Sunday, November 15, 2009

Open Thread Time

-The Wall Street Journal's review of Going Rogue is here.

-Governor Palin will reportedly speak at the Bakersfield Business Conference in October of next year.

-Rudy Guiliani talked about Governor Palin with George Stephanopoulos and John King. Hillary Clinton did the same with Stephanopoulos and David Gregory.

-In his trip to Alaska, John King also spoke with three Wasilla locals about Governor Palin.

-John Hinderaker from Powerline notes that "[i]t appears to be a tribute to the factual accuracy of Palin's book that eleven hostile AP reporters can't come up with anything better than this."

-Two new private polls allegedly show Senator Lindsey Graham' support collapsing among Republicans and independents.

I'm pretty pumped about the next week. What else is going on tonight?

Update: Just finished reading Matthew Continetti's book. I'll join the chorus by highly recommending it. You find out some new information, such as the answer she gave to A.B. Culvahouse, the prominent lawyer that vetted Palin, to his question about whether she would authorize a drone attack on Osama Bin Laden's position if she knew that the attack would also lead to the loss of innoncent human life. If you recall, Culvahouse says that she knocked this question out of the park.

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