leftwing bloggers are using to deflect the opprobrium and defend the indefensible is to point out that a similarly distasteful manipulation of the the photo of Gov. Palin holding baby Trig was made by another leftwinger earlier this month, only that depiction showed Letterman's visage on baby Trig's face. They want to know why we weren't outraged by that. The explanation is rather simple. We didn't see that earlier depiction. If we had, we would have condemned the heartless jerk who made it just as strongly as we condemned Biegel.

If they would like to see consistency in our condemnations, then I invite these leftwingers to email us any new outrages against Gov. Palin's children that they would like us to denounce. We don't have the time or the inclination to scour the dark corners of their creepy blogosphere to chronicle all of the crud they fling like monkey feces at a decent and honorable family that never did them any wrong.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Troopathon Open Thread

If you haven't checked in yet, head over to Hot Air to watch the Troopathon. There's still time to participate.

Consider this an Open Thread.


Governor Palin Visits ANG in Kosovo

Press release from the governor's office:

June 25, 2009, Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin is in Kosovo visiting approximately 140 Alaska Army National Guard aviators who are deployed for 12 months on a peacekeeping mission.

The 1st Battalion, 207th Aviation Regiment is providing aviation support with UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters to U.S. forces and coalition forces. This is an air assault mission in which the unit will be tasked with various duties including passenger and cargo airlift, external sling load deliveries, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. “I am happy to pass on the message of sincere thanks from all Alaskans,” Governor Palin said. “We are so proud of their service.”

A part of Governor Palin’s duties while she is in country is to inspect the troops and ascertain how the experience in Kosovo will better prepare these service members for missions within Alaska and future deployments overseas.

“As commander-in-chief, Governor Palin is the one we look to for leadership and inspiration while serving and defending the sovereign boundaries of Alaska,” said Lt. Gen. (AK) Craig E. Campbell, Adjutant General of the Alaska National Guard. “We thank the commanding general of the Multi-National Task Force East for the invitation to visit and for his hospitality while in country.”

The 1st Battalion, 207th Aviation is the most deployed unit in the Alaska National Guard, having previously deployed elements to Kosovo in 2004, as well as fulfilling missions in Iraq, Guatemala, Haiti and Honduras.


Dr. Chill: Liar, Liar; Now They're Claiming That We Made the Photo Ugly

Well, it seems that Dr. Chill, who created the downright nasty image of young Trig Palin is trying to pass the blame. He claims in a Politico comment that I downsized the image in order to make the picture appear worse:

I did the Baby Burke Photo with Sarah and Baby Eddie Burke in a loving embrace. The sites whose members are in an uproar reproduced the image without the caption and reduced the size of the image. I gave Big Burley Eddie Burke a perfectly lovely baby's body - in a perfectly lovely embrace. Now the governor thinks I've desecrated something. That might be true if it was sacred to begin with, and Eddie's face alone is enough to defile it.

Posted By: DrChill June 25, 2009 at 10:40 AM

Nice try, but I took a screenshot of the original image at Celtic Diva's website (click to enlarge):

As you can plainly see, the picture I uploaded onto C4P is the same image that appears on Celtic Diva's. This was the photo that I posted on C4P:

See, it's the same one from her website. I copied it exactly as it appeared on her website. I "right clicked" and saved the photo. That's all.

We know the standard liberal argument here: It's not Celtic Diva's fault that you are offended, its YOUR fault because you "don't understand the joke."

Well, I don't think that a joke involving a special needs baby can ever be funny. I don't know what we are "supposed to understand" on this one.

I'm sorry, but I just don't get it.

UPDATE by RAM: And for the record, people who saw the photo and who also know Eddie Burke couldn't even tell that it was Eddie's photo. It just looked like some grotesque devilish baby -- like something out of a Grimm's Fairy Tale.


Phil Munger, Official Obstetrician of the Alaska Democratic Party

Who is "Doctor" Phil Munger? Phil is an official of the Democratic Party in Alaska who also operates the blog "Progressive Alaska." We called him out earlier because he links from his blog to Trig Truthers like "The Immoral Minority" and to the hideous photoshop parody of a special needs child found at "Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis."

Phil is also apparently an obstetrician in his own mind, much like Andrew Sullivan. (Just being sarcastic about that -VO.) Not content to engage in attacks by proxy via hosting these deranged people at his home, Munger has decided to attack the Governor over the circumstances of her youngest son's birth. How sexist can you get?

She decided to fly back to Alaska to have her 5th child that she knew had Downs Syndrome. She passed up some of the finest children’s hospitals in Dallas, Seattle and Anchorage. She flew several hours and then drove 50 miles to her home town and had her baby. I admire her ability to hold a child in during all those hours and miles above the Earth while she was in labor.

Phil, it's Down Syndrome, not "Downs Syndrome". Get your facts straight. And exactly how many children have you given birth to? Isn't a mother the best judge of her own labor and childbirth? Was Palin's doctor not consulted every step of the way? And did mother and son emerge from this just fine, or not?

Alan Colmes already tried this attack against Governor Palin, and conventional wisdom is that it cost him his job at Fox News. Andrew Sullivan tries it out on a regular basis; as a result he has become a laughingstock.

The "progressive" Alaskan bloggers have utilized this misogynist attack before - Shannyn Moore and (surprise) Celtic Diva.

More disturbing is that it's a meme repeated endlessly on the most deranged of the Trig Truther blogs, one of which, "The Immoral Minority," Munger links directly from the front page of his website.

Another thing to ask the Alaska Democrats - do they condone sexist comments about a woman's childbirth from one of their party officials?

Let's ask them. Here is their website contact form.

UPDATE: Doctor Phil doubles down on misogyny.

UPDATE II: Just some personal commentary - watching the tactics of Trig Truthers like Phil Munger is kind of like watching Wile E. Coyote. Just replace "ACME device" with "Daily Kos meme". They're so convinced that, by just finding some new way of repackaging a vicious attack against Palin as a woman and mother, they can finally get those pesky Christians and family-values voters to turn against her.

I probably shouldn't offer them advice, because Truthers like Munger are becoming an asset in solidifying Palin's support. But I will anyway:

HEY MORONS. IT'S NOT WORKING. No, calling Bristol a slut, or Trig a prop, or Track a criminal does not separate Palin from her base of support. If that was going to work, it would have worked in the first week of September 2008. You saw the results with Palin's reception at the Republican National Convention.

People like Doctor Phil won't give it up, though. They just can't help themselves.

UPDATE III: Doctor Phil himself has just posted at the Truther blog "The Immoral Minority":

I've just posted two appropriate articles about how Palin herself has mistreated Trig at Progressive Alaska.

Giving birth is now apparently "mistreatment". I await evidence on how Trig Palin has suffered from his mother's malevolent abuse.


More Pearls Of Wisdom From Mr Frum

World famous, lovable and cuddly David Frum is a towering intellect, a Republican guru whose pronouncements can make or break those aspiring to political office. He has remarkable insight, shimmering perspicacity and an astonishing way with words – a sort of Republican Barack Obama. It is therefore with sadness that we must report Frum’s latest magisterial declaration – that Governor Palin has little hope of gaining the Republican nomination in 2012.

Ivy Leaguer Frum who knows the grassroots better than any other Republican alive and who is also an avid student of history and statistics has spent weeks doing in depth research on Republican Presidential primaries and has come up with a golden rule – whoever comes second in one primary will almost certainly win the next one four years later.

It was Mitt Romney not Sarah Palin who came second in the 2008 contest - and the GOP has repeatedly turned next time to the candidate who finished second last time. (IE: John McCain finished second in 2000, Bob Dole finished second in 1988, George HW Bush finished second in 1980, Ronald Reagan finished second in 1976

That should save the RNC an enormous amount of money as they might only need to arrange primary contests every twelve years or so – Romney 2012, Huckabee 2016, etc. etc.

Romney has already established an effective fund-raising and vote-mobilizing apparatus. Palin has to begin from zero.

That’s right – it was so successful for Romney in 2008 that Governor Palin might as well give up now....if only there were thousands of men and women totally devoted to her scattered throughout every state...if only she could attract thousands of people to meetings and get them digging deep into their wallets and purses...

Palin is prone to emotional mistakes, including her breach with Levi Johnston, father of her grand-daughter, and a man to keep inside the tent if there ever were one. (What do you bet that Johnston becomes a national campaign correspondent for MTV or Comedy Central in 2012?)

Ah those emotional, hormonal women. The Governor cold shouldered Levi from the minute her nomination as VP candidate was announced and ordered her daughter to blank him. She has been unable to deliver anything as Governor of Alaska and bursts into tears and stamps her foot whenever the going gets tough unlike Romney, Huckabee etc who are real men. Frum, you see knows Alaska like the back of his hand and understands more about the oil and natural gas industries than twenty Red Adairs.

Oh and Frum knows all about emotional women...

No, let’s face it Frum called time on Governor Palin just before the debate with Senator Biden:

“I think she has pretty thoroughly — and probably irretrievably — proven that she is not up to the job of being president of the United States,”David Frum, a former speechwriter for President Bush who is now a conservative columnist, said in an interview. “If she doesn’t perform well, then people see it."

And how right you were, David, because since she had to slink back to Alaska after a defeat of Mondale proportions she has disappeared totally from the radar like any X Factor loser.

As they say in Evansville and Auburn – Sarah Who?


Obsession Clouds Common Decency

“A sense of the fundamental common decencies is parcelled out unequally at birth.”

I’d like to draw your attention to the National Down Syndrome Awareness website, specifically the “My Great Story” feature which you will find linked at that site. You can read more about it here.

Read the story of Sara Wolff (here), a public speaker. Watch the video of Sara’s photo shoot and enjoy her self-confidence and the manner in which she articulates her views, her purpose:

“Inclusion” began the moment I was born. My family included me in everything they did. I was fortunate to have parents who believed in me. I was a fully included student from pre-school through high school graduation, and college."

Inclusion is what also began for Trig Palin the moment his mother, having had her faith tested to its core, decided that she would give birth to her Down Syndrome son, that he would play a full part in the lives of the Palin family, that she would proudly involve him in every aspect of her family’s life.

The pride she feels in her son was captured in this iconic, inspirational photograph:

It is a photograph which speaks of the place which her son holds in this woman’s heart.

The open celebration of her child by one of the world’s most famous people carries the possibility that the world will become a more accepting place as a consequence of this woman’s declaration that she will be an advocate and a friend to those with special needs.

With all the advantages of his family background, imagine the potential of someone such as Trig Palin to become an advocate himself, like Sara Wolff.

That anyone should seek to corrupt an iconic image of a mother and her innocent child, much less that that corruption should be perpetrated by someone who is also a mother and has written that she herself has a disability, is a fundamentally despicable act.

It was an act of intolerance which demonstrated that that person’s increasingly irrational behaviour and personal obsession has clouded her judgment of the common decencies.

Contemplate the heartache and the anguish which the future might actually hold for Trig Palin if others follow your lead, Linda, and ask yourself why it was that you chose to make the world a less welcoming place for that little boy.

UPDATE by Mel:


Just Relax - Obama's Dealing With Iran, Not Palin

One of the accusations thrown against Governor Palin during the 2008 campaign was that, as her running mate was elderly with a history of medical problems, she was too inexperienced to be one heartbeat away from the Oval Office. Similar questions were not raised about Senator Biden because Barack Obama was younger and fitter than John McCain and, even if the unthinkable happened, Biden's experience as a long term member and chairman of the Senate foreign Relations committee would enable him to deal with those 3.00am phone calls that Hillary Clinton defined as the litmus test for any President.

“Inexperienced” was a code word, of course, for being unable to understand and deal with issues of foreign policy. Unlike Senators Obama and Biden Governor Palin had rarely travelled outside the USA and, furthermore, her political life had been grounded entirely in a backwoods state far from the metropolitan centres of America’s cultural and intellectual elites. Obama, however, with his Ivy League education and cosmopolitan background had been mixing with those elites for years.

Way back at a townhall meeting in Clarion, Iowa in November 2007, Obama spelled out his qualifications for being able to handle foreign policy issues once he was in the White house

Democrat Barack Obama said Monday his childhood experience in Asia and his family in Kenya give him a greater foreign policy understanding than politicians who merely take junkets to other countries.

The first-term Illinois senator is frequently asked whether he has the foreign policy credentials to be president, and he faced the question again at a town hall meeting in Clarion.

‘‘I spent four years living overseas when I was a child living in Southeast Asia,’’ said Obama, who was born in Hawaii and spent four years in Indonesia. ‘‘My father is from Kenya. That’s where I got my name. He’s passed away now, but I still have family.’’

‘‘A lot of my knowledge about foreign affairs is not what I just studied in school. It’s actually having the knowledge of how ordinary people in these other countries live.’’

Obama contrasted that with tightly controlled congressional trips overseas.

‘‘You get picked up at the airport by a state convoy and a security detail. They drive you over to the ambassador’s house and you get lunch. Then you go take a tour of some factory or some school. Children do a native dance.’’

Obama said foreign policy decisions are rooted in an understanding of foreign cultures and he argued he has a much keener perception than his rivals.

‘‘It’s very hard for you to make good foreign policy decisions. Foreign policy is all about judgment,’’ said Obama. ‘‘It’s understanding what the world looks like from the outside.’’

So, for those of you who are a little worried about the way he has reacted to the aftermath of the Iranian election the answer is just be cool. His dad was from Kenya, he lived as a boy in Indonesia and, as a young man he briefly visited Pakistan. This depth of experience has enabled him to understand the significance of the events in Iran far more effectively than President Sarkozy of France.

On June 16th Sarkozy “branded Iran's election result a fraud” whereas Obama merely said he had “deep concerns.” Over the next few days while the rest of us were picking up disturbing images of government directed brutality via Twitter, Obama’s concerns gradually deepened, but he deftly avoided the rather unsophisticated robustness of Sarkozy and his responses have remained nuanced much to the relief of those who know better, like Michael J.W. Stickings.

The right has been all over Obama's measured response to the Iranian election -- seriously, what was he to do? push America's weight around with the situation still unclear, and with allegations of corruption and vote-rigging unproven, however credible, thereby likely driving the wedge between Washington and Tehran deeper at a time when the U.S. is seeking to open up diplomatic relations with Iran over its nuclear program? no, open meddling in internal Iranian affairs would hardly have gone over well in proud, nationalistic Iran -- but yesterday he came out firmly against the violent government crackdown on the opposition protesters and for an open investigation.

It wasn't all that much, but it was enough, and it was far more meaningful than the careful wording suggests. The president showed his, and America's, support for the protesters without being overly judgmental -- and thereby without threatening the fragile link that may yet allow him to promote America's interests diplomatically, if not to achieve positive results with respect to Iran's nuclear program and strategic position in the region.

Not that it's nearly enough for the right -- what would be enough for the right, short of neocon war? -- but, then, it's not like the right ever appreciates such nuance, such sensible maturity.

So there you have it – by not "going Sarkozy" Obama has made the Tehran regime think again about how it views the USA. You can just imagine Ahmadinejad ringing Khamenei and saying, “Hey, maybe they are not The Great Satan....why don’t we water down all that Caliphate stuff and invite Barack over to chat about centrifuges – and maybe he can give us some tips about cap and trade...”

Doesn’t that make you sleep sweeter at night knowing that Mr Nuance is in charge? And just to chill your blood a little let’s consider what might have been – McCain gets elected and then does a William Henry Harrison – catches a chill at the inauguration and dies thirty days later and the Iran affair has to be dealt with by the non-Ivy League former Governor of Alaska whose life experience has been as unsophisticated and uncosmopolitan as Rip Van Winkle.

Of course you can always guarantee that Thomas Sowell will blurt out something totally irrelevant:

The difference between being a spectator and being a participant, with responsibility for the consequences of what you say and do, is fundamental.

You can read books about crime or attend lectures by criminologists, but you have no real experience or expertise about crime unless you have been a criminal or a policeman.

Out of the four presidential and vice-presidential candidates this year, only Governor Palin has had to make executive decisions and live with the consequences

Ha – what did Sowell ever know...we can all live quite happily with the consequences of Obama’s executive decisions on Iran.

Of course we can...can't we?


UPDATED: SarahPAC Statement on Trig Palin Photo Manipulation; ADN and Lib Blogger Blackout

This statement was taken from Governor Palin's FaceBook account:

The following refers to a post Conservatives 4 Palin made Wednesday and to which others are responding:

"Recently we learned of a malicious desecration of a photo of the Governor and baby Trig that has become an iconic representation of a mother's love for a special needs child.

The mere idea of someone doctoring the photo of a special needs baby is appalling. To learn that two Alaskans did it is absolutely sickening. Linda Kellen Biegel, the official Democrat Party blogger for Alaska, should be ashamed of herself and the Democratic National Committee should be ashamed for promoting this website and encouraging this atrocious behavior.

Babies and children are off limits. It is past time to restore decency in politics and real tolerance for all Americans. The Obama Administration sets the moral compass for its party. We ask that special needs children be loved, respected and accepted and that this type of degeneracy be condemned."

-- Meghan Stapleton

UPDATE by VO: Ben Smith at Politico has this as well. It seems to me that SarahPAC is beginning a "zero tolerance" position regarding attacks on the Palin children.

UPDATE II by VO: Where are the Alaska Democrats and other Alaska progressive bloggers on this? We've been told by Shannyn Moore how tight they are, and how they meet up at the home of Phil Munger, who is a Democratic Party official:

Feeling like an endangered species, Alaska progressives are tight. The Alaska Bloggers are tighter. Right after the nomination of Sarah Palin for VP, Wasilla blogger, musician, professor, and all around renaissance man, Phil Munger, threw a party at his home-the first of many. Secrecies were sworn; we were not alone in front of our computers-we had each other; Mudflats, Immoral Minority, Writing Raven, Celtic Diva, Progressive Alaska, Alaska Report, What Do I Know, and myself, Just a Girl From Homer.


What we were going up against was so much bigger than any one of us. We'd email or call each other daily. We'd comment on each other's blogs. We shared a community and a desire to make Alaska better. We told each other when we were wrong.

Are they telling each other now when they're wrong? Nope, they're supporting and enabling outrageous attacks on the Palin children, including Trig Truth and grotesque photoshops of a special-needs child.

Is Phil Munger condemning or criticizing this? Nope, he's linking to, and encouraging the website that carried this grotesque image. AKMuckraker at The Mudflats? Same thing.

No condemnation at all, they just continue to link to and support this person, just as they link to and support those who make ludicrous allegations that Trig Palin is not the Governor's son. Silence means consent - not just for these bloggers, but for Alaska Democrats as a whole.

UPDATE by RAM: As noted above, Linda Kellen Biegel was the official Alaskan blogger at the DNC convention. The DNC platform states:

"We believe that standing up for our country means standing up against sexism and all intolerance. Demeaning portrayals of women cheapen our debates, dampen the dreams of our daughters, and deny us the contributions of too many. Responsibility lies with us all." (DNC 2008 Platform, Sec. I, Page 16.)

We still have not heard from the local Democrats in Alaska about whether they approve of what Biegel did to a photo of Gov. Palin holding her special needs son. They link to Biegel's blog on the Alaska Democrat's website. Do they approve of what she did? Ask them:

UPDATE III by VO: I guess the Anchorage Daily News silently consents as well. They are blacking out the story, despite the fact that we've been tipping them on it since the very beginning and it has now appeared on CNN and Politico. Not even a mention on the Alaska Politics Blog, or the Alaska Newsreader, which purports to round up happenings in the blogosphere. They're normally up for anything to slam Palin (even Trig Truth) but apparently not anything that shows her and her family in a sympathetic light.

UPDATE II by RAM: Gov. Palin just tweeted this:

Perfectly beautiful babies like Trig, & countless others like him, add a special quality to our world. Here's Trig:

Take a look: here's a video that Trig, Piper & I taped in support of Special Olympics.

This is the photo she linked to:


Thursday Open Thread

The Anchoress: Horror in Iran

Washington Times: Obama disinvites Iran from July 4th celebrations

AP: North Korea warns of 'fire shower of nuclear' attack

Fox News: WH: Violence in Iraq Won't Deter Withdrawal Plans

AP: White House threatens defense spending bill veto

CNBC: Warren Buffett to CNBC: U.S. Economy In "Shambles"

WaPo: Another day, a weaker dollar

WSJ: Unemployed Hit the Road to Find Jobs (Wait, you mean "funemployment" isn't a real thing?)

NRO: Stimulus Transportation Dollars Begin Messing With Joe Biden

Sunlight Foundation: What's going on with the Cap and Trade bill?

ABC: Once Opposed to 'Forcing' Americans to Get Health Insurance, President Obama Now Says His Thinking Has 'Evolved'

HBHLS: H.L. Mencken on Leadership: What does Grover Cleveland and Sarah Palin have in common?

We'll take a break from the "real" news in the Open Thread tomorrow (like we did last Friday). If you have some "good" news for tomorrow's Open Thread, send it my way.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kay Bailey Hutchison Doesn't Want to Talk About Sarah Palin

(H/T GOP 12)

It seems that Kay Bailey Hutchison doesn't want to talk about Sarah Palin.

Hutchison appeared on Hardball yesterday:

MATTHEWS: Can a reasonable person like you of moderate-conservative views.... win a Republican primary in Texas for governor against a candidate, a character like Rick Perry who's talked about secession from the Union, who now enjoys -- if that's the right word -- the endorsement of Sarah Palin [who] for whatever crazy reason has gotten herself involved in Texas politics.

HUTCHISON: [laughing] Oh, Chris.

MATTHEWS: I'm asking the question -- the secessionist who has the support of Sarah Palin. Can you beat somebody with those attractive features?

HUTCHISON: Yes, well no. I'm not mentioning or talking about Sarah Palin, but I'm talking about running for governor of Texas, and I do think it is so important that we send out the message that Ronald Reagan sent out. I'm a conservative. I want the party to be growing and rebuilding.... we can form a party around basic principles of freedom, of lower taxes, of entrepreneurship.... we should not repel people from the party, and that's what, I think, has happened with Governor Perry in some instances.

Oh, Kay (I'm laughing too). What have you gotten yourself into in Texas? So you don't want to talk about Governor Palin's endorsement of Rick Perry on television but you have no problem taking shots at her on your campaign website. This is an excerpt from an article that Hutchison displays on her campaign website:

When it comes down to it, Palin doesn’t know Eskimo from Alamo about Texas government and politics. What’s more, she is unlikely to care. ...

If Perry relies too heavily on Palin, he may find himself with a lot of time to watch Russians from her front porch come January 2011.

I guess Hutchison is still upset that she was not selected as John McCain's running mate in 2008. Did anybody see her performances in defending Palin during the campaign? Horrible.

Hutchison gets emotional when discussing Hillary Clinton's trials during the 2008 campaign season:

During an emotional moment at the Dallas Women's Museum, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison praised Hillary Rodham Clinton for "keeping a confident face" during the 2008 presidential campaign when "you were getting so many disappointments."

"You were completely devastated and you never let it show on your face," Hutchison said during the forum. "That character is why you are secretary of state today."

Clinton smiled as her eyes began to water. The audience then gave her a major ovation.

I guess she must have missed the treatment of Sarah Palin.

Hey, it might just be that Hutchison realizes that attacking Governor Palin does not work well with Republican voters. Here is the latest poll in the Texas primary battle between Hutchison and Perry:

Perry 33
Hutchison 21
Berman 1
No Opinion/Don't Know 45

Also, I really wish Senator Hutchison would stop with the "big tent" revisionist history of Ronald Reagan.

Here is what Reagan had to say about "big tent" politics:

I don‘t know about you, but I am impatient with those Republicans who after the last election rushed into print saying, “We must broaden the base of our party”—when what they meant was to fuzz up and blur even more the differences between ourselves and our opponents.


A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency, or simply to swell its numbers.

I do not believe I have proposed anything that is contrary to what has been considered Republican principle. It is at the same time the very basis of conservatism. It is time to reassert that principle and raise it to full view. And if there are those who cannot subscribe to these principles, then let them go their way.


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